Are you tired of portions of our neighborhood resembing a war zone???

Submitted by Rebecca Kempton on Wed, 05/04/2011 - 23:03.
 Are you tired of  portions of our neighborhood resembing a war zone???     If so you must attend the May 11th, 6 p.m., St. Rocc


 Are you tired of  portions of our neighborhood resembing a war zone???
If so you must attend the May 11th, 6 p.m., St. Rocco's Church 3205 Fulton Road.
Come and ask  Directors Daryl Rush, Community Development and Ed Rybka, Building & Housing  
Why are area has been neglected

Stockyards, Clark-Fulton, and Brooklyn Centre area  has more than 700, abandoned, burned out, vandalized, condemned properties.


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Community development at its finest

Nice blog and thanks for the meeting reminder.

Is the above house still standing or was it demolished?  Where is/was the house located?

Many neighborhoods resemble a war zone in Cleveland.  Years and years of neglect by Building and Housing and Community Development Corporations that receive millions and millions of tax dollars in yearly funding - for decades.

Where did all of this money go? 

StockYards and Clark-Fulton war zone areas are the result of decades of neglect and have been overlooked by building and housing, councilmen, and community development for many decades.

It is time people demand a change with business as usual.  The politicians promised changes, but broken promises bring no change.  Change starts at the voting polls.

Norm or Jeff

Would you please put Rebecca's blog on the home page and possibly edit the picture to make it more visible?

I nearly overlooked this important blog since it is not on the home page and only appears as a title and small image.

 thank you.

End the Destruction of our City

Quit wasting money  for community development employees to target every single property owner, especially auto repair shops and rental properties.  Appreciate the few remaining people that are left in this city.

Stop wasting money on duplicate , wasteful and stupid ideas.

Focus on real issues that have been ignored for years:

 Are you tired of  portions of our neighborhood resembing a war zone???     If so you must attend the May 11th, 6 p.m., St. Rocc









They are NOT going to listen to the REAL residents....

Never have, never will...they just do whatever they please and use the citizens as quotas.....

Heck, I have never seen anyone (public servants) at those alleged public meetings even taking notes of what the citizens are saying. They just show you power point presentations, allow a few select citizens speak at the microphones, and they nod their head and say, "WE'LL LOOK INTO THIS!" and rarely does anything ever happen....

It's a joke...but...we'll try to go....

Can I wear my bib overalls? 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Can I wear my bib overalls?

Will they treat me like I don't deserve heard because I am not gentrified? Or should I put on a superficial suit and pretend to be like them long enough to speak my peace? 



Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

The property next to my house is worse than that

The property next to my house is worse than that - and the City of East Cleveland OWNS it. We don't want them to touch it because every time they do they do something more stupid than leaving it alone - they cut down 100 year old plantings... spread lead poisoning... trash our street.

The trashed house next to my house was livable last summer - a splendid HISTORIC LANDMARK mansion full of life - but the courts took it and locked it up and gave it to the city and it has blighted us ever since - now we have the promise of a summer of excessive mosquitoes and rats from our cowardly, corrupt leadership... as well as the coal pollution from their powerplant they hide in our backyard... and parking tickets any night we forget to put our car in the driveway.

I pay our mayor's salary.

Human garbage.

Disrupt IT

In fact, there are two landbank MANSIONS owned by EC

In fact, there are two landbank MANSIONS owned by EC on my street - what is certainly a historic landmark status street of 100+ year-old mansions, build by the White family, of White Motors, I believe - that the city of EC owns through their landbank and is demolishing by neglect.

Absolutely disgraceful - and harmful to the health and wellbeing of the good citizens living here.

The city of EC owns the only blights on our beautiful street of hard working, respectable, tax-paying, harassed citizens, harmed by our incompetent, worthless mayor and city council.

My wife sent the "mayor" an email offering to establish an historical society in EC - David Reed and I brought the STATE OF OHIO historic preservation staff through the neighborhood and they swooned - yet our mayor didn't even have the professionalism or decency to respond to my wife's offer - and he has demolished great historic property with complete ignorance and contempt of history.

At least he knows how to distribute pornography.

The only problem with EC is our leadership - just like Cleveland.

05.30.07 is Historic Day for Hough Bakeries Complex Header of the Day

Submitted by Norm Roulet on May 30, 2007 - 4:31pm.

Props to Kent State University Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative Senior Planner David Reed for having the insight and personal knowledge to schedule a meeting today with Ohio Historic Preservation Office Architecture Reviews Managers Lisa Adkins and Justin Cook, at the Hough Bakeries Complex, in Cleveland and East Cleveland, to discuss the planning taking place in East Cleveland and with this historic property. To tell a long story short, they feel the property merits landmark status and we will begin the application process immediately, and follow all guidelines in planning and operations. More on the historic character of the property here.

Distracted only by the aroma of sweet-potato-pie-being baked upstairs, the meeting on the breezy loading-dock patio of The Inner Circle is the pan of the day above for May 30, 2007 (larger version attached below).

Historic status will entitle the property to funding opportunities and tax benefits not available otherwise. After the meeting, I visited with Greg Williams, the son of the property owner, LeMaud Williams, and Greg was clearly excited that the property was viewed as a landmark. Having worked on other landmark development projects before, I know how mush satisfaction there is to be part of important history, and preserving it for the future. Adding to that the community development value of this project, there is no doubt the Williams have much to be proud of.

David Reed and I took Justin and Lisa - each Masters Degreed in Historic Preservation and/or Planning - around the Hough building neighborhood of East Cleveland, up to Rozelle Park, and along some of the most important historic side-streets, and they were really awed by the quality of buildings and their overall good condition. That so many are brick is a plus, as it is so durable - and less lead issues. They concluded that there is definitely a neighborhood south of Euclid, between Lakeview and Superior, that is definitely Landmark District Worthy!

There are many other individual streets and properties worthy of landmark status. The next step is that Justin and Lisa will provide David and me with all the material we need to document and apply for landmark status for the Hough Bakeries property, and we will begin the process. David will access the GIS records for the Historic Preservation Office (available to cities for $100 a year - to others for $250) and we will add all layers of historic property data to the planning GIS mapping for the neighborhood. We will then inventory all the property in the area using the Ohio terms and forms and add that data to the system, providing the most comprehensive historic property analysis toolset possible.

Justin and Lisa will also work with CUDC and the cities to update ordinances, zoning, and other planning guidelines to make sure the city is preservation-friendly. At the same time, Justin and Lisa will help make sure all lead eradication efforts are sensitive to historic property considerations.

Having done a few of these projects in my day, I'm very comfortable with seeking historic landmark status for these properties and neighborhoods. The secret to leveraging the value is good planning. To really restore a large historic property is a big project - there are few tradespeople here with skills in renovation - many challenges. But if you have a good architect, and talk to all the right people at the city - many departments - and at the chamber, and historic preservation office, and neigborhood association - let everyone know what you are doing - then they get very excited for you and for the project. That is when you can make big things happen. Be part of making that happen at the Star.

Disrupt IT

And shortly later... David Reed DISAPPEARED!

My family bought and renovated one of those historic houses in a historic area of East Cleveland, and love the house and neighborhood.

But we hate Northeast Ohio leadership, killing our community.

We could not get support for any sort of historic recognition or preservations of anything in East Cleveland, because the regional leadership wants to use us as a toxic dumping ground for University Circle... first with their current coal furnace by University Circle and further through the acquisition of additional property, partially in East Cleveland, where they intend to build additional coal burning facilities... without plans to make that clean. They are gaming environmental laws and public trust - harming public health - for nominal private financial gains... and our entire community goes down the toilet, in limbo, in their dysfunction.

And David Reed DISAPPEARED... replaced by politicians!

Historic Rozelle School was demolished... 100s of buildings demolished... Case students inventoried our property (they want a coal power plant at Lakeview and Euclid, and already have one by University Hospitals, in my backyard... why shouldn't they decide what property here stays and goes)... nothing is considered historic where I live, in my Century Mansion, surrounded by the roots of Cleveland history... our mayor lives up the hill, in the early-sprawl, opportunistic Rockefeller HISTORIC DISTRICT!

Who cares about the people down the hill, where real history is being made, by the coal plant.

Disrupt IT


You are truly living through hell in East Cleveland...the demolition of our history seems to be the priority.  

Sick--but we are all getting poisoned, whether we live on the east side or west side.  No escape...