Cleveland Mall Duct Tape Sculpture

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 10/12/2009 - 21:32.

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We need other voices engaged here to tell us about this installation. 

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What's the context?


What's the context with these objects?  Are these actual sculptures, if so, are they permanent...what's the scale in relation to the human viewer?  And if not actual, are they digital renderings...created by who, with what title,  in what particular setting?Eternity


Yeah, they're real 'sculptures', though I find them very strange. They are rather large, and much taller than a person standing next to them. I wondered what they were when I first saw them - I'm not really impressed to tell the truth.

Jeff Reding

I've been downtown after

I've been downtown after dark recently but don't remember seeing them lit up in any way.

Jeff Reding

Transformative Engagement

When we think of all the great civilizations like Africa's Egypt or Europe's Athens, we remember these places most for their architecture, design and prose.  Fine art, literature, design, arts and crafts, as well as agriculture and aquaculture, have always been the defining factors that measure human--civic success...greatness!  In acient times, it was that way then.  It still is now.  And yet, in most US cities, including Cleveland and Atlanta, cultural heritage tends to play second fiddle to capitalistic exploitation questing some impermanent fixation.

Symbols, artifacts and utilitarian accoutrements of a people--a society--should be seen not as options or idle flourishment, but vital lifelines integral to various strata within the human soul and psyche.  And when we come across something that we don't like or understand, instead of seeking its ruin, we might instead consider a moment of pause and reflection, investigating avenues of transformative engagement--collective sane betterment.


Verdant Walk

The project is a semi-temporary landscape / sculpture project put together by Cleveland Public Art.

Go to their website for more info:

You have to go under the completed projects tab, then its the third one down.

The project was designed by highly regard landscape architects Peter and Alissa North from Toronto.

And thats not duct tape, its solar panels that power the lights inside pieces at night.


Thanks for the info.

Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative

 Nice to have your input here--Please show up more often.  We need strong design dialogue.

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re installation

JR  Does anyone else think they look like wild cotton pods? To me they say something about the almost impossible lightness of being [I know that's not original! :)].