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Submitted by Susan Miller on Tue, 07/18/2006 - 08:55.

Visit LeftLuggage and view the dances there under "". Click on the link for "Moment".

The movement is reminiscent of works I loved coaching when I directed The Repertory Project. The two bodies slip and slide through space carving it out and carving out and defining a relationship as they go. Is it obvious? No, but then neither is life.

After leaving dance in this community, I was able to test my longtime assertion that dance is everywhere. I see it in the movements of servers in restaurants, in the balancing acts construction workers perform high above us on building sites, in the movement of people crossing the street. We all have a personal space capsule which helps us to define ourselves. Some people's space is more permeable, others are closed in, protecting themselves from intrusion. Dance is not a series of steps, but a much deeper and richer way of communicating about our relationship to others and the world. You can't see it with your eyes; you have to feel it with your gut. High kicks and multiple turns are spectacular, but more moving may be the simple turn of the wrist that offers an entry, begins a dialogue, reveals some inner place in the dancer -- s/he invites you to dance, includes you the viewer in the dance. Now you're dancing. We are all dancing.

Note the space in which these dancers move and the attention given to the space by the camera. Space is the first most important consideration in dance; it is the dancer's canvas. Therefore when touring or performing the same dance in a different space, the dancers have a wholly new experience. No two performances are the same. One never need say, I have seen that dance and don't need to see it again. If it is good dance seeing it as much as possible in as many environments as possible can only broaden and deepen your understanding of the choreographer's and the dancer’s challenge.

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nicely phrased

I'll be conscious now of my movement as I rise elegantly, regally, from my chair to get another cup of coffee, my flowing blogger bathrobe trailing behind me as I pass the air conditioner, slightly past noon. I will be aware. I will try to temper my theatrical side. I really appreciated what you said here, sort of along the lines of "what oft was thought, but ne'er so well expressed."

Beautiful writing and images on REALNEO

There can be no doubt realneo has some of the most thought provoking writing and images I've seen anywhere - and not because of me but from a community of owners - and that is a result of great technology (better to come), great content creators, and a context we all love, which is home. The diversity of perspectives and sources, and interplay, all make for a wonderful long strange trip.

Just from a few very cool brief clips from Susan I have a much better sense of the beauty of the movement of dance and from this thought-clip I see human movement in general in a new light. And the next time I see Tim I'll picture him flowing gracefully in his robe to his next cup of coffee... that's fun! Thanks for making me smile for a change 

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