Corrupt America and World......... Stealing People's Identities

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Fri, 11/28/2014 - 16:59.

So, I get a call from one of those foreigners asking for "(MY 12 YEAR OLD CHILD'S NAME)" today. They want to verify whether or not she has applied for a "loan at a bank"? I am thinking....really? SMH--- What kind of world are we living in that a 12 year old's credit file is being scammed?

It's inescapable to live without criminology invading your world.... I mean; with technology; our government can regulate so much; but cannot prevent fraud upon the public's credit files because of con artists around the globe? Scams upon people are infinite.

From the corporate frauds to the husslers. Everyone is gonna get a piece of your world. It really is a world of zombies out making the "good life" only a dream.....

We can pray, we can hibernate, we can work and play; but we must be constantly vigilantly protecting our perimeter at all times..... No rest for the the scammers violate the public at large... and children are some of the most vulnerable...and elderly are the other major vulnerable folks... The police can barely keep up with the identity theft reports; let alone to react to them. The criminal vultures laugh while we work to build legitimate lives and they party at our expense. Karma is not enough for these unjustifiable crimes upon society.

The American Pride that goes with working hard to earn something, have something, and enjoy it are being met with nonstop terrorist acts by domestic (homeland) criminals....thieves will walk by your car and steal your stuff, flatbed your car out of a repair shop to a chop shop, and sneak in your home in the middle of the night while you sleep to steal your precious items. They have no care; they believe they can support their living requirements and addictions off of your hard earned life.... Then there are the ones who will crawl up in your work like snakes and steal from you right in front of you; like employees at businesses who steal from their bosses. A corrupt world it is......... inescapable.

It's all part of the grand equation of life..... protect yourself every which way you can.... and pray you don't land in prison for upholding your American Right to Bear Arms and shoot to kill any mother flower who treads on your life................. Terrorist or American? Which are you when you violate others with criminology?

What a world....and it's the holiday season. I can only imagine how many defeated Americans are on the homeless list because they gave up the larger battle here on the home fronts to have anything? I wonder how many veterans quit trying because of such a society full of decay and corruption? I'd say---too many...

Be thankful if you've come this far without conceding to the corruption... Make right of your historical corruption by doing penance to those you abused with it. It all may seem stupid; but reality is; every one is guilty of something that violated the world around them. Me too.

Transform the world you live in by overcoming, making right, and living out loud without the tragic corruption that implodes American... It's terrorizing your fellow Americans and making life less than desirable to partake in.

For all you corrupt folks who laugh.... please note how ugly, obvioius, and blatantly digusting you look when you attempt to cover up your shame with living the large life........ You cannot hide behind the fruits of violating others who worked hard for what they had. You can only face the mirror and the maker and recover your identity...........or eradicate your existence from the rest of society. 


Thanks be to God for the few, proud Americans who are not corrupt for self indulgeous reasons............. Stealing the American Spirit is by far the most tragic theft of all. Protect yourself America.... the criminal concepts will only get more and more easy than working hard to be a good old fashioned American.



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Check you children's credit files

Be alert and proactive.... thieves are stealing children's personal info to ascertain credit using children's credit files.




Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"