Do you believe that former Cuyahoga County Treasurer Jim Rokakis is GUILTY of CORRUPTION?

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Mon, 09/05/2011 - 11:49.
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Don't forget to post the reasons you think he's corrupt...

and any violations of the law you believe he's violated.

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 He should be investigated

 He should be investigated like the rest of them. Those politicians have destroyed this county with improprity, particiularly the judges, and embarassingly,  they are primarily Democrats, if you ignore literal case fixing that was at the Ohio Supreme Court level before Republican Chief Justice Thomas Moyer died on April 2, 2010--Kathy Wray Coleman


I forgot we have voters here who believe that corruption is acceptable...lmao.

He is not guilty, because it is acceptable to violate the little people to accomplish the big master plans...oops, sorry, I forgot about those 'believers'!

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NO....collusion, ethics violations, and more corruption....

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

my extensive research points to two people

I am not going to name them right now though.

I find this interesting:

On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 7:39 PM
Dear Norm,
 I just saw the following post at Real NEO:
It is outrageous, slander and I will take legal action is this is not removed, and not next week, not tomorrow, but now. 
Please call me on my cell at XXX-XXX-XXXX.
Somebody has to take responsibility for this bullshit--and I am told you are the person I need to contact.
Jim Rokakis


In July of 2009, a "realNEO member" called Oengus - who since made his account "None"... - made inflammatory claims on realNEO that caused Cuyahoga County Treasurer Jim Rokakis to contact Roldo Bartimole, who contacted me asking me to contact Rokakis, which I did. Rokakis told me the claims made by Oengus on realNEO were illegal lies and Rokakis would take immediate legal action against ME if Oengus' claims were not removed. I was the target of a "None"-to-legal set-up, and my family was to suffer the consequences.

At that time, as now, I was not supported by a competent realNEO "organization" - active board and officers - to allow real-coop and/or realNEO to take responsibility for problems with realNEO, and make decisions as an entity. I shared details of the situation with an ad hoc group of active members - myself, Roldo and Susan Miller, Real Coop Treasurer - and we made the decision to remove the offending posting... and I was then attacked by the absentee realNEO "leader" Jeff Buster, for that, when he surfaced a week after the incident went down.

In agreeing to Rokakis that I would remove the Oengus posting - edit another member's posting, which is not our policy - I made Rokakis promise that he would contact the Attorney General or some other proper state or federal authority THE NEXT DAY to investigate Oengus and his claims against Rokakis, on realNEO, and to investigate any misuse of realNEO by anyone. I posted about the incident on realNEO here (it is now hidden - string is reproduced below) - everyone has been on public notice about that situation and the seriousness of apparent illegal activity on realNEO.

Oengus has fled the community, since... leaving a mile-wide trail of breadcrumbs behind.

An "Oengus" fled December 13, 2009... here are his breadcrumbs there.

I now intend to determine what if any investigation Rokakis initiated regarding the Oengus incident, and the results. If the investigation has not begun, we shall determine why, and begin it this week.

And I intend to seek investigations into the activity of all others who are actively using realNEO to harm others, including those seeking to harm my family.

Real, good realNEO members have nothing to worry about, and should feel free to carry on legally as they like, as always.... better than always.

I do not recommend anyone do anything they believe may be remotely illegal on realNEO, ever. Illegal activity includes setting-up an account that is or is not authentic to you with the intent to do harm to realNEO or any members here. I will investigate and prosecute as appropriate.

Here is some of the evidence on realNEO related to the incident with Oengus and Rokakis - Real Coop now needs to take appropriate action.

Ther is more to it, the nail hit on the head.

Submitted by None on July 22, 2009 - 6:05pm.

This post was about my PC and it being hacked….

The other post ( that was censured) stated what another person had told me, and what they told me was true.

If what Norman say is true…then I will have to tell everyone who said it. Won’t I, have to reveal my sources?

link to original blog

Rokakis and Frangos are EVIL Political Profiteers

 In their professional life as politicians both Frangos and Rokakis - real estate attorneys - used EVERY opportunity to trigger the use of public monies for personal profit. It all started with demolitions, while Rokakis and Frangos were council people - DEMOS for DEVELOPERS.

Their exploits are documented here at REALNEO.


Some might say  -but  that is how the GAME is played.  Afterall, doesn't EVERY politician benefit from their experience and leverage that experience for a financial reward?  Yes, they do.


But what distinguishes Rokakis and Frangos as TRULY evil?  They exploited poverty and federal dollars meant to alleviate poverty.  The NAACP Legal Defense Fund found their sale of tax liens to be discriminatory.  Those tax lien sales TARGETED properties owned by African American families.  Extensive work here by Lily Miller:

Michael Sallah met with Lily Miller (Gone Fishing in this blog stream) and wrote the award winning series "Left With Nothing" - DOCUMENTING the criminal process that took place here in Cleveland.  While in political office, the duo set up the Cuyahoga County Land Bank to EXPLOIT Treasury dollars intended to help folks stay in their home and pay down their mortgages. 

In Cuyahoga County, and this is important, the OHIO FINANCE AGENCY allowed those TARP monies intended to save homeowners - instead go towards massive demolitions (and shady contractors) especially in East Cleveland.  Their insanity to demolish structures in East Cleveland left Rokakis-Frangos with a demolition problem - where to dump?  And through their "associate" George Michael Riley  - they DUMPED in the backyards of African American homes in East Cleveland.

EVIL - and their evil continues to day in an unchecked Cuyahoga County Land Bank and their manipulation of LITC funds at the CDCs in Northeast Ohio.  REMEMBER - Cuyahoga County Council retooled the Land Bank to be a supercharged CDC... they can't wait to get their hands on ARPA funds.  

  Land and property flipped for profit.  As Eye for Ohio article exposed: Uncle Gus wited out $758,970.39 of back taxes and GAVE a MAJOR East Cleveland property to his nephew (who supposedly paid $25K) and that nephew turned around and sold it for a cool 1.5 million.

Thank you for this coverge – please see extensive archive of material at Lily Miller began intensive research into the Cuyahoga County treasurer and deputy treasurer and the practice of tax lien sales. The same duo – Jim Rokakis and Gus Frangos – “created” the Cuyahoga County Land bank.

Cuyahoga County’s taxbase, supporting our parks, schools, and libraries, has been hijacked by the same political operators (Rokakis-Frangos-Brancatelli) who caused the subprime mortgage scandal, drove African-Americans out of their homes with tax lien sales, depreciated and decimated most of East Cleveland with flipping and demolitions to benefit developers– and who also poisoned East Cleveland residents with the Noble Rd. dump site. You will also find that Gus Frangos transferred a property to his relative Steven Pontikos. Marc Dann needs to contact the original owner of the apartment complex, Frangos gave to his nephew.

I asked the Metroparks Board of Commissioners to petition Cuyahoga County Council members to SHUT Down the Land Bank and the racketeering that is going on in Cuyahoga County. It does not benefit the Metroparks and it is destroying our tax base. Thank you again for this coverage.

Facing Economic

Facing Economic Troubles

This week, the JOURNAL presented two different perspectives on our troubled economy. The first came from frustrated citizens of Cleveland grappling with their community’s extraordinarily high rates of foreclosure. Cuyahoga County treasurer Jim Rokakis said:

“Back in the old days when there was no sheriff in town, people would rob the banks. Well, here we are in the modern day era, and there’s no sheriff in town. The banks were robbing the people... I learned a hard lesson: I learned that the Fed really is there to protect banks, and not to protect the consumers.”

Who's the sheriff in town, NOW???



Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

We are sheriffs

Who wants to be Mayor?    I am taking bids for the positions of mayor, councilpersons, sheriff, etc.

I am going to rig the bidding process.

I'd run for Mayor...but I don't want....

well....someone threatened, that political stuff is out of the question anymore... I mean, How could a person like me be mayor of a town like Cleveland???? 

I am not corrupt. I am ignorant. I am a stupid hillbilly! Heck, I don't know how to pay to play. I don't know how to eat crap from lying jerks. I don't know how to eat crap for much. I cannot turn a blind eye and deaf ear to social injustice and I support the City of Cleveland losing it's right to allocate ALL FEDERAL Funding through our city. (Yes, I believe that the City has abused its position!) Anyhow; I believe that our families deserve consideration for schools and for family oriented affairs and I don't believe our City had a right to remove public participation from the citizen's preview for all their divisive games.


My dear Lily....Why don't you run for Mayor??? How about Guy or Jerleen or Laura??? 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

no election needed

I am taking bids for all of the formerly elected positions, and I am going to rig the bidding process like our elected officials did.   This is called new politics.   Elections are old school.


In reading this story - it sounds so much like the same ole - same ole. 

Why is it that everytime local residents in Ward 3  complains or needs help from community leaders, it becomes a "private" matter? 

I have a really good suggestion - we should move alll the loud trucks, the late night nightclubs and shift all the pukin' drunks over right next to Cimperman's bedroom window.


Don't know about a new sheriff

 Jerleen, I don't know if we need a new sheriff as I haven't spent time on this sheriff and crew. We do need an explanation, though, as to how the City uses a CDC these days as a mini-office. CDC's have the code enforcement staff. Building and Housing turn complaints over to them. Need support for a new business? CDC drums it up in the neighborhood. Need $$ for an existing business? Go to your CDC before approaching the City. If the CDC does not support it, it isn't going to happen. If you have a policing/crime issue, you are referred to your CDC.

If you, a citizen, call out Cimperman to take a stand, or the CDC, well, it is private.


 Cuyahoga County Sherriff

 Cuyahoga County Sherriff Bob Reid should be fired by Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald for documented mortgage fraud like reducing foreclosure home values from $150,000 to to below 440,000 to sale by a ghost mortgage compant to give to a ghost mortage company in violation of state law, and with help from coruupt common pleas judges like John P. O'Donnell--Kathy Wray Coleman

Really, rokakis: INNOCENT???? Thanks for the laugh.

Now that is laughable......



15 Votes: 10 SAY GUILTY, 5 Say NOT GUILTY.

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Rokakis is full of it

 As we sink into a further cover-up of Plymouth Park and the real estate games that amount to an obvious RICO investigation--I wonder just how long the Obama administration can go along with the sycophantic and psychopathic Democratic Party machine here in NEO. 

While I am by no means in lock step with the "alternative" Republican machine or Tea Party mania (although I sympathize), I am considering the alternative as an easier group of folks to finally be made responsive to citizens and to provide the promised greater accountability and transparency-- made possible through new media like REALNEO, Youtube, Facebook etc.

How long will  Rokakis continue to get a FREE ride from the Plain Dealer? 

It seems forever, based on our tendency as a culture to forget the news reported yesterday.

Here's his spiel at the City Club from 2008:

Does Mr. Rokakis accept any responsibility for the Board of Revision problems he describes in the City Club speech in 2008?

Of course not?!  How about his colleague Russo?  All jokes in 2008 and a different story in 2010.

Here is his speech at the City Club in 2010:

Please watch this through to the end.







Kick them while they are down

Remember how they kicked Frank Giglio when he was down?  Now it is time to return the favor.  Just keep poking away and don't let up on this.   We have them in a corner now.





Kick, Kick, Kick....






Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

Everybody was kung-fu fighting
Those cats were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightning
For they fought with expert timing

Timing is everything.  Expert timing.

Once we get the lead, we can't give up.  People like us seldom get the lead.

Take advantage of the timing, Dianna.   You are a victim to these thieves.  They tried to steal your house.  You had Plymouth Park figured out in 2008.  I saw your complaint and research.  Keep kicking.

I am so glad Rokakis is keeping tabs on us...

He should be fully aware that political retaliation is punishable under the law....


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Steel Toe Boots - Realneo style


Realneo Style Steel Toe Boots.    Great for kicking crooks while they are down.

Boots come in three styles.     Light Weight Steel.    Medium Weight Steel.     Heavy Weight Steel.   

Made in the good ole U.S.A.

I prefer this style:




Be careful with the bullshit, Dianna

On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 7:39 PM
Dear Norm,
 I just saw the following post at Real NEO:
It is outrageous, slander and I will take legal action is this is not removed, and not next week, not tomorrow, but now. 
Please call me on my cell at XXX-XXX-XXXX.
Somebody has to take responsibility for this bullshit--and I am told you are the person I need to contact.
Jim Rokakis


Time to change the poll

I think they are also attempting to rig this poll.

First they start off with the big stuff - like rigging the delinquent tax lien process.   And then they move on to rigging Realneo's poll.

Sorry, but we quit while we are ahead.


Do you believe that former Cuyahoga County Treasurer Jim Rokakis is GUILTY of CORRUPTION?





The people have spoken.    

For years,the citizens

For years,the citizens of Cleveland were violated with a "PERCEPTION IS REALITY" technique effectuated by public servants....

Public servants empowered false appraisals, false valuations, and false property tax rates on our citizens to ascertain their master plans of control in Cleveland, Ohio. They duped the citizens and played them for idiots while they allowed tens of thousands of illegal transfers of properties to occur. They did not protect the citizens from the fraudulent mortgage appraisals on houses. They worked hand in hand with CHASE BANK...JP MORGAN CHASE...aka Plymouth Park Tax Services aka Xspand to violate the securities of our housing a preliminary investment towards their collusive land bank game.....

They drove out families with their collusive bidding with CDC's and Building & Housing Inspectors in their land grab.

They divided and conquered block by block of families by removing democracy via the "PARTY" system. They removed key communication via the "PRECINCT LEADERS" under the democratic and republican parties. They used a tool of DEPRIVATION OF INFORMATION on public contracts over and over again by frankly devoiding citizens and residents of their right to know about ongoing public plans with CDBG Funding.... and they violated our citizens over and over again with their systemic uses and abuses of the system of "QUOTAS".... and in 36 years of CDBG Funding-----Cleveland lost almost 1/2 million people due to these CORRUPT practices....people got sick of being abused....unless of course---they were paying to play or sincerely unaware of these background operations that violated their due process rights....


Ultimately, the end result dog & pony results to these actions have led to a great majority of our housing stock depreciating. It has resulted in a completely disenfranchised populace of residents who are angry and frustrated by the abuses....but who are AFRAID to speak up....because the public servants appear to not care about the real people...and the citizens cannot trust public servants at the level they deserve protection.


PERCEPTION IS REALITY.... The public servants have run our city into the ground, used divisive politics to keep everyone segregated, and they have swept the truth under the carpet while marketing results of thier abusive actions and ignoring the violations to the public at large.


MEANWHILE...they pretend to be squeeky clean.......and when the truth of their backroom deals comes to light...then what??? People like me and you must live in fear for telling the truth about their actions?????

They deliberately knew the game that they were portraying on our citizens for all too long.... They deserve to rot in jail for eternity for the social injustices portrayed on our community. How many folks have died fighting this fight???? How many have lost homes, become homeless,and struggled to understand how these actions could be effectuated without protection???????


The ATTITUDE and truth of their actions has devastated Cleveland,'s ugly, sad, and purely insane that they all got away with such actions for almost 4 generations.

We don't need police force funds locally; we need hundreds of federal agents digging deep to uncover, indict, and convict these public servants for their abusive strategies.

I asked one of the sheriff's how things were going with the new government..... he laughed and said the same garbage corruption remains behind the scenes.... and while the new government is trying to do good....the same old players are running the show in the Justice Center.....

So, who do we trust???? Do we have to pay to play for favors? Do we have to continue eating corrupt crap? Do the citizens have to endure another generation of public servant abuses? 


The City of Cleveland Residents deserve social justice for these violations.





Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

 Great poll. Keep them

 Great poll. Keep them coming on the politicians that are hurting our communities. --Kathy Wray Coleman