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Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Wed, 04/06/2011 - 02:04.
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My poll was only up hours

My poll was only up hours before you wrote over it. Is it because I am Black where you do not treat my White counterparts that way on this site?  Kathy Wray Coleman. I feel like you are targeting me because the poll deals with school closings only on the predominantly Black side of town. Other people do polls and get the courtesy of at least  a couple of days. Do you dislike Black people?

Diskliking Black People... Why is it all about racism with you?

No, I don't dislike black people. If a white person wrote something so blatantly racially questionable; I would try to bring the same facts of demographic diversity to their attention. There were countless closings on the West side throughout the years before the East Side was ever hit with "closings".... wouldn't that be a completly opposite highlight of your poll?

Why don't you ask some of your associates if I really dislike Black People? Kathy, I have attended Black on Black meetings, worked with OPN, and walked with them in protest while also supporting many of their issues. Some of my best friends in the world are not white. I have black family members too. I simply do not personally believe that this entire issue about the CMSD is strictly about "black & white."

I don't agree with the way you are posting your poll in a manner that practically barks discrimination, racism, and division.... You made that poll skewed. There are not "other" areas for answers.  With all due respect, I really find it offensive as a friend, associate, and relative of many Black people. By the way, your Poll remained on the front page when I posted something else.

We live in a racially diverse city. Understanding those divisions, their differences & similarities, and many ethnicities that combine to make our district is imperative.  Once again; YOU MADE YOUR POLL BLACK & WHITE and that is simply SKEWED; in my opinion.


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

you guys are forgetting

its been documented that people (whatever color) from the eastside are flooding the westside schools with their kids.

Enrollments on the eastside have been rapidly declining, while they are growing on the west.

I can't imagine THAT had anything to do with anything....

Very True statement...

about the demographic challenges of the district at large....and the City at large....

Maybe the writer will begin to learn about those dynamics in these issues.


Maybe these same citizens should pay attention to the "MASTER PLANS" too....

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Master Plan 2020 with the Happiness Virus hummm???

Here we go again...around the merry-go-round...the mullberry bush...and ring around the rosey...one, two, three and WE all fall down!

Google Map will show TRUTH...

because, almost the whole East side of Cleveland is Vacant...so...WHY???... should schools be open in such VACANCY?...there, really isn't an issue of reasoning...let alone...an excuse to closing schools...with "vacant seats in classrooms." There is NO black and or white issue...that I can see.


Everyone of every race and or nationality...have a good day...in Cleveland, Ohio...We are our own person...no judging...no identifying to judge...like Frank said in GONE WITH THE WIND...Frankly...my Dear...I don't give a damn!

P.S.S.... Thanks, MYT55

I think I will go play in the rain with the tears of all those Angels....

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

What also bothers me is the

What also bothers me is the divisiveness caused when a naive leader like untrained Cleveland schools CEO Peter Raskind, who is White and seemingly insensitive to Black people,  targets only the majority Black East Side to close schools in neighborhoods. That is what precipitated the desgregation court order in the 1970's, the inequitable distribution of resources to benefit the predominantly White West Side. And it is a violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment to target Black children with school closings. Lets agree that mediocrity and incompetence are part of the problem as to the schools decision makers that have prompted this discussion.--Kathy Wray Coleman--And let me make it clear that I support children regardless of race, ethnicity or gender, much unlike Raskind and others, seemingly.


Performance factors of schools

Please list schools slated to be closed...

Please cite academic records of those schools...

Please outline why they should be "KEPT OPEN" if they are costing more to run, have poor results, and need more in repairs than they are worth to keep sustained...

Just curious why they should be kept open....

I always enjoyed the BUS RIDES to the EAST SIDE as a kid.... loved my friends at school, excelled amidst the diversity, remember my best friend from 1st grade at Charles H. Lake and the walks to the Aquarium that were part of the educational process. Loved Mrs. Walker (1st Grade) and Mrs. Martinez (2nd Grade)....and Mrs. Bullock,  the principal who lovingly initialed every single grade period and report card and rewarded excellence with positive reinforcement! 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Kids should be protected from negligent parents under 14th Amend

Education starts at home....

My folks were both high school drop outs...who excelled despite the adversity. They bought a home with an elementary school at the corner of the street in the 1970's... before I started school they started bussing, closed the school, and shipped us kids across town on buses...Boy will I never forget that bump & noise at Dead Man's curb... We used to sit on the back of the bus and get a good jolt every day! 

Luckily, my folks were proactive in my educational process to the best of their ability. They made time to attend school events clear across town. They met with principals and teachers. They made sure that homework was done at the kitchen table. They supported our needs at school. Moreover, despite all adversities in life; they steadily tried to put us in environments that promoted a healthy learning environment. When I met with challeges, they got me tudors. When I did extra curriculars; they transported me all over the place. When I got disillusioned with school because of girls being raped in bathrooms-they allowed me to go to a parochial school because it was what I wanted by then. They busted their rears to give me better opportunities even when it meant moving somewhere else....Countless families have done the same to provide their kids with better opportunities.

The East Side used to have some of the best schools and was proportionately WHITE back in the day. As time and life have changed; so goes the story.

Are you seriously fighting to save schools that deserve saved? Outline the schools, your reasons and rhymes, and give facts about this issue that may or may not deserve support by advocates in our community. Your mission is awesome...but your way of accomplishing your mission is simply trite... Again, I do not believe that this is about "BLACK & WHITE" issues at a racial level.... These closings are long overdue... The budget has been overstretched for far too long by a local government that failed the public at large and abused its position in matters.

When you start realizing and recognizing the spectrum at large of demographic data that is used to make budgets, projected decisions, and how community involvement and uncountable other factors are used to make these decisions; you'll realize that this is NOT about racist issues. You are an eloquent writer with lots of great input... It's frustrating that there are SO MANY OTHER FAILURES that LED TO THIS SITUATION...

I am disappointed at how our historical leadership THRIVED from demographic abuses with our legal system, funding allocations, and much more... But in order to make change on grand scales; we must unite----NOT DIVIDE our citizens at large with these divisive concepts. WE HAVE ALL BEEN USED & ABUSED when it comes to educational issues by the CSP/CMSD over the last generations...




Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Tone matters Be careful. 

Tone matters

Be careful.  You're sniffing out agendas.  Some people know they got 'em, and may try to conceal 'em.  Others DON'T even know they have 'em.  A teacher told us once..."If someone offers you a breath mint...........take it.". 

Respect people, if you can.  But you have NO obligation to respect their distorted versions of history, facts, or events.

Damn, if the light doesn't hurt.  And damned we are to live in the dark. 

Tear at the shadows.

"Push the content down" is colorblind KathyWC

Hello Ms Coleman,  Content promoted to and posted to the homepage by all users by default

appears above the last (by post creation time) post.  Your poll by software default automatically appears in the side bar and at the top of the home page but only until another user posts a report and publishes to the home page.   If another poll is created by another user, the newer poll replaces the older poll.   There is no admin involvment in any of this.  
In order not to monopolize the home page, one can post just to their personal blog as Quest does and I do on and off - by not selecting promote to home page under "publishing".
Many people who post on Realneo are very angry - and many have a right to be angry.
Best, Jeff b

I realize that and most

I realize that and most people give others the consideration of letting a poll run on the side for a couple of days unless, of course, it deals with the sena sitive issue of race and possible racism. When somebody issues poll to replace mine on the side asking what ice cream yjust hours after the poll I crafted is put up  it is usually to manipulate the poll--Kathy Wray Coleman--And I have studied this sytem and it was done to me and not others--And since I write often on Black issues, it is questionable-- No hard feelings, but let's be real.

It happens to me when I write about pollution too

It happens to me when I write about pollution too - but we got rid of a major hater troll on realNEO this week... someone corrupting the community with multiple psychotic personalities intended to disrupt progress in Northeast Ohio... apparently working for CSU and so an agent for major Cleveland polluter Cleveland Thermal.

Things should get better on realNEO without that polluter.

Be real.

Disrupt IT

to Jeff, at least you didn't say 'mad'

 only dogs get MAD.

But, still looking for an answer to my other post in the thread of last night, following (so if I own it).


Thanks, Betty




The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

Hello Betty, I'm working on a creative

and entertaining response.   I had to go fictional.  And then I really got in the groove.  Hope to meet deadline tomorrow. 

BEst,  Jeffb

hummmm, did you receive emails with not nice content Jeff?


concerning this plan to 'out' these fakers? And maybe begging this to not go forward? Or threats if so??  Or are you eliminating them as


they post under the fake handles??


(Or even better, hehee, they are closing their fake accounts themselves, due to the chance of exposure?? Like perhaps what was done in the Mack's an idot thread, where two posts - only- presented comments, not sure how MANY posters that was tho, grin,,,, copy--


I can't

wait to read the rest of the story.

Mack's an idiot

Any new drama today with that assh*le?, Jeff?

[//end copy]


and I tried to see fishy, and/ BUT she (giggle) was gone, gone, gone. smile, maybe deleted cause of an idea to clean up.......some down, how many to go?? If they break the rules of the board they post on, they derserve the consiquences. Let's clean up this place and not let others talk of realneo as just a place where bashing is permitted by no name fakers who hide behind handles, because they can.




from comments there [......"who participate in it are, at best, schoolyard bullies." ]




Altho that site is no better, taking hit and miss stabs by no named posters.


Like I said, I think this site is pretty nice, has great things in store, if it can be cleaned up.


Let me know please if you are just busy or did you get sidetracked, or stopped?? Thank you much, Betty


The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

Scene Magazine

I actually received a nice e-mail after this story from Erich Burnett, Editor Scene Magazine, thanking me for sticking up for a senior citizen that was attacked by a public employee and the city did not want to press charges.  If it were not for my determination to stand up for my friend, this case would have went away.  


Re: Scene Magazine attacking elderly, disabled crime victim

Erich Burnett <eburnett [at] clevescene [dot] com>

Add to Contacts

To: lily miller <llymiller [at] yahoo [dot] com>  
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"capAbtScore": 0, "abtScore": 0, "csScore": 0, "prismaScore": 0, "spectrumResolutionScore": 0, "conceptScore": 0, "type": ["shortcuts:/us/instance/identifier/hyperlink/http"], "category": ["IDENTIFIER"], "wikiId": "", "relatedWikiIds": [], "relatedEntities": [], "showOnClick": [], "context": "posted to realneo regarding Sammy Catania attacking Guy Templeton Black I was following this case Submitted by rmoz6699 on November 10 2010 6:03am I was", "metaData": { "linkHref": "http://content/sammy-catania-guilty-menacing-and-aggravated-disorderly-conduct-against-guy-black#comment-26839", "linkProtocol": "http", "linkRel": "nofollow", "linkTarget": "_blank", "visible": "true" } }, "lw_1302607900_1": { "text": "rmoz6699", "extended": 0, "startchar": 1101, "endchar": 1108, "start": 1103, "end": 1110, "extendedFrom": "", "predictedCategory": "", "predictionProbability": "0", "weight": 1, "capAbtScore": 0, "abtScore": 0, "csScore": 0, "prismaScore": 0, "spectrumResolutionScore": 0, "conceptScore": 0, "type": ["shortcuts:/us/instance/identifier/hyperlink/http"], "category": ["IDENTIFIER"], "wikiId": "", "relatedWikiIds": [], "relatedEntities": [], "showOnClick": [], "context": "Guy Templeton Black I was following this case Submitted by rmoz6699 on November 10 2010 6:03am I was following this case", "metaData": { "linkHref": "http://users/rmoz6699", "linkProtocol": "http", "linkRel": "nofollow", "linkTarget": "_blank", "linkTitle": "View user profile.", "visible": "true" } }, "lw_1302607900_2": { "text": "first degree misdemeanor", "extended": 0, "startchar": 2500, "endchar": 2523, "start": 2516, "end": 2539, "extendedFrom": "", "predictedCategory": "", "predictionProbability": "0", "weight": 0.403079, "capAbtScore": 2.19504, "abtScore": 0, "csScore": 0.403079, "prismaScore": 0, "spectrumResolutionScore": 0, "conceptScore": 0, "type": ["shortcuts:/concept"], "category": ["CONCEPT"], "wikiId": "", "relatedWikiIds": [], "relatedEntities": [], "showOnClick": [], "context": "police had been called I wasn t aware that there was first degree misdemeanor disorderly conduct but it looks like the local ordinance is", "metaData": { "visible": "false" } }, "lw_1302607900_3": { "text": "Ohio Revised Code", "extended": 0, "startchar": 2604, "endchar": 2621, "start": 2621, "end": 2638, "extendedFrom": "", "predictedCategory": "", "predictionProbability": "0", "weight": 0.444843, "capAbtScore": 2.2319, "abtScore": 0, "csScore": 0.444843, "prismaScore": 0, "spectrumResolutionScore": 0, "conceptScore": 0, "type": ["shortcuts:/us/tag/other/wiki"], "category": ["WIKI"], "wikiId": "Ohio_Revised_Code", "relatedWikiIds": [], "relatedEntities": [], "showOnClick": [], "context": "it looks like the local ordinance is stricter than the Ohio Revised Code So now Sammy Catania has a criminal record I assume", "metaData": { "visible": "true" } }, "lw_1302607900_4": { "text": "criminal record", "extended": 0, "startchar": 2660, "endchar": 2674, "start": 2680, "end": 2694, "extendedFrom": "", "predictedCategory": "", "predictionProbability": "0", "weight": 0.353929, "capAbtScore": 3.07038, "abtScore": 0, "csScore": 0.353929, "prismaScore": 0, "spectrumResolutionScore": 0, "conceptScore": 0, "type": ["shortcuts:/concept"], "category": ["CONCEPT"], "wikiId": "Criminal_record", "relatedWikiIds": ["Background_check", "Criminal_Records", "Criminal_Records_Bureau", "Public_records", "Tuesdays_with_Morrie", "Main_Page%23Wikipedia_in_other_languages"], "relatedEntities": ["never rolled back", "moderated his views on race", "called himself", "john seigenthaler", "forced to expel", "first editorial page editor", "suffered at the hands of segregationists", "close assistant", "monitor", "bigoted police commissioner"], "showOnClick": [], "context": "the Ohio Revised Code So now Sammy Catania has a criminal record I assume he ll be placed on some sort of probation", "metaData": { "visible": "false" } }, "lw_1302607900_5": { "text": "verbal threats", "extended": 0, "startchar": 2842, "endchar": 2855, "start": 2865, "end": 2878, "extendedFrom": "", "predictedCategory": "", "predictionProbability": "0", "weight": 0.574222, "capAbtScore": 3.41655, "abtScore": 0, "csScore": 0.574222, "prismaScore": 0, "spectrumResolutionScore": 0, "conceptScore": 0, "type": ["shortcuts:/concept"], "category": ["CONCEPT"], "wikiId": "", "relatedWikiIds": [], "relatedEntities": [], "showOnClick": [], "context": "how bad the physical assault was I found just the verbal threats alone pretty bad and obviously far worse when combined with", "metaData": { "visible": "false" } }, "lw_1302607900_6": { "text": "verbal abuse", "extended": 0, "startchar": 3374, "endchar": 3385, "start": 3406, "end": 3417, "extendedFrom": "", "predictedCategory": "", "predictionProbability": "0", "weight": 0.446684, "capAbtScore": 4.67058, "abtScore": 0, "csScore": 0.446684, "prismaScore": 0, "spectrumResolutionScore": 0, "conceptScore": 0, "type": ["shortcuts:/concept"], "category": ["CONCEPT"], "wikiId": "Verbal_Abuse", "relatedWikiIds": [], "relatedEntities": [], "showOnClick": [], "context": "something sick about the way Catania alternates between really extreme verbal abuse and saying junk like You re lucky that we love you", "metaData": { "visible": "false" } }, "lw_1302607900_7": { "text": "Cleveland Scene", "extended": 0, "startchar": 3803, "endchar": 3817, "start": 3839, "end": 3853, "extendedFrom": "", "predictedCategory": "", "predictionProbability": "0", "weight": 0.593971, "capAbtScore": 2.9752, "abtScore": 0, "csScore": 0.593971, "prismaScore": 0, "spectrumResolutionScore": 0, "conceptScore": 0, "type": ["shortcuts:/us/tag/other/wiki"], "category": ["WIKI"], "wikiId": "Cleveland_Scene", "relatedWikiIds": [], "relatedEntities": [], "showOnClick": [], "context": "classic stuff from an abusive type person Erich Burnett Editor Cleveland Scene 1468 W 9th Street 805 Cleveland OH 44113 216-802-7207", "metaData": { "visible": "true" } }, "lw_1302607900_8": { "text": "1468 W. 9th Street #805 Cleveland, OH 44113", "extended": 0, "startchar": 3822, "endchar": 3867, "start": 3858, "end": 3903, "extendedFrom": "", "predictedCategory": "", "predictionProbability": "0", "weight": 0.992983, "capAbtScore": 0, "abtScore": 0, "csScore": 0, "prismaScore": 0, "spectrumResolutionScore": 0, "conceptScore": 0, "type": ["shortcuts:/us/instance/place/us/street"], "category": ["PLACE"], "wikiId": "", "relatedWikiIds": [], "relatedEntities": [], "showOnClick": [], "context": "from an abusive type person Erich Burnett Editor Cleveland Scene 1468 W 9th Street 805 Cleveland OH 44113 216-802-7207", "metaData": { "geoArea": "11.0761", "geoBldgNumber": "1468", "geoCountry": "United States", "geoCounty": "Cuyahoga", "geoDeliveryPoint": "805", "geoIsoCountryCode": "US", "geoLocation": "(-81.694412, 41.485779)", "geoName": "44113", "geoPlaceType": "Street", "geoState": "Ohio", "geoStateCode": "OH", "geoStreetName": "W. 9th Street", "geoTown": "Cleveland", "geoZip": "44113", "type": "shortcuts:/us/instance/place/us/street", "visible": "true" } }, "lw_1302607900_9": { "text": "216-802-7207", "extended": 0, "startchar": 3872, "endchar": 3883, "start": 3908, "end": 3919, "extendedFrom": "", "predictedCategory": "", "predictionProbability": "0", "weight": 1, "capAbtScore": 0, "abtScore": 0, "csScore": 0, "prismaScore": 0, "spectrumResolutionScore": 0, "conceptScore": 0, "type": ["shortcuts:/us/instance/identifier/phone_number/us"], "category": ["IDENTIFIER"], "wikiId": "", "relatedWikiIds": [], "relatedEntities": [], "showOnClick": [], "context": "Cleveland Scene 1468 W 9th Street 805 Cleveland OH 44113 216-802-7207", "metaData": { "visible": "true" } } }; YAHOO.Shortcuts.annotationSetID = "088f87242f8b46cf9f01a682f21898f5";

Thank you for writing, Ms. Miller, and for making me aware of the situation with Mr. Catania.

I hope all is well with you,

Erich Burnet


Scene Magazine, Plain Dealer and other media did not want to touch this story for political cover-up reasons.  I forced them to report and was later thanked for doing so, not only by Scene but by many others.

I have worked with Scene and the former Free Times for many years,,, sticking up for the little Guy. And if Scene doesn't want to report good stories for political reasons, I lend them a hand.

Below are just a few  of the stories that I have worked on with Scene and the former Free Times.  There are plenty more.  Scene reads realneo and gets some of their stories here.  If I keep getting harassed, I might have to contact them myself to see if they are interested in a good story.

Plymouth Park Tax Services Takes Homes Over Late Taxes, Then Fails to Pay Taxes Itself




Posted by Frank Lewis on Thu, Dec



Rubble, Rubble, Toil, and Trouble 

A dilapidated mansion on West 14th has become ground zero for Cleveland's embattled pagans



   Frank Giglio once owned a house in Tremont,,,


You said -

[The budget has been overstretched for far too long by a local government that failed the public at large and abused its position in matters.]

But yet, little known is that each state has CAFRA FUNDS, GOOGLE IT.

How many of you, have even taken a good, close, hard look at THE CAFRA Accounts held in each state,

they are hiding them nowadays, due to these being exposed as money hid - our tax dollars, and for what??

This is from the wayback machine, 2003 see the details, see the amount of pages, and where, what is listed.




now, see 2005, from mega 251  pages to 60 http://www.auditor.state.oh.us/publications/annualreport/2005cafr.pdf

not nearly as much detail (where did all the money go?)

from this site---



From V.K. Durham, exclusive to the Rumor Mill News Forum --

December 4th, 2002


[ The URL for the CAFR information is presented at the bottom of this page: there is also a link to Spiritual Piglet's posting of December 3rd, at the end of these comments. -- Patriotlad ]

That is only ONE STATE, people. Get busy and get the rest of these state's CAFRA FUNDS posted, so the people will know how "subversive" this is to the Economic Stability of our respective States of the Union, and the Prosperity of the Civil Governments' of the Union.


The U.S. House of Representatives REPEALED the Corporation of Washington, D.C. for the following reason, in 1832: "IT WAS A CONFLICT OF INTEREST WITH THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES, the People."

Take a look at YOUR STATE AND FEDERAL EMPLOYEES and their methods of COOKING THE BOOKS as did ENRON.

Take a look at the BARNS and HOMES that cannot be painted, for lack of funds, or, if painted THE TAXES ARE RAISED.

When those are already taxed beyond comprehension, beyond sustainability of life and limb, PROPERTIES ARE FORECLOSED UPON BY "THE STATES & COUNTIES" FOR "FAILURE TO PAY TAXES." CAFRA FUNDS reflect "TAXES PAID."

Take a look at the clothes we wear which are pretty simple, as opposed to that worn by the ENFORCEMENT ARM OF THE GAIA CULT, of those such as in the IOWA ATTORNEY GENERALS' OFFICE -- WHICH WAS THE CASHMERE SUITS & COATS –- worn by those who came out to shut down the small business mentioned in PART II.

AS EMPLOYEES, they ride in CADILLACS & LINCOLNS CHAUFFEURED BY "STATE HIGHWAY PATROL OFFICERS," while we find it difficult to keep a clunker running for our own method of traveling?

Another issue. These schools have Budget Surpluses at the end of the year ... THAT MONEY IS PUT INTO "INVESTMENTS"… At the end of the "accounting year"... TAXES MUST BE RAISED to support the EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM, or EDUCATIONAL SERVICES WILL BE "CUT" or severely restricted.


Let's see the REMAINING STATES report in on their CAFRA FUND SURPLUS.



Spiritual Piglet's posting on the Ohio CAFR:


Concerning the CAFR for the State of Ohio


So, living in Ohio, this state and almost all others are NOT as broke as they claim

just a few results from google



Search Results


Aug 23, 2010 ... CAFR FUNDS UPDATE- THE STATE OF HAWAII UNCOVERS FUNDS 1.4 BILLION. There is now a growing awareness of the Complete Accounting Financial ...
uscivilflags.blogspot.com/.../cafr-funds-update-state-of-hawaii.html - Cached

  • Walter Burien welcomes you to CAFR1 - Government wealth exposed

    Jan 23, 2011 ... Do a Google search for CAFR "and" your local City, County, School District, State University, State Retirement Fund, etc., download their ...
    cafr1.com/ - Cached - Similar
  • CAFR Funds Massive Federal, State and Local Government Surplus We ...

    Apr 3, 2009 ... Alternative News and Views, Reported by Agents Around the World, 24 hours a day.
    www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=144427 - Cached - Similar
  • [PDF]
  • Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Year Ended June 30, 2008

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    State of California Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. 16. As shown on the

    Hummmm, follow up anyone? Betty





    The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?


    So, I cannot open this file b/c I disabled all computer settings that were making dial up connection impossible... but here's the link.. Can someone open, copy, paste recent details of this report here to follow up...

    Is it to be understood that the CAFR accounting is funds they hold aside to earn an interest yield which gets spent instead of the actual funds in holding? Thus the State has invested these monies and they are not being used? 


    Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

    view this video then go to the site to learn the details



    http://cafr1.com/  and see details, links and other videos


    The only game in town, Betty


    The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

    Please keep it simple and

    Please keep it simple and don't send in 20 directions to places I cannot open, view, etc....

    I repeat, am on dial up without computer resources for any video, pdf, etc.


    Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

    the link you provided

    Is 336 pages long, nothing simple about that.

    It would be worth it to go to your local lib/ or friends house to view both the report and video I linked, and others off that page.

    101 cafr details below



    Tuesday, March 8, 2011

    How to Catch the Government Hiding Your Money


    CAFR School – A Lesson In Financial Accounting


    Welcome to CAFR school!
    The object of this essay is to teach you to be an informed citizen and taxpayer. We will examine just how to go through your local city, municipal, county, school district, and state government’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and come out the other side with millions if not billions of wealth and investments hidden by your government.
    I was inspired to write this due to the several requests for myself to help others research and pinpoint their own government’s corruption and hidden wealth.
    So here, now, I present to you the CAFR for the city of Aurora, Colorado, a municipal corporation…
    First, understand that this report is basically the standard set-up and protocol for the structure of the Annual Reporting system. Therefore, you may apply this same examination to most CAFR’s across the nation and get the same results.
    Second, understand that this is just the city (municipal corporation), and does not reflect the county, state, or all of the other incorporated municipal cities and unincorporated towns. it would be necessary to add all of these up to get a total look at the wealth of any county or state.
    Also, the school districts and other districts (water, sewer, etc.) will each have a seperate CAFR, as they are also not part of the city government (as listed on the CAFR).
    That said, I am going to refer to pages on the CAFR report (no particular order, sorry). Remember, we are looking for wealth that could be used for more important things as well as wealth that is not being used for anything at all except capital gains.
    You should follow along with me using the Aurora City Comprehensive Annual Financial Report as your reference, which can be downloaded here: https://www.auroragov.org/AuroraGov/Departments/Finance/Annual_Financial_Report/index.htm?ssSourceNodeId=934&ssSourceSiteId=621
    And if you like, you can follow along with your local or county CAFR as well, making the adjustments for size and page numbers as you go. Your CAFR should be virtually identical in its structure to this one. If it is not, the key points we are about to cover will be in there somewhere.

    [//] bal at link above.

    I had dial up not all that long ago, seemed I could still watch video, read pdfs, just took longer to load.

    But, getting in front of another machine might be more helpful for looking into this subject as well, Good Luck, Betty

    The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?