The Middle East Virtual Community

Submitted by Ted Takacs on Sun, 12/26/2004 - 17:42.

The Middle East Virtual
is an attempt by academic nationals, resident in the Middle East, to open,
promote and sustain intra-regional channels of communication and cooperation.  This
will be done through the utilization of technologically advanced tools - including
Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) - to the benefit of the Middle Eastern communities,
and particularly to promote universal human values and mutual respect. 

This site will be crucial for the development of this
Community - as a channel for information dissemination, as well as interaction.  The
site will regularly host Conferences on various topics of interest that cut across
national boundaries.  Through these conferences, we will bring together scholars from
around the region who will provide diverse perspectives, in terms of the discipline(s)
through which they approach the conference theme.  The first
in the series was held on this site, August 1-15 2000.


In addition, regular moderated chat sessions will be held to generate that sense of Community
that lies at the heart of MEViC.  The site also incorporates a database of contact addresses that research professionals and academics
could use to further their work.  Finally, it will incorporate interactive Opinion Polls where visitors to the site could voice their
opinions, without fear of censorship or reprisals.  Finally, the site contains updated regional news, as well as opinion editorials written by scholars and academics.

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