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Ideas and content related to all forms of lifestyle activities, from visual and performing arts and entertainment to clubbing, dining, and sport. Progress in this area speaks to attraction and retention of artistic talent, raising awareness of and participation in regional art events, and building of arts-appreciative community in the process.
442069 years 2 weeks ago
by ward14resident
Forums exploring the "Film industry" in Northeast Ohio as it related to the regional economy, education, technology and arts and culture. These forums were initiated in response to an Excellence Roundtable on the subject, February 28, 2006, at the City Club of Cleveland, which is further supported on REALNEO here!
13519 years 6 weeks ago
by lmcshane
This is a forum for information about living a more happy, healthy and holy lifestyle.  Topics include: spirituality, relationships, diets, excercise, etc.
Review a yoga class?  Dating advice?  Discuss the difference between Taoism and Buddhism?
119 years 6 weeks ago
by lmcshane
Ideas and content related to the economy, including entrepreneurship, business development, workforce, skills, job growth, taxation and government policy. Progress speaks to contribution to a thriving economy which mitigates unemployment through provision of quality jobs and creates new economic value for the region.
511807 years 46 weeks ago
by ANGELnWard14
Ideas and content related to lifelong learning, including early childhood development, parenting education, primary, secondary and post-secondary education, knowledge resources, literacy, intellectual pursuits, and cognition. Progress speaks to provision of quality education for all which prepares individuals to be intelligent and productive members of community.
321427 years 37 weeks ago
by greatboldworld
Ideas and content related to the balance of nature, including preservation of green spaces, protection of natural resources, energy conservation, pollution remediation, recycling and wildlife. Progress speaks to reduction of negative environmental impact on the environment through promotion and awareness of environmentally conscious behavior.
341397 years 2 weeks ago
by Zebra Mussel
Ideas and content related to personal and community health and well being, including nutrition, physical fitness, healthy homes and neighborhoods, medical care and mental health. Progress speaks to the opportunity to provide universally accessible, innovative research and development to create breakthoughs, quality healthcare for all and promotion and awareness of critical preventative measures to ensure well-being.
19589 years 6 weeks ago
by westward
Ideas and content related to technology, including information systems, telecommunications, transportation, alternative energy, healthcare, research and development, and related infrastructure and support resources. Progress speaks to discovery and development of more energy-efficient technologies, universal accesibility to the internet, and innovative infrastructure design which better facilitates interconnectedness and community building.
341308 years 18 weeks ago
by jerleen1
Random questions of the day... just for fun.
372323 years 33 weeks ago
by lmcshane
Discussions about what we in NEO know is great about NEO
3812 years 14 weeks ago
by Guest
Forums on places we like to go in the region and surrounding areas - one Tank Trips... where do you go to get away for the day? In appreciation for years of good cheer from retired Mr. One Tank Trip Neil Zurcher, I thought we could take on the responsibility to map out some good short day trips around Cleveland.
Questions about, issues with, and suggestions for ~ the REALNEO web site.
8278 years 47 weeks ago
by rnojonson