21st Century Journalism - REALNEWS

Submitted by peter holmes on Mon, 04/04/2005 - 08:22.

      The DNA of a region - like that of an individual - provides clues and information about future outcomes.  Case in point, are comparisions between NEO and California's Bay area.  The latter is a growth region and the former is not.  Understanding their respective civic and business behavoir provides information - frequently in code - about how things get done. 

 The stories that follow will illustrate the behavoirs, attitudes and values that will be meaningful to NEO readers as they strive to import the Bay area's DNA.

      REALNEO and affiliated URLs are contemporaneous social networks and the behavoirs that they model and empower are  useful in helping people bring alignment between their dreams for innovation  and entrepreneurship and the behavoirs required to successfully achieve such outcomes.

     Consider these networks and the content they will  empower, the changes in business processes that result, as well as the outcomes empowered by such changes as among the hallmarks of 21st century  journalism.

      Stay tuned!  And come back as frequently as you can.

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