Are you a Victim of AEON FINANCIAL fbo CAPITAL SOURCE BANK ( delinquent property tax foreclosure) in Ohio?

Submitted by Gone Fishin on Thu, 01/17/2013 - 06:55.

If you are a victim of AEON FINANCIAL fbo CAPITAL SOURCE BANK ( delinquent property tax foreclosure)  in Ohio ONLY AND have documentation to prove that you were charged more than 18% interest, copies of your paperwork is needed.

I am specifically looking for any paperwork from Aeon Financial that demands extra fees in excess of 18% interest.  

If Aeon Financial attempted to charge more than $2,500 in attorney fees for foreclosure cases that were filed in court, copies of this documentation is needed as well.

I am also looking for Cuyahoga County victims ONLY -  of Aeon Financial that were long term property owners and either owned their home mortgage free or nearly mortgage free and LOST their home via delinquent property tax foreclosure to Aeon Financial.  These victims will be considered to be featured in an upcoming publication by a well respected reporter.

I am NOT interested in documentation relative to the 18% interest that Aeon charged OR any legal fees up to $2,500.

Read here for issues relative to Aeon Financial fbo Capital Source Bank.


Please call (216) 386-6546 if you are an OHIO VICTIM ONLY that has paperwork relative to any excessive fees charged by Aeon Financial fbo Capital Source Bank OR a long term homeowner - mortgage free or nearly mortgage free - that lost their property and would like to be considered to share your story.

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Contact info for AEON Financial by phone ONLY

If you have information relative to AEON FINANCIAL please do NOT email me.  My computer has been hacked repeatedly and I will NOT open the emails.

Please call 216 386-6546


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