CHN/EDEN Heroin Hotel number 10...Ready for Hillary.....

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Heroin Hotel #10 The Luther Allen mansion

The historic Luther Allen home (or what remains of it) is one of the few mansions left on Euclid Avenue from Cleveland's glory days. So quite naturally Rob Curry head honcho at CHN, Anthony Brancula, president of the Cuyahoga County Land Bank and Elaine Collins, federal funds funneler in chief at EDEN are seeking to demolish it using TAX DOLLARS to build HEROIN HOTEL #10 with $12 million MORE of YOUR tax dollars for construction alone. In April of 2016, OHFA declared CHN/EDEN were one of the winners of a pot of LIHTC to sell. Hitliary was a cinch to be elected. The partners were already drooling over the $500,000 in totally TAX FREE revenue, from our always benevolent Department of Housing and Urban Development, that the building would generate. And it would be right next to another Heroin Hotel making it more convenient for the police who are called constantly to break up fights between the heroin addicts and the mentally challenged adults that populate the building. The logic of placing the Heroin Hotels side by side is that staff could be shared. The "staff" consists of one security guard per 8 hour shift. Private investors would certainly be snapping up those dollar for dollar tax credits and construction would be underway WELL before November 8, 2016. It was ALL systems go for the construction of 60 ONE BEDROOM free furnished air conditioned apartments for 60 drug using SSI recipients. (Apparently studio apartments are no longer large enough for our unemployed homeless population) What could possibly go wrong? Well there is many a slip twixt cup and lip. And as of March 12, 2017 there is no sign of any construction. Not even a dumpster. Because LIHTC are now worth about 89 cents on the dollar. And with the corporate tax rate set for a big reduction, investors are looking elsewhere. So who actually owns 7609 Euclid?? There is an entry deceptively entitled "mortgage", on the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office page dated SEPTEMBER 10, 2015 . How weird right. CHN handing out a mortgage on a property in private ownership. But when you open the is IN REALITY a Memorandum of Purchase Agreement between the Cleveland Housing Network and Thurmond Gissentaner, owner of 7609 Euclid, signed by ROBERT S CURRY, Executive Director of CHN. So why is it called a mortgage? And THEN on February 17, 2016, the historic home passed from Mr. Gissentaner to......THE CUYAHOGA COUNTY LAND BANK. I'm confused. Is Robert Curry ALSO employed by the Land Bank? AND the Land Bank's OWN website states that the transfer is "pending". Does the Land Bank have unlimited funds to be buying up abandoned properties? They just bought a warehouse on Pearl Rd. for $250,000. Mr. Gissentaner was current on the property taxes, which will soon be eliminated as the property goes from Historic Home to Heroin Hotel, that pays ZERO in property taxes. And WHO paid Mr. GIssentaner? The Land Bank?? Cleveland Housing Network?? John Beresford Tipton?? AND HOW MUCH was he paid because that information is nowhere to be found. As of yesterday, March 12, 2017, the property was STILL sporting a For Sale sign.

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Who is "Hillary"?

 Who is the "Hillary" which is connected to the housing in Cleveland, Ohio?

JB - Low Income Tax Credits feed Dem-machine in CLE

Outfits like CHN were counting on the money train under Hillary - her administration had already promised sinecures to several local loyalists.  You can hate Donald Trump - but one positive upside of his presidency is the break-up of HUD-funded, social-engineered, kick-back schemes, like PSH housing.

This is the breakdown of HUD funds from the last cycle. City of Cleveland is in process of determining the next round 2017-2018 -after that federal funding will be dramatically cut - how would you shave these numbers?  How has this money already been spent? Ward by ward??



CDBG Program


Homeowners Rehabilitation Assistance (includes an estimated $500,000 in program income)

$ 1,726,566

Housing Trust Fund (includes an estimated $800,000 in program income)

$ 800,000

Code Enforcement

$ 419,000

Anti Predatory Lending

$ 97,416

Demolition/Board Up (includes an estimated $500,000 in program income)

$ 1,500,000

Public Services: AIDS Prevention

$ 309,393

Public Services: Third Party Not for Profit Organizations

$ 1,260,128

Public Services: Homeless Assistance

$ 623,454

Land Reutilization Activities

$ 1,536,908

Community Gardening

$ 126,057

Commercial Development: Storefront Renovation

$ 452,241

CDC Operating Support Grants (administrative support)

$ 1,135,739

Citywide Development Assistance Grants (administrative support)

$ 246,221

Neighborhood Development Activities

$ 7,600,000

Fair Housing

$ 85,950

Administration (Direct and Indirect)

$ 3,445,764

TOTAL CDBG (Includes $1,800,000 estimated program income)

$ 21,364,837

HOME Program (Housing Programs)


Homeowners Rehabilitation Assistance (includes an estimated $400,000 in program income)

$ 700,900

Housing Trust Fund

$ 2,165,852

CHDO Affordable Housing

$ 612,000

HOME Program Administration

$ 343,427

TOTAL HOME (includes an estimated $400,000 in program income)

$ 3,822,179

ESG Program Emergency Solutions Grant--rental assistance and shelters.



$ 1,808,259

HOPWA Program Programs for people with AIDS



$ 952,331

TOTAL, Estimated HUD FUNDING (2016-2017)

$ 27,947,606

(From Brian Davis -…/…/city-of-cleveland)

CHN-Eden Land Bank Fraud update

I called Columbus today- 80+ applications were received by OHFA - and CHN-Eden did submit an application - it will be on the website by March 24. 

This proposal is disastrous for everyone on the near west side - it condemns any tourism development to Old Brooklyn and the Metroparks Zoo. Business owners - McDonalds, Steve's Lunch and area gas stations are already burdened with panhandlers and drug dealers. McDonalds at Denison-Pearl is one of the top ($4M) revenue producers in our area serving residents and tourism traffic to the Metroparks Zoo. Business owners have reported drug dealers approaching families with children. We also have panhandling occurring from residents housed at the existing PSH South Pointe Commons. 

Yes- homelessness is a problem - and these individuals deserve help, but they are NOT getting it through the Emerald Alliance (CHN-Eden) - no one stays cooped up in their unit all day. They are free to come and go as they please. Many have unaddressed mental conditions and the complexes also admit sex offenders. It should also be noted that the CHN-Eden project proposed for vacant YMCA is now not just single room occupancy - they are proposed 1 bedroom units that could boost the total Section 8 supported population to over 160. If anyone is interested there is a petition against this proposal - please see is no reason why the Cuyahoga County Land Bank can not transfer the demolished YMCA to a hotel developer. CHN is not paying for the demolition - it will be demolished using County, City and federal funds.

Homelessness in Cleveland is BIG BUSINESS...

Leadership can play all the politics that they want to forever suck the nipple of the federal funds using this demographic group as a base.... it's big business to have the negative quotas----for the population... But what exactly is the change that is needed? Honestly; the political players don't care to their core; they just want quick fixes that are UNSUSTAINABLE over the duration.

So, after watching this game portrayed on the disadvantaged for generations without any serious CHANGE; what is the NEW RESOLUTION to these matters which are really going on in our community?

The same would apply to every demographically disadvantaged group in our area.... what's NEW, different, and robustly challenging the political players to make NEW BOLD CHOICES about effectively planning, providing safety nets, and creating a long term positive results based plan in all lanes? NOTHING.... same crap, different year... Until the leadership changes the mentality that the people are such pawns; no one at the bottom level will be motivated to change. IT's be the pawn or be the player... and people without resources are forced into corners from all of these challenges.. The legal system is a complete joke..... pay to play. So, no one protects them; they just USE them... SMH...


Always Appreciative,