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 Ok Folks, you can say it happened here.  This fenced outdoor patio obstructing the public right of way has been discussed at several meetings and - as you can now see, YOU HAVE A CLEAR THOROUGHFARE.

Can we call it a victory, or is this just progress or maybe they are just losing ground.  Either way - the second gate is gone and you can get through with a wheelchair, a stroller or a wagon of little fellers.  Enjoy.

Somebody must have dropped a dime  - the gate left awfully fast.

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Gate gone on Oct 16

Hello Jerleen, 

When I went by last Friday PM the gate had been already removed at that time.  You could still see where the gate latch had been fastened to the brick on the face of the building.  

However, the fence post (in the center of your image above)  still encroaches on the public sidewalk and should be cut back a foot or more. 

best,  jeffb

Thanks Jeff, On Oct. 13, the

Thanks Jeff,

On Oct. 13, the gate was pushed back against the wall. And we also discussed the obstruction at the Tremont Traffic meeting on the evening of the 13th as well as at the OSS on Monday night.  I first noticed it being gone yesterday. So, regardless, it's gone and there is at least an unobstructed passage for those in a wheelchair to get through for the time being.

It still is not adaquate but people are not in danger of falling off the curb trying to maneuver around the light pole and the corner of the fence.  It's still progress.  More than we've had. 




it is a good start

Hopefully the rest will be removed. I still want to go with my wheelchair and check this out. If the fence doesn't come down, and we get a couple of inches or more of snow, the gate being removed isn't enough for a person in a wheelchair to navigate. But thanks for the good start.

Congratulations Real Tremont - look how much good you have done

We're nearing a year since Frank's house was demo'd and real Tremonters started organizing and communicating on REALNEO, and it seems there has been great progress regaining citizen control and bringing sanity to things there - things like this hazard being fixed is a great example of citizens solving problems in their neighborhoods, in the most civilized way... with words.

It is interesting to reflect on the unreal Tremonters who attacked the Real Tremonters when y'all first joined and organized on REALNEO.  Nearly a year later, look how much good you have done, and how wrong the haters were to hate.

Still, Frank is out in the cold and winter is coming

Anyone have an RV they need stored/parked/maintained?

Disrupt IT

frank & the year; winter

Norm, any feedback on an RV? Straw bale?  

Why not a straw bale? 

Why not a straw bale?  Maybe we can get Sudhir to help us build one that would be fit for Frank to live in.  It could be part of the sustainability effort that is being touted in Cleveland.  I would be willing to lend a hand helping to built it.  Would Frank like a straw bale home?   Can we do it? 

straw bale house for Frank

Can realneo coop help Frank? 

Someone (Norm?) posted a while back that he had a number of straw bales but not enough for a house and put out a request for more bales. That is why I was asking for an update. I don't have any idea of what all is involved in building a straw bale or any other house other than that permits are needed and this would entail a long battle with the City and the CDC.  There is also the question of foundation, and utility hook ups, licensed plumbers, electricians, etc. I guess what I am saying is that to do it within the scoop of the law is a lot of detail that would need to be worked out so that Frank doesn't lose a 2d home to a wrecking ball. On the other hand, you point out a really good thing: why not make this a city wide effort of new construction for a new century? I join you in asking can we do this? Where are the experts?

In the meantime, if the taxes don't get paid, there won't be any land to build anything on or even park a RV on for the winter or ever. Later the property maybe a place to park your car to visit a doctor at the new Cleveland Clinic Wellness Center with your insurance card and co-pay in hand. We all have posted on the injustice of what happened to Frank. Can we come together to make a difference? Can we change the ending of this story?

frank, home, and fundraising

 The house next to Frank's lot is boarded up. I thought that his mother lives there; I may be wrong. Does anyone know? Also, the anniversary is a great time to hold a brief vigil and a FUNDRAISER to help stave off the tax foreclosure. Is anyone interested? By interested, I mean to work on this.

the other house -

 I'm not sure Frank wants that info blogged.

I'm happy to help out, Debbie. As you know I'm a bit free -er these days (in a way).

Besides, I'd do just 'bout anything for that ole man... I love the fundraiser idea. if we have fun and raise a few bucks for Frank, its all worth it!

Frank giglio fundraiser

Yes, I am interested to help you work on Frank's fundraiser.   Please keep me posted.


There is not a contact section for you in realneo. Would you please e-mail me? Just click on my name and follow the prompts. Thanks. 

Do you think the city will

Do you think the city will allow you to park an RV there?  Personally I think it's a perfect spot for a nice little trailer.  Frank would have all the comforts of home.  He could build a porch and still have room for a yard and garden. 

Frank's house was demoed on Dec. 9 of last year and I do think that a fund raiser would be a really nice thing to do towards helping him get a new start.  Let me put my thinking cap on. 

Councilman Ciperman

 maybe a really rusted one would be ok. Ok, I am being cynical but I "foresee" sewer, water, sanitary issues in the future of any RV placed there. Houses are condemned for not having working electrical and water/sewer. Does anyone know the code for a non-construction trailer type of living? Would Councilman Ciperman have Frank's property excepted from the historic district? THAT is possible and it clearly states that a property can be excepted on the Landmark's Commission website. This would be a humane solution to the financial burden placed on an individual by the imposition of districting that is to preserve the brick and mortar of an area and makes it more likely that a house can be built, and of course to city code but without the restrictions of the historic district. 

Well, that shouldn't be a

Well, that shouldn't be a problem.  All you have to do is run some pipes and connect the RV to the water and sewer lines just like a house.  Same thing with wiring up for electricity.  RVs come with some type of sanitation disposal systems - otherwise they couldn't be used for cross country travel and  they can be plugged into electrical outlets or run off of batteries or generators.  Where there's a will there's a way. 

a will and a way

Let's find it.  

Norm, Deborah, Debra, I like

Norm, Deborah, Debra,

I like results.  I know if we decide that we want it to happen we can pull off a shebang and do something for Frank. 

I'm available for something - you ladies and gents let me know what and I'm in. 


I am up for this, I like simple low cost fundraising so that all funds raised go to the cause. I am not familiar with the tax foreclosure process. Does anyone know if the whole thing has to be paid, or will they take partial payments from the owners? I guess someone that knows Frank has to make sure that this is ok with him (small detail). It would be a shame to raise some funds and have it be too late or not accepted.

Also, maybe over the winter the quilting circle can make a justice quilt that we can auction off to raise some additional funds. 

My thoughts also.  i could

My thoughts also.  i could get Chuck to put something in the Plain Press for the Dec. Issue on a fundraiser for Frank.  lmiller might be the one to ask to see what the deadline is for paying the taxes.   What's wrong with his mother's house?  I see it boarded up.  Wouldn't that be a solution to fixing him a place to live? 

ask around

 Frank pops up every now and then.

I think a trailer would be PERfect!

A trailer would also be

A trailer would also be affordable and probably easier to raise funds for.

It also come complete with everything he would need.  Today Trailers come with all the amenities of home.  They come with fireplaces, and nice big tubs.  master baths, french doors, washer and dryers, hook 'em and put some really nice under - casing around the bottom and you're all laid out.


Hi Jerleen, I am working on

Hi Jerleen,

I am working on Frank's situation and trying to find out what needs to be done with the Board of Revisions to stop this.  I believe that they will take payments, according to Frank anyway.   I just got off the phone with Frank and he is most grateful for the fundraiser suggestion.  He desperately needs money to at least make a decent payment and then be put on a payment plan. 

Let's all keep in mind that Frank is homeless and has been for quite sometime.  Winter is going to be here soon.  The City of Cleveland Corrupt Building and Housing Department has been screwing with Frank since 1993 over this house.  At least two of the inspectors involved with Frank's house are now in prison convicted of taking bribes.  Tremont West never helped Frank with anything.  When I appeared in Housing Court with Frank a couple of years ago, one of the women from Tremont West was actually smirking and laughing at Frank.  Frank had a one million dollar bond for housing code violations.  Does this seem normal or fair to anyone?

I personally cleaned every square inch in Frank's house, so I know the condition of the entire home.  My nearly 11 years of working for Cleveland Housing Court, along with an ex-husband that was in housing construction and my love for older homes,  I think that my opinion of the condition of Frank's home is noteworthy.  Yes, he did have some housing violations like the majority of older homes, but the home was SOLID and had lots of beautiful woodwork and tile fireplaces.  Frank had an offer of $85,000 about two or three weeks prior to the demolition.  This was a historic home and should have never been demolished.  The Landmark Commission is supposed to preserve homes like these, but they only said," the property would continue to deteriorate if Frank continued to own this house."  Continue to deteriorate, but it was NOT deteriorated.  The houses across the street from Frank's, next to Grace Hospital, have been vacant and deteriorating for at least 20 years, but that's o.k.?   Frank was no longer living in his house, it was boarded up and all of the utilities were disconnected, just like the houses across the street, but it was still a danger?

Frank has been thrown in jail numerous times over this house.  According to Second District Police, they never had any trouble from Frank in the 20 some years that Frank owned this house.  They were NEVER called to Frank's house for any reason other than Building and Housing issues.  Frank and his dog was maced and one of the inspectors sprayed flea spray in the eyes of Frank's cat.

The City complained about the roof and Frank replaced it.  They complained about the paint on the house and Frank painted it.  They complained about the interior needing cleaning and he cleaned it.

I always thought of councilpersons as people that are elected to serve their ward.  They should assist all of their constituents, not just the ones with deep pockets.  In fact, they should assist people like Frank more than they do the business owners.   Same thing for Tremont West.   LAND STEALERS. Ride around this nasty city and see all of the vacant vandalized and truly blighted properties.  These are the houses that need demolition.  There are hundreds and hundreds of blighted properties that are magnets for criminals and unsafe.  Why are we wasting tax payer funds on tearing down historic owner occupied homes and making people homeless? Why is demolition so popular in Tremont?  Where did all of the old timers go?  Did the former owners go through similar situations?  

Frank asked the court and the city prosecutor to cc: me with all of the court filings, court dates, orders, etc., so that I can help him understand what was going on,  give him a ride to court, help him with the house, assist with court filings, etc., and they did for awhile.  They stopped notifying me shortly before the LandMarks Commission meeting and the actual demo.  I had no idea what was going on until days after the demo.  I took Frank to court many times and we tried to comply with everything that the court/city asked.

Corruption has taken over just about the entire city and county.   Everytime someone new is mentioned, charged or convicted, I hope and pray that the truth will come out about Frank's situation.  I have heard rumors and remain hopeful that they are true. 

Everyone, please consider teaming up to have Frank a fundraiser and putting an end to this continuing corruption.  We are supposed to look out for people like Frank. 




well put, lmiller

 thank you.


I've read on this site and others where there was a $1,000,000,000 cash bond for Frank Giglio imposed by housing court.  Truth and accuracy would require facts to support such a claim.  There is no truth or facts to support the claim.  Just because it gets posted cetainly doesn't mean it is fact.  Can someone just scratch the surface to see that?  Can someone show anyone where there ever was such a bond issued?  

The Truth









Tremont West is nothing but

Tremont West is nothing but the big bad wolf when it comes to taking people's "blighted" old homes.  By the way Debra, after a lot of bitchin' they finally took the word "blighted" out of the proposed changes to the Articles of Incorporation.  I guess they think we're supposed to be greatful that that small change. What happened to some of the other humanitarian services? 

That's a hUGe win

 Jerleen - the term "blight" is notorious as an ill-defined nebulous planning term that can be manipulated to meet one's agenda.

It is a tool of greed.

Well, I edited my statement

Well, I edited my statement - and took out the little win part - because they left every thing else the same.  I must have been editing Debra as you were posting.  Sorry.  I didn't want to make too much of it.

I wasn't told they took it out, I found it out when they post the final drafts on the Tremont West web site - I think day before yesterday.  Someone (I won't name) called me up and said I should look - "it's the powers of Jerleen."