CHN double standards good credit is punished bad credit is rewarded

CHN Crime Partners Punishes those with Good Credit

CHN Crime Partners is famous for producing lavish full color brainwashing documents funded by private/public donors. One recent 126 page publication is entitled "Path to Home Ownership...A Guide to Single Family Lease Purchase Projects". It is full of color graphs, wild exaggerations and fake unchallenged "statistics". It was funded by the always generous "Enterprise" Foundation and Chase Bank (who by the way has NEVER EVER made A SINGLE MORTGAGE LOAN to ANY CHN Crime Partners Lease Purchase "buyers" because they know better) and put together by a world famous freelance writer, it is a masterpiece of false information, propaganda, platitudes and tireless self promotion. Hidden between the lines is the sad truth about the CHN Crime Partners Lease "Purchase" program. It is a massive failure. 

The 10% of buyers with decent credit are forced into real mortgages from BANKS for the full price of $25,000 WHICH MUST BE REPAID IN FULL. The other losers the 90% with credit scores below 300 are given and I DO MEAN GIVEN $10,000 OFF the purchase price AND the "loans" (YOUR TAX DOLLARS FUNNELED THROUGH HUD) are written off in 4 years or less. These "buyers" rarely pay their property taxes after they take title because really why should they? Hundreds of thousands of dollars in back property taxes are owed by "owners" who got their homes FOR FREE. And there are no consequences. The buyers with good credit are NEVER OFFERED THE FREE MORTGAGES. Now is that fair? And consequently, their homes in the SAME DANGEROUS CRIME INFESTED NEIGHBORHOODS as the worthless non paying "owners", have plumetting property values and are no longer worth what they owe, thanks to CHN Crime Partners shameless double standards. THIS IS A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT JUST WAITING TO HAPPEN.

CHN "sells" houses to tenants they are in the process of evicting. They employ a board up unit sent out the second someone is evicted to board up the house so that it isn't trashed immediately because the neighborhoods are all dangerous and crime infested. They have a bed bug unit. They employ a very expensive law firm to handle all their legal issues. They employ a staff of a dozen people to try to "help" tenants with their "credit issues" . Endless enabling. They set up a fake credit reporting service which has increased their tenants scores by UP TO 23 POINTS. Seriously. So What. They have set up a fake "non" profit bank to launder and hand out HUD funds. . They have empty houses all over the East Side they are trying to sell AS IS. They sell the Lease purchase properties AS IS. Come on admit it. It's really not working.

But as long as the "brain" trust gets paid their 6 figure salaries and wouldn't be caught dead on Revere or E. 73 off St. Clair or ANYWHERE in Mt. Pleasant or Hough (except on the way to University Circle from 2999 Payne) it's all worthwhile.

2018 CHN Crime Partners stats regarding double standard “LOANS”

Last year in 2018 CHN Crime Partners was involved in 71 property transfers. 64 were Lease Purchase Properties. (The OTHER SEVEN WERE NOT more about THAT later! ) Of those 64 there were ONLY 6 “bankable buyers” who were punished by CHN Crime Partners and steered to “standard residential loan products” that have to be fully repaid with interest! Instead of being offered the FAKE loans that do NOT ever have to be repaid that CHN Crime Partners only offers to special “buyers” with sub par credit. 58 “buyers” “qualified. The other 6 will be getting a letter

HUDIOG- Witness the FRAUD



Please review all of the photos stored at Rob Curry CHN Housing Partners has been forced out and Irene Collins of Eden has also been forced out

2017 CHN CRIME PARTNERS stats for double standards in loans

In 2017 CHN CRIME PARTNERS dumped 56 Lease Purchase Properties. Only TEN were to “bankable buyers” who were forced to go to Dollar Bank to access “standard residential loan products” TRANSLATION: REAL MORTGAGES THAT MUST BE REPAID IN FULL WITH INTEREST AND PROPERTY TAXES MUST BE KEPT UP TO DATE. The OTHER 46 got fake mortgages from slush funds set up with HUD $$$$$ that are quietly written off. Also in 2017 CHN CRIME PARTNERS CA$HED in on their new hustle. They flipped 3 properties they got from HUD for enormous profits that they did not have to pay ANY tax on like other sleazy real estate flippers. FYI these are 3428 Ashby in Shaker Heights which they got from HUD for $17,500 and flipped for $96,200, 5419 Charles in Parma which they got for FREE from HUD and flipped for $104,640 AND 16506 Chatfield 44111 which they got for FREE from HUD AND FLIPPED FOR $162,900. Sounds like a variation of the scam CHN Crime Partners ran in 2006-2008 selling obscenely overpriced houses but THESE were in the ghetto for between $125,000 and $200,000 with Key Bank and Third Federal left holding the bag for the bad loans. 83% ended up in foreclosure. So NO WONDER Third Federal and Key Bank no longer lend to ANY CHN CRIME PARTNERS buyers.

CHN Crime Partners 2016 stats for mortgage double standards

CHN CRIME PARTNERS has done more to suck the value out of the impoverished East Side than ALL the corner dope dealers from East 55 and St. Clair to East 131 and Miles PUT TOGETHER. While Rob Curry, Pat Kennedy and Kate Monter Durban scam millions and millions of HUD $$$$$ for their ALL WHITE EXECUTIVE TEAM to throw around on bullshit HEROIN HOTELS and OBSCENELY overpriced “green” houses in the slums they have made MUCH WORSE. In 2016 CHN transferred 60 Lease Purchase Properties to new owners. There were only 10 with good enough credit to be steered directly to Dollar Bank for real mortgages that have to be repaid in full WITH INTEREST. They were NOT offered the sweeteheart deal the other 55 got. They had BAD credit and so were given fake loans from CHN Crime Partners, and the Department of Community Development THAT WILL ALL BE WRITTEN OFF. And the class of 2016 “buyers” ALREADY OWE $40,995 in back property taxes.