9/11 Coincidences

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Nearly 8 years later, many questions surrounding the domestic terror attacks of New York's World Trade Center  have yet to be asked or answered.  Consequentially, Operation 911 continues to be a horrific American tragedy shrouded in a blanket of secrecy.  It is this same secrecy, which was and continues to be the hallmark of the Bush White House legacy.  Still, public officials, engineers, reporters and architects from around the world continue to ask plausible questions, with many demanding a new, independent investigation that might delve deeper into the facts and inconsistencies.  Too this, there have been a number of notable films that have been created questioning what really happened on September 11th, including the blockbuster Internet documentary "Loose Change" which has received positive reviews from Vanity Fair, the Guardian UK and Time Magazine. 

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Larry Silverstein  That

Larry Silverstein  

That would have taken some serious planning, knowledge of the event about to happen.  I will never belive that any one or group could have that amount of reckless disregard for life. 

That would have taken some serious planning, knowledge of the events about to happen. I will never believe that anyone or group could have that amount of reckless disregard for life. But then you have the pilots or the hijackers who obliviously did. Their motives fueled on anger and revenge and validated with perversions within their faith.

I can't see it happening, I can’t see that many people going along with such a huge maniacal plot. For what? Money? That would mean that there are actually demons among us? History does show that demons do exits, bizarre realties created in the minds of some and then acted out, we have all kinds of them in history.

It’s creepy….

truth is stranger than fiction - don't harm-kill the messengers

truth is stranger than fiction - don't harm-kill the messengers-

yogi and guy http://www.nationalwardogsmonument.org/

That’s a mixed

That’s a mixed metaphor "truth is stranger than fiction - don't harm-kill the messengers"

it is actually do not shoot the messenger, singular not plural.

I have no trouble with comprehension, none, I see the literal, as it is for what it is. What I wrote did not take direct aim at anyone. The posters comment does not align with the message in the video, it takes aim at who, the comment does not align with the underling message in the video.

What was the posters intention?

If Silverstein new, it came from who? That would had to have been Israeli intelligence and unless Israel is the 51st state there is no connection to the white house. It would mean that Silverstein was warned and took a different approach. To say that they all got together and they came up with lets let them do it…is insane. A conspiracy theory only works with less parties involved, the more you add the less likely. Add the terrorists to the conspiracy and you have huge conflicts of interests as well as the federal government, it all falls apart.

It to me it is cagily anti-Semitic, if it was Israel or you believe Israel was behind it then say so!

To Norm Roulet, the founders

To Norm Roulet, the founders and core members of RealNeo:

In a democrary it is safe to say that questions must be asked, as freedom of speach is at the core of a healthy, thriving democrary.  In my participation as a regular contributor to RealNeo, it is my approach to present opportunities for insightful exchange and discussion.  Consequentially, I trust that when comments are made in regards to one of my posts, that it will be fully understood that the content of the original post, takes precedence over potential comments attached to the post that might distort, misinterpret, misinform or otherwise attempt to hijack a transparent, clarified statement, which draws no illogical conclusions; only asking plausible questions appropriate for our egalitarian, American democracy -- appropriate for RealNeo.  That said, with more than $1,000,000,000,000.00 spent fighting wars and occupying nations, in a process that has cost an estimated 1,000,000+ lives, I think it only makes sense that the procedures and policies of the responsible party be throughly examined, even if it's retrospective.

We under the rule of law and not the laws of the Machaveilli. 

The Bush White House years saw many firsts, most of which appear less than flattering.  And with Operation 911 being the centerpiece of practically every single argument that said (former) leadership used to ram through every draconian policy they could think of, it is exactly for this reason that Operation 911 must be held under the most intense skepticism and examination until every stone has been turned and all avenues of research throughly exausted. 

I am not a sheep, and with it being public knowledge that throughout America's history, within legitimate structures of the government rogue elements have conspired all sorts of illegal, anti-democratic activity, including  but not limited to COINTELPRO and Operation Northwoods, why anyone would choose to blindly believe a notorious violator of international law -- George W. Bush -- instead of seeking the truth through independent means, is less than comprehensible in my opinion.

Facts are facts, and the Bush Junta was not known to be a lover of either truth or facts.  Criminals come in all shades, shapes and sizes.  And in a real democracy, no one is above the law, whatever political affiliation, race or class.

Finally, I am the only person on this site that speaks for me.  Still, I am grateful to RealNeo.  It's a wonderful thing!

A very brief selection of Operation 911 links are as follows:









So much easier not to believe

The more I see about 911 the worse I feel - and I thought it was an inside job the second I saw the towers fall on TV in real time... and exactly what I expected would happen happened. Thankfully the American people voted for Change November 4, 2008 - that is the date that matters going forward.

I look forward to announcement of a new 911 commission, after Obama deals with the Bush-era financial crisis, ongoing wars all over, our use of torture, etc... say around 9/11/09

I don't see why you should feel bad about posting about that here or anywhere...


Disrupt IT

Thanks RealNeo -- Thanks Norm


Thanks for your input.  It is for this reason that I enjoy RealNeo; continuing to participate.

- Eternity

if you saw this

If you had a chance to be in front of PBS last night, you might have seen Bill Moyers showing sections of Torturing Democracy.

Cheney may well be the Hitler of the US. In any case, we have asked for it and we will get it. Ignoring the Geneva Convention... what were they thinking?!? Doesn't any fool know that what goes around comes around? (Never mind having a moral bone in one's body.) I would not be surprised if Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz had world domination in mind and no holds barred in that objective. The Bush/Cheney Administration reputedly had an "executive assasination ring". But I've been convinced for some time that these guys are snakes, so I am not surprised.

Is it a coincidence that Donald Rumsfeld now owns Mount Misery? His neighbor? Dick Cheney. Maybe it's time for me to read Halliburton's Army By Pratap Chatterjee.

What Else Don't We Know???

Susan, that's great information. 

I was aware of Cheney's assasination ring, but I did not yet see Bill Moyers' show on "Torturing Democracy."  However since I watch Moyers often, I've discovered that most of his shows are achived online; his website being found here

Ultimately I find myself wondering if there are enough days on the calendar to ever reach the bottom of the deep, murky muck that's happened these last 8 years.  I've mentioned Operation 911, Norm's mentioned the financial crisis, now you're touching on torture and assasination.  It really makes me wonder, what else don't we know???


We really don't want to know the truth

But must.

Nazi Germany was reborn - Genocidal America may be made into something decent... for Eternity

Disrupt IT

Nazi Germany

Funny Norm--I mentioned this to my uncle, who actually lived through the hell of World War II as a child and he said to me, if you mention Nazi in the same breathe you will be written off as insane. 

Nobody has spoken up, nobody

Nobody has spoken up, nobody that was involved has a guilty conscious? The Alqueada precursor events all the bombing were just what?

People capitalized on the tragedy, no doubt and they seized the opportunity, and you could call that a vision of world domination while holding a bloody rag to your nose.  There is not a link between the hijackers and the white house. Imagine "Hey you guys we are going to let you blow up the towers and then go ahead and hit the Pentagon to make it look legit."  There is no connection it is all just about attempting to capitilize, to get the most out of a very bad situation , and not the same as making it happen. If Silverstein approached the White House and said…this is my plan they would have locked him up on the spot!

Then as this video implies, it does not even really imply, it comes right out and says he set bombs in the tower to make sure they completely collapsed! Because they were loosing money, and it would be much more lucrative to just let the terrorist blow them up.   And you think it’s all of them all working in synchronicity….

I do not I think it was, as many believe, they capitalized on tragedy and none of it flatering for them, for the most part.