NOLA lessons for NEO: The Center for Public Service is guided by the following values:

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 07/15/2006 - 08:33.

<CPS Values Diagram


Center for Public Service History

Public Service at Tulane has a long and rich history. Faculty, staff, and student members have been actively engaged in civic and research activities that link Tulane with communities outside of the university. These partnerships have run the gamut of experiences from as near as the university's immediate neighbors in New Orleans to partners in other countries. In the past these initiatives have included faculty-driven programs such as Academic Service Learning and research, student-initiated community service, and staff-supervised community activities.

In 2006, Tulane's Renewal Plan offered an opportunity to coalesce campus resources to found the Center for Public Service. The Center is dedicated to supporting the university's diverse community-based research and service activities as well as serving as an intellectual and physical space for sustained university/community partnerships.

Mission Statement

The inauguration of the Center for Public Service reflects Tulane University's renewed sense of purpose within a city and region rising from devastation. Recognizing that active, civic engagement builds strong, healthy communities and responsible citizens, the Center for Public Service merges academic inquiry with sustained civic engagement. The Center is a forum for students, faculty, and community partners to work together to address urgent and long-term social challenges and opportunities. Our approach to learning prepares Tulane University students to participate more fully in today's complex society in intellectually rigorous ways. Tulane University's Center for Public Service supports a university curriculum and research agenda by uniting academics and action, classroom and communities through which students, faculty and community partners dedicate themselves to the transformation of civic life.


The Center for Public Service pursues the following goals:

Executive Committee

  • mcunnin1 [at] tulane [dot] edu, Associate Professor, Psychology, CPS co-chair
  • jfuqua [at] tulane [dot] edu, Associate Professor, Communications, CPS co-chair
  • cburdsal [at] tulane [dot] edu, Associate Professor, Cell and Molecular Biology
  • acolella [at] tulane [dot] edu, Associate Professor, Business
  • sfrickel [at] tulane [dot] edu, Assistant Professor, Sociology
  • kgrant [at] tulane [dot] edu, Special Assistant to the Provost, Academic Affairs
  • jhoward2 [at] tulane [dot] edu, Associate Director, Murphy Institute
  • vilustr [at] tulane [dot] edu, CPS Director
  • lopez [at] tulane [dot] edu, Associate Provost, Academic Affairs
  • rmarks [at] tulane [dot] edu, Dean, School of Social Work
  • soverstr [at] tulane [dot] edu, Associate Professor, Psychology
  • creese1 [at] tulane [dot] edu, Associate Professor, Architecture
  • matravis [at] tulane [dot] edu, Associate Professor, English

Advisory Board Members

Community Representatives
neighborhoodgall [at] bellsouth [dot] net, Proprietor, The Neighborhood Gallery
smmlclark [at] cox [dot] net, Principal, Sophie B. Wright
mgutierrezapp [at] aol [dot] com, Executive Director, Hispanic Apostolate and Catholic Charities Immigration and Refugee Services
pjenkins [at] ochsner [dot] org, Director Guest Services/Volunteers, Ochsner Hospital
mponoroff [at] cox [dot] net, Director, For the Children

Faculty Members
hank [at] museum [dot] tulane [dot] edu, Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, School of Science and Engineering
maclark [at] tulane [dot] edu, Associate Professor, Political Science
bhayley [at] tulane [dot] edu, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Theatre and Dance
jhuck [at] tulane [dot] edu, Assistant Director & Graduate Advisor, Stone Center for Latin American Studies

rwatts1 [at] tulane [dot] edu, Associate Professor, French and Italian and Director, Center for International Studies

Tulane Staff Members
linaa [at] tulane [dot] edu, Associate Director, Levy Rosenblum Institute
ldavey [at] tulane [dot] edu, Program Manager, Center for Bioenvironmental Research
lmckee [at] tulane [dot] edu, Director, Teacher Certification Program

Tulane Students
eboggs [at] tulane [dot] edu, Junior, Latin American Studies
jconings [at] tulane [dot] edu, Sophomore, Political Science and Economics

fsmith1 [at] tulane [dot] edu, Junior, English
ssolomon [at] tulane [dot] edu, Junior, Cell and Molecular Biology

Visit Center For Public Service Website

Hi Norm, How u mate?

Too long we didn`t debate together )) How r u doing?

I am here just accidentally. Only I want to mention is ur picture, construction is not right ). Openness is not transparency. Transparency is neutral word, without personality. Openness is definitely expression and is word with intention.

I am sorry mate, I guess you are good, former..or existing pick-uper ))) huh? )))


my email- vugar69 [at] yahoo [dot] com

By for now.

I'm cool - nice to pick-up the global debate

No doubt openness and all else on the "Respect" diagram are aspects of personality and intent... no mention of transparency in any of that and I can say that the entire construct that Public Service at Tulane has a long and rich history is not transparently true, but constructing intent for that now offers them a competitive advantage and so a source of value to build-up their disaster-struck enterprise and community. Is it being done in a transparent way... the intent seems open but I haven't really explored neutrality there. All that said, in another context, I'm dealing with issues with people who lack the intent to have the personality characteristics described in this Respect chart above and to deal with them I need to force as much neutral transparency upon them as possible, to account for their lack of respect and any related public service intentions. So I completely understand your distinction.

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will see

But you have to understand- personality thing in the construction means just for personal , private usage. There is no business at all. If you want to do business you should use neutral temrs. for example...not leraning but education,may be study. It is maturity. We are learning , example again, in the bed with partner or at the university. Solid things don`t take learning-ness. That`s why I have nothing to say - ur construction is unmature or usable for private intentions.Sorry for learning.Take it easy.


You wrote : " No doubt openness and all else on the "Respect" diagram are aspects of personality and intent..."

Mate, am I  in dating web-site or men are doning seriouse job here ? )))


Good point - time to get back to serious jobs here

I'm glad you are striking at this because I agree completely. This diagram is a manipulation of loose characteristics of individual behavior into an organizational postulation of the social space, which is not a constructive pursuit. I put the posting up as is from a site at Tulane (not my diagram) as I am pushing Case University to look at its organizational construction in different ways - the exploration of that is productive, but I do not have an opinion on whether this is a valuable aspect of the Tulane construction for Case to analyze further - just putting it out there for brainstorming... thanks for the brainstorm.  And yes this site is for doing serious business so I'll get back to lead poison and pollution and their impacts on education and the lives of 1,000s of people in this community alone - thanks, as always

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I am not sure there is

I am not sure there is seriouse business. I am reading this construction  and see - beneficence - inclusivity - respect . U r money seeker?

Not a money seeker, but an economist

Nope - I'm personally more of a socialist and an economist always looking how to eliminate unnecessary inefficiencies, and I do that as efficiently as possible.  That is the whole basis of my work with technology. And serious business is not the right word - serious being.

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Actually I am not about you,personally

I am about your construction. There is no sign of nuatralism. U`v got something "more" in ur construction and u are presenting that as a viable business. That`s why I mentioned that U are seeking somthing or may be someone. And such knid of construction just "food" for fishes.


I have to admitt that to be socialist and economist like to have sugar and salt together. But may be I am oldfashioned) 

By construction do you mean this portal?

REALNEO is open to anyone - I just use it the most of anyone. I find it very useful for managing content and relationships - I started using content management systems with, which you should check out. REALNEO can do all the things Tribe can do,  technically, although we need to upgrade some software.

But anyone can post anything they want to REALNEO - and I'm always looking for help to make the construction better. We also need to work on the taxonomy and adjust the permissions to allow more flexibility in how end users control content. I'm not a programmer so the design and technology implementation is up to others - two very cool people helping with that, Phillip Williams and Carl Edwards, but we have a long way to go - the next version of the technology is deployed at but we're still just playing with it - we were making progress on that but had internal disruptions that threw that work off center. We need to move the REALNEO content to that version, at which point REALNEO will get much better. There, each user can set up "organic groups" to construct their own communities, and they can change the look and feel... cool developments ahead

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I am reacting here only `cos I am seeing a lack of logic

RealNeo or any company, structure can`t be open ) It is not sect with opened doors for new comers ).

They should be understandable and transparency. An erroneous word is misleading. That`s why I simply stuck on ur first phrase.


Logic of REALNEO

REALNEO isn't a business or a company - it's a social network and each member owns all their content - nobody owns REALNEO. There's no centralized income model, and the funding to make it happen has come out of my hide, because it is important to the economic growth of the region... for many reasons, like connectivity, collaboration and global presence for the people of Northeast Ohio.

This is all possible because it uses FOSS - Free Open Source Software - which also is not capitalisticly logical until you change your perspectives on value being slips of money to the value of intellectual property including knowledge managing all aspects of all global resources including people and their time. FOSS (software) is valuable to all people, so it is worth the time of 1,000,000s of people investing in development of capabilities, simply to have the collaborative outcome value - Microsoft couldn't provide what realneo has (our software) because they couldn't afford the cost of the development team, but we all together can invest time to creat $billions in software value to create $trillions in economic value for the world.

There are capitalist ways people extract value from all this, and lots of VC money flowing through the social computing space alone (eHarmony, Tribe, Spoke, Linkedin, CraigsList, MySpace, to name a $billion) - they fork - that also applies in other FOSS space, e.g. Redhat vs. Ubuntu - where the lead developer takes the efforts of the open source world and shrink wraps it (Sugar) or sells it (MySpace)

REALNEO is a Drupal FOSS content management system and social network designed not to extract and fork the value of the FOSS but to leverage the FOSS to optimize the value of the intellectual property of the creators of the content (which they continue to own). As members add their intellectual property the network has growing value. As the value of the intellectual property grows, it gains sustainable value in many ways.

Think of REALNEO as a network of music and over time it has 1,000,000s of music files from all over the world that are only available there - that can be given away for free or there could be a fee to access that... say the price is based on the number of times other download the file, indicating a higher market value and so justifying a higher price - use artificial intelligence to maintain the best place on the price/demand curve to maximize value to the content owner - the infomediator, BTW, would just get a transaction fee to support the cost of the underlying technology and administration... say 3%... and in he socialist model that would just sustain the optimization of the distributed value rather than maximize return on "investment", like being rich shoud entitle one to return on the intellectual property of others.

The technology of iTunes isn't valuable, and Apple isn't valuable... the content is valuable. In the case of iTunes, because the Apple and the music industry are very inefficient and corrupt, the value of the content is perverted by bad business models leveraging legacy and court ordered economics that do not fit modern intellectual property rights and global information technology standards - is is not sustainable but is able to exploit a blip in bad American capitalist exploitation of all. Very sad. Along with iTunes, Yahoo, Face Book, My Space all are doing this con in the social network space, and they will all fail very soon, for many reasons (most important, they have forked and so have a huge development burden that is not competitive against global open source development... and the FOSS world is all out to knife the forks).

So why build realneo - love for the context - NEO - and love for community and communication and collaboration and cool technology and changing the world. Do I want to own realneo? No. I'm only worth the value of my intellectual property, which is quite valuable, so I want realneo to optimize my intellectual property. To own realneo would be to own the property of others - slaves - and I'm not into that.

How could REALNEO be sustainable? It could be entirely grass roots and time and money donation driven. It could be funded by do-gooders and foundations. It could be funded by the world bank or nations. And it could be an infomediator. As the value of the content grows, and the membership grows, so grows commercial interest in accessing that, from  folks and business that will pay for access. You could charge for members to be members, like a porn site or eHarmony, or you could charge for access to content, like iTunes, or you could charge for access to members' perceptions or communications, like for a polling service or political campaign or Proctor and Gamble selling a new product in an untested market.

The vision for REALNEO is for members to be compensated for their intellectual property and to participate, to the extent they choose to participate. If it offers infomediation capabilities to sell members content and access, if members want that, it will do that in a socialist way - owned by the community, managed by the community, unforked, at the bleeding edge of open source technology development and socialized intellectual property and commercial practices. This is entirely revolutionary and the future of intellectual property management and distributed social enterprise, and fascinating.

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I am sorry, but another stuck

The same stuck in the same place. First expression and second stuck. "REALNEO isn't a business or a company - it's a social network and each member owns all their content - nobody owns REALNEO."

Sounds like anarchy and chaotic structure.Many aims, many purposes, many intenions.

It moves to the decomposition. I guess guys have just a fun within realneo.

And you are on earth for what reason?

It is fun and gratifying to be creative and communicate and invent and share and collaborate and unless you were born to procreate and die then this is what you were born for... oh, or was it to bear the cross of some lord, or bank, of boss, or the king. It is very easy to convince me we are just born to be pigs in zen and die, but I like to see more to life... and I don't know any happy people anywhere today... some pigs in zen, and some very sad people.

If you think life is about work and investment and money and possessions, go talk to my dying parents and see how unhappy and rich they are. The only happy person I've known was my grandmother who was a poor but satisfied and spiritual teacher of American children until seh retired from that, and then a impoverished teacher of Nepalese children for the Peace Corps in rural Nepal, and then a volunteer for many things here in Cleveland - until Alzheimer's set in, she was very happy - the Alzheimer's was probably a result of living near polluting capitalist industry in Toledo, Ohio, and mercury and other toxins in her air and water, and using now-know-harmful capitalist convenience products like Teflon and aluminum cookware, so safe to say industry killed the only good person I ever knew, because she screwed up and trusted industry, even as she did not participate other than to educate many children, who certainly went on to do bad with that, as so many are today's "baby-boomers" and look what we have to show for that.

So what's important to you anyways?

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U are like velvet revolutionist, it`s nice,means u got soul

I dont think life is about work, money and investment as well as I am not sure that life means to be creative,sharing with ideas and collaborate endlessly without significant results. Maybe I will be asked what is that, "significant result". Personally for me , significant result is the range of planned actions in order to get the positive impact or resolution of the problem within society ( in ur case). It is not bureaucratic language , it is logic way. verything, created by nature, are logic.

Regarding ur question 4 me ,  let me say that I do value when work,money and etc. goes together with creation,colloboration and so on. I`ve got a few examples about this model and I`ve on my hands a huge number examples when brilliant thinkers are able to erupt ideas, share , colloborate with it and at the end just bubble.


By the way , if you hate money and work how do u live, how do u buy food, how u run web-page? )


Well I'm beginning to see the light

Very cool... Velvet Revolution is beautiful, like Velvet Underground, which was a brilliant bubble of creative sharing of ideas and collaboration that changed the world for 15 minutes and forever. Lou Reed... "Some people work very hard. But still they never get it right. Well I'm beginning to see the light"... Dylan Thomas... "Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light." - Bob Dylan... " Well, the moral of the story, The moral of this song, Is simply that one should never be where one does not belong. So when you see your neighbor carryin' somethin', help him with his load. And don't go mistaking Paradise for that home across the road" - Rocket from the tombs... " I walked down the primrose path. I strolled along the garden walk. The rain fell and washed away. My bed of sand got swept away." - Jane's Addiction... "Some people should die. That's just unconscious knowledge. Because, because the bigger you get, The wider you're spread, You gotta depend on me, Now your vision is dead"... Maynard/Tool... " Be patient. I must keep reminding myself of this... If there were no rewards to reap, no loving embrace to see me through this tedious path I've chosen here, I certainly would've walked away by now."

The world is so sad these days. The only happiness I find is in loving embrace of friends and family, which realneo actually provides. I've been sharing sad situations with friends I know largely through realneo and am getting love from people I didn't think really know I exist. I would rather live in such a culture where the community lives and raises family together, to be honest. I am not impressed by any other pursuits or accomplishments of man - computers, space travel, nuclear power are nothing next to a tree, which I don't find as logical but miraculous and completely overwhelming. So the greatest achievement I can imagine is helping people realize we are not better than trees and so we should live well with trees, even if we want to make the process very complex and sad.

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Some of them were good druguser s) huh?

Many quotations, which show u`v got a lot of books. It`s nice. But try to get life without help, just by experience.

Few books - many experiences

I have few possessions or books, but I've been to over 50 countries, lived all over, been to 1000s of concerts, been in drug environments through all that, seen many arts in many contexts, and that has helped me form my views of life and the world, and I appreciate the knowledge I've gained from that and from all the people I've learned from along the way, from sing-sin in highland New Guinea to Rocket from the Tombs. I'm very fortunate that I've had help to do all that travel and experiencing, whether with friends, clients or strangers. Life is a long trange trip... Grateful Dead.

Disrupt IT

50 countries ? The quantity is not enough.

U should know art and socializing ppl in other countries are not life or experience.

I don`t know..try to live within 1 week having just 5$ in ur pocket. Try switch off IT, internet, telly (TV), and see what u will have in ur mind.

What u have now it is it is just early stage of the perception.

travel the tangent to the target

I engage at realneo because I have learned so much from others here. And they have learned from me. We are able to exchange information and knowledge, to discuss and to suggest change. It does get off the web and into action, too. Many of us have met and this is a way to have a community of brilliant thinkers to share ideas with. It is important to work within a community. No man is an island. I was tired of feeling like an island as it relates to my varied interests in the area of social activism. Now I feel part of a community. I have brilliant minds to help me to develop ideas that can improve our region and the world. Sometimes if you travel the tangent, you can reach the target. Anarchy? This is not the way I see it...The target is altruism. Sometimes argumentative, sometimes supportive, always respectful. It is a good community for me. I own realneo everyday.

Do You mean travel the tangent to the altruism!? )

Oh my dear...))

Obviously, I am here to get the eclipse. Am I correct that U r traveling  the tangent to the altruism,( if ur target is altruism) ? If U r , just let me say that , unfortunately, ur travel might be too long. An altruism is the sign of personal character, like a fingerprint. Do U want to change the picture of ur fingerprint? ))

I am afraid the brilliant thinkers  are trying to show their willingness to be altruistic. It is good exercise.

have the last word

altruism -- the belief that acting for the benefit of others is right and good
 -- an attitude or way of behaving marked by unselfish concern for the welfare of others

To achieve greater altruism the length of the journey is not my concern. I do not need to change my fingerprint.

If you mean by eclipse -- to outdo in achievement or become more powerful or popular than something or somebody

You are here to get the eclipse? You can have it! Have the last word! Please!

Then I suggest you engage William Safire in your semantic debates.

You needn't be afraid of brilliant thinkers. Norm puts his pants on one leg at a time, I'm sure.

And so that you do not need to go round the bend anymore, what I mean by semantic is both in it's linguistic and logical definitions

relating to meaning or the differences between meanings of words or symbols
logic relating to the conditions in which a system or theory can be said to be true

I don`t pretend to be Dr.Freud


After all of these posts I have nothing but to say that I wish u to settle down in ur life) 

By the way - ur definition about altruism is complete wrong. it is not belief. it is action. big difference. and it is not about semantic debates, it is about what u have in ur mind.

The highest form of Human Excellence

I believe you are right about Altruism, as deifned on Wikipedia below. I see altruism as core to my personal pursuits, being to base action in life upon the impact on the next seven generations. No interest to settle down in life until I die, and by then I hope to be able to say I made the world better for my great, great... grandchildren.

And I wouldn't want you to be like Freud, and see your apporach as Socratic, which I respect and appreciate... "I know you won't believe me, but the highest form of Human Excellence is to question oneself and others."

Altruism is the practice of placing others before oneself. It is a traditional virtue in many cultures, and central to many religious traditions. In English, this idea was often described as the Golden rule of ethics. In Buddhism it is considered a fundamental property of human nature.

Altruism can be distinguished from a feeling of loyalty and duty. Altruism focuses on a motivation to help others or a want to do good without reward, while duty focuses on a moral obligation towards a specific individual (e.g., God, a king), a specific organization (e.g. a government), or an abstract concept (e.g., country etc). Some individuals may feel both altruism and duty, while others may not. Pure altrusim is giving without regard to reward or the benefits of recognition.

The concept has a long history in philosophical and ethical thought, and has more recently become a topic for psychologists, sociologists, evolutionary biologists, and ethologists. While ideas about altruism from one field can have an impact on the other fields, the different methods and focuses of these fields lead to different perspectives on altruism.

Disrupt IT

I`d prefer to be Vugaric, though thanks for Socratic

"No interest to settle down in life until I die" - sorry, it`s immaturity or social exhibitionism.

U can`t make the world better, u r not the God or the Master, it`s not ur business and leave it for rules of nature. And u can`t make the world better just for ur great, great....grandchildren. U don`t know, or shouldn`t know what is the better for ur grandchildren, leave it for them to get decision.

As I know, the many words, the bigger lie. If u r altruistic then go and act within ur space at first and don`t pretend to be big altruistic star. It`s easy.

When I am reading txts here I am feeling that I am in wholesale market where selling altruism and good willings..and afterwards PR-ing in the web-page)

Not a star, but building a Star

We obviously have different perspectives on life. I am focused on positive social change at the global level. But I've been an entrepreneur since college and have helped organize a mixed marathon rally across South America, which had a small relatvely low value impact over 1,000s of miles, and I've been involved in getting people elected to offices, which has a huge good and/or bad impact on 1,000,000s of people, and I've done a lot of work in urban renewal, primarity focused on historic preservation, which tends to seem more localized, but benefits many over long time... but mostly I work in global IT strategy, over the years with scores of the world's largest and best companies, affecting just about everyone in the world.

My last company REALinks (which provided REALNEO to this region as a social change portal) is now dead, because I had a very fucked up partner, but REALNEO is still alive because it has a community, and we the members and owners like being here and are developing interesting content and relationships that allow "us" to change what we choose to change any way we like. My primary interest in that is having access to the right technology, which allows me to work with my personal content and context of life, not work.

Aside from all that, I've formed a new company called 7GEN ( which is an urban planning enterprise focused on community development for the next seven generations - an Iroquois concept - and we are doing a lot in urban renewal in Northeast Ohio - one project is taking a multi-acre multi-100K sq ft historic complex in the most troubled city in our region (East Cleveland) and converting it into "The Star Complex" a mixed use anchor for improving lives of 1,000s of traditionally under-served people, focused on providing the greater community lifelong learning (an Intergenerational charter school), community services (social and computing center) and healthy, green affordable housing, all based on transit oriented development (TOD)... ( waiting on Phase 1 environmental assessment right now.

That is one more anchor for eradicating lead poisoning in this part of our region, which has the highest lead poisoning rates in the country (about 20% of children there will be lead poisoned and so have reduced IQ and other health related issues and so have less opportunity in life), and I sit on two councils focused on lead eradication in Northeast Ohio and spend much of my time supporting that, which is pure charity for me but surely changes the world for the people saved, and saves local society $ billions over time (reduced costs for healthcare, education, crime, prison, etc.)... this may not even be an issue where you live but it is here...

Core to all that is my work to bridge the digital divide, which involves getting technology to people who do not now have access (and knowledge) and connecting them to the Internet, with support - we collect used computers and recycle them with Open Source software and give them to people in need - we're about to take on 5,000 more PCs so will need to apply for a grant and rally lots of volunteers - and we just installed a wireless network for the city of East Cleveland and are working on deploying pre-N and wiMAX to bridge the last mile to all homes in the community, which have been red-lined for bandwidth by the telcos for all time... we'll be tapping VC for that, with a model of further leveraging the bandwidth capacity to serve commercial customers. 

We also provide the same technology you see at realneo to the city of East Cleveland ( and are building a range of applications to help automate their government processes... we do not charge for most of that... just programming of new applications that bring the city increased revenues. We've provided such social computing technology for lots of other organizations, from the Cleveland school board to the largest social change initiative in the history of this region - - and we are investing in expansion of the underlying technology capabilities to expand transformation of the economy here, and as a core service of 7GEN.

Two of my associates are from Nigeria so we are very focused on bringing best practices we are testing here over there, where we are also working on developing fair trade, fair wage industry.

My greatest work/life interest is with the First Nations, being the communities of the indigenous people of North America largely exterminated during European conquest of the Americas, but I can't discuss what I do with them.

My greatest personal passion is environmentalism, as I do not see this planet surviving long if we continue as we are - Nature will take care of that... is taking care of that... with annihilation of our species. I'd prefer humans live on so I am acitvist about pollution, and that will benefit the next seven generations.

So I keep busy, have lots of work, for some I charge and for other I give charity. Its a healthy balance.

Disrupt IT

I see just one big difference

I have no perspectives on life, `cos I am IN life.))

I am understanding you, saying about different perspectives. Usually, it is easy way to defend oneself and to take another "turning-point". Focusing just on ur last txt, I can see , let me say that, just superficial approachto the reality. Clear example- u said ur company is dead because of fucked up partner. Is this reason!? Is this cause!? It is effect, reason - why ur partner was fucked up. Deep viewing - deep question-deep reply. Without this ur new project will be in trouble.

Ur background is very nice, but looks like as a proper CV. I can`t understand it is ur job what u r doing, or it is ur hobbies?

"Different perspectives" is non sequitur

Hi Vugar - nice seeing you. You are right that my saying we have different perspectives is a non sequitur, as I don't know your perspectives at all, and I can't say I have some great understanding of reality... just shadows I see on the wall, to the extent I even pay attention to them.

I appreciate your exploration of the fuckedupness of my former company, as this is heavy on my mind, and I've had to deal with many fucked up business (and life) situations over two+ decades so I try to learn from each. In the case of my company REALinks my partner took aggresive steps to cause harm to it and all involved, outside of corporate business and legal practices, in ways substantially harming many other people and putting himself at great personal risk with legal and financial exposure (proper corporate structure is designed to avoid that, so you really need to go wrong to get in personal trouble). So, while lawyers prepared corporate bylaws he hid them from the rest of the company and never had them executed, nor did he conduct company business according to legal practice. He registered to himself, personally, at his own home address, what was supposed to be a company tradename, REALNEO, intended to be used for creating a not-for-profit. He wrote checks that were not funded, did not pay bills, lied face-to-face to each staff member on many accounts and suddenly fired everyone without cause or notice (not me, as I was not staff) and has refused to provide financial statements and compensation promised to many good people, causing them great harm... all while he personally had the ability to pay, and while trying to divert company revenues to himself, rather than allowing revenues to be used to pay staff... on and on... our company lawyers (which are his family lawyers... long story) withdrew, it is such a mess, and the staff have had to hire lawyers to get paid, and REALinks now needs to sue my former partner for a range of claims and the law firm for malpractice. The worst concern is while managing REALinks my former partner started a new business with the REALinks CIO to compete with REALinks to divert business away from REALinks, which is illegal. I suppose I should have caught much of this earlier, but I did business as part of a company, where responsibilities are divided and some people do some things and others do other things, and I approached the company as a team organization... I suppose I should not have trusted my partner, and I will be much less trusting in the future. Ultimately, since my partner fucked-up REALinks, I've had many people who knew my partner longer than I had tell me he was fucked-up all along, and I believe that was a result of a very strange upbringing (his father was one of the world's most powerful men). So, there is no doubt my former partner fucked-up REALinks, and so is a "cause", but the "effect" on my life is my responsibility and I'm still learning from this experience as I try to learn from all experiences.

One lesson I learned was my former partner is dishonest, and never had the intent to work with others with "openness", which you pointed out "is definitely expression and is word with intention", so the company was actually doomed from the beginning.

I'm not sure I know what is my job or are my hobbies in life... I suppose visual expression makes me most happy... photography, construction, sculpture, graphic design. Other than working in labor in high school and college and in real estate development (and I can do much of the labor), the jobs I've had working for others have been split between economic analysis and business development and creative fields - graphic design, photography, web development, marketing and communications - everything else I've been involved with have been projects I put together for partners or in partnership with others. Much of what I'm doing now are projects, like pulling together property owners, government, builders, engineers, architects, planners, etc. on urban redevelopment... health, environment, lead eradication and impacts on public education are little appreciated dynamics of urban development and so interest me from a holisitic perspective I find socially compelling - if I lived in a place with a clean, safe environment I wouldn't even be aware of these issues. In real estate develpment, I don't plan on participating beyond the planning and development phase, when I can hand off to the implementation professionals. That should be the same case with much of the Nigeria work, which involves trade relations development, and with the digital divide work, which should be short term with transition to sustainable business models that don't really interest me. I'm not trying to own any of that and there are existing enterprises that should be involved and I'm largely connecting and enabling efficient partnerships where I see needs and opportunities and have good relationshps.

7GEN is a planning and management company focused on virtual community development which looks at the technology needs of people, organizations and communities. For projects like those above, we will focus on information technology planning and implementation for others, like cities and large organizations. The team founding 7GEN already does this for quite a few clients... this was the purpose for REALinks, so the new company 7GEN is the people from REALinks who want to move forward working with new partners, and we will be very selective of who they are, and we are definitely working with a different law firm, which I know much better than the last (which my former partner chose), and they are already putting together the right coporate documents to make sure at least that part of the business development goes well. Most of the 7GEN work will be on the application development and technology integration side - partnering on open source application development and integration for large scale virtual community building and optimization,  "business" process integration, marketing and communications - the in house team is both analytic and technical and will grow mostly on the technical side... programmers and GUI designers working with open source applications and user interface optimization. My job includes some social network development (site configuration, writing, project management) and business development (marketing and sales), both for 7GEN and clients deploying 7GEN environments. In some cases and ways, I'll get to be creative - graphic design and even some photography - so I'm looking forward to many interesting challenges in all of this. So I suppose this is jobs, doing some things that are hobbies or, more accurately, that I enjoy.

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Difference is not bad thing, to be honest.

Difference is distinction. Distinction is real sign of personal versatility. Stereotipically, ppl r using stupidly this word--difference--to split up, to make distance or to make better themself. I know many, a lot of ppl who are operating by this way. It is stupid.

So, what I want to say, if u and I r having differences then is it good base for changing what we have got. It it like a trade ))) And it`s not about money.)))))

And it is ur mistake ur business is dead, `cos u should have seen in advance and u should have spotted that ur partner was fuckud up by something or by someone. I mean u havn`t deep viewing to the problems and take it supeficially.

All the txts here r clear sign that member of realneo community have fun and it is just hobbies. When we have seroiuse job we must have sweat on a forehead.)) May be I am masochistic but tiredness , very often, gives pleasure.)  The hobbies didn`t give this ))) It is easy and logic.

U should know me. I am writting and am leaving my "fingerpint". Just try to read deeply))


collaboration= dialog + inclusion + knowing + intention + purpos

What I know of your fingerprint - besides that you know my own language better than I do - is that you offer excellent insight that is very helpful, and I appreciate the time you are taking to work through these concepts, as in February

You've proved your point about business: collaboration=dialog+inclusion+knowing+intention+purpose, and love does not fit in the formula, If your purpose is to find love, that does not fit with business.

With REALinks, as a business, my partner and I failed on all accounts of this formula. My partner and I did not start with the same purposes, so we never had complimentary intentions to obtain a valuable outcome we could share, we did not develop shared knowledge of anything, we did not have effective dialog, and so we were not able to be inclusive of each other or others toward what good outcomes could be created in such a dysfunctional collaboration. In the end, my partner chose to pursue other purposes outside the REALinks collaboration, at which point his intention became stealing what knowledge and assets he thought he could from REALinks and pursuing the termination of the REALinks collaboration - it was how he carried out these intentions that was fucked up.

My purpose was to develop REALNEO as a collaboration in and of itself – a self funding and stand-alone non-profit organization. Purpose: to provide a social computing environment for managing content and communications in the context of Northeast Ohio, free to end users, where each user is known in the environment and owns their own content. Intention: leveraging worldclass information technologies to help a large community of users achieve their individual purposes with social computing, delivered in the most cost effective way possible, funded through grants for economic development and commercial activities like commercial sponsorship, advertising and infomediation. Knowing: using common but expert based, FOAF compliant, FOSS environment providing standardized systems that members of a community can know with little external support, that organizes information in ways that are easily known to users, and where users are known by the technology and other users. Inclusion: free and open for knowing and dialog to all people and organizations able to access the Internet and know how to use the interface, understand English, and are willing and able to participate in a social network. Dialog: provide many tools for those who choose to be included to dialog via content creation, feedback, private messaging, contact, etc..

Based on your model of collaboration, REALNEO is successful for many users' intentions and purposes. A purpose today was for member Sarah Morrison to have an audience at the Morrison Dance performance at Taste of Tremont, so she used REALNEO to provide users with knowledge about that - her intention is to use social networks to get more people to attend her performance, for the purpose of making her dance company better know and have good audiences at her performances. REALNEO also suits her purpose by enabling dialog about Sarah's dance company, and performances, and dance at other levels, whereby Sarah expands community interest in supporting dance and her company. REALNEO also creates a permanent home for Morrison Dance dialog and knowledge that is always available to members and found through web searching, expanding her global footprint, and she intends to use the technology to serve more content about her company and performances, because the technology is superior to the technology she has known of and used in the past. As REALNEO gets around 15,000 hits a day, she gets significant global community footprint - the more people included in the REALNEO community, the larger Sarah's virtual audience becomes, and the more dialog and knowledge that may be shared about Morrison Dance.

If REALNEO's purpose is to enable economic development in this region, it has succeeded in that situation. Where you say REALNEO is largely people pursuing hobbies is not then completely accurate as it provides knowledge that supports members' collaborative purposes, enabling their intention to use social networks or simply information technology to support their purposes. To be sustainable, the purpose of the overall REALNEO environment must include deriving revenues or funding from sources that value the purpose of the overall network and want to collaborate at the higher level on funding and management of that, which is right now the responsibility of me and 7GEN but was always intended to be done via a non-profit.

The 7GEN business collaboration's core purpose then is to provide the next generations of the social computing technologies demonstrated by REALNEO to many organizations, like the city of East Cleveland, and communities like Northeast Ohio, charging for the deployment and operation of each virtual community (including REALNEO), growing the business by including in the organization and through partnerships world-class experts in related technologies and virtual community development, in dialog that works well.

Whatever does not fit in that collaboration model for 7GEN will be outside projects and hobbies of team members.

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"Eyes must run forward" if u want know more than u have

Purpose and intention are base of action. And the same purpose and intention are leading to collaboration. U and ur partner didn`t have the same intention and purpose, presumably.

Thanks for feedback about english, but actually it sucks)

You know the right words perfectly

You definitely helped me sort through my business planning and where there were problems with the last enterprise and collaboration - not so much in the purpose or intention, as we started pretty much on the same track... problem was with not knowing each other. leading to poor dialog and inclusion... different life perspectives and poor communications can be just as big of problems.

Your insight is much appreciated is getting my head straight going forward - I sorted through two projects and sent out proposals for them with clearly stated purposes and intentions... now to work on sharing knowledge, and developing dialog and seeing if that leads to inclusion and so collaboration.

This week, I'll work on 7gen and getting realneo on the right track for moving forward. I feel much better about all this - thanks very much!

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No probs, mate. My pleasure.

Glad to read it.

I think, not knowing each other in reality, not having meeting and talking, these all helps to maintain the pure ( in vitro) communication and colloboration. But reality pollutes purality.  

just wan to say

that this "debate" was useful for each other and fruitful. thanks, Norm.

Based on what I discovered... what next

No doubt, dude. I've made really great progress with the vision you helped me develop - I'll tell you when I have a purpose that pays out.

So what should we "debate" now - I'm still thinking about "..try to live within 1 week having just 5$ in ur pocket..." I've done that a lot in life (like right now) so don't like to think about it to much...

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