Bulldozing RealNEO.....dug up bones being cremated....

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Thu, 12/27/2012 - 23:18.

It's bad enough to drive down the streets and see the bulldozers demo'ing properties...but it's worse to see the truth be deleted.....another TREMONTER state of affairs, with lots of public input going to hell in a handbasket.

No wonder people quit giving a damn around our country...by the time they get the courage to speak up amongst people seeking out the truth in an online forum; it all gets deleted along the way by the truth Gods....sortive like all those public input sessions going into file 13 and being recreated by the leadership in order to distort the truth for their own desires.

Thousands of hours of  combined research, investigations, and outreach we involved for many of us when we found a passionate issue to support and share. Following up with more and more research and sharing that work herein to break the barriers of years of living in fear---only to have it all disappear...by the all powerful, delete experts....is absolutely devastating....

Poor you all....you are brilliant enough to hit delete and rising above the rest to show us all that you believe you are better than the rest. Don't like the playground; use your power to punish everyone else with you actions of deleting and deleting. Deleting their work too....interesting.

Raw truths being erased.

It's all just another way to disenfranchise the public at large from wasting their heart, soul, and energies to fight the corruptions that destroy the fabric of America-especially in CLEVELAND, OHIO! 

DIMORA, RUSSO, ROKAKIS, and all those game players have won....everytime you hit delete---you empower the regime of corruption to continue. You dissuade anyone from wanting to partake in sharing truths you will delete at will. 

Well, God Bless America and every servicemember who died for your right to hit delete....I guess their blood will help the green grass grow here in Cleveland.  

Time to get back to the basics and keep training my kids to lock and load their weapons, live off the earth, and defend themselves against all enemies---foreign and domestic.


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God Bless America and ALL Servicemembers...dead or alive!

Just couldn't have said it better...Peace be to all.