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Message from Councilman Cimperman:


Dear Friends:

I’m writing today to update you on a truly transformational event for the city of Cleveland happening next Thursday, May 7th.  After months of dedicated hard work and planning, we are welcoming the first day of Cleveland’s Domestic Partnership Registry!

We are anticipating hundreds of couples – gay and straight! – to come down to City Hall to declare their love and dedication to each other in this groundbreaking, pioneering, and open-to-all event.  This is a chance for all unmarried couples who share a residence to record their partnership and celebrate their commitment.  Please join me on the steps of City Hall at noon for this community gathering.

Registering is easy:

·         Beginning at 8 am on May 7th, you and your partner can register your relationship at City Hall (601 Lakeside Ave, Cleveland) using the attached form.  Please note that this form must be notarized; while there will be a notary available at City Hall on May 7th, we recommend completing and having notarized your registration beforehand in order to expedite the process.  Local banks, attorneys’ offices, etc, provide notary services to the public.

·         The fee for registering is $55, and cash, check, and credit/debit card will all be accepted as payment, although cash is preferred for the sake of speed.  Please note that if this fee is prohibitively expensive, contact me to discuss the possibility of other arrangements.

·         Red-shirted volunteers will be there to guide you through the process, from the time you arrive on the front steps of City Hall until you walk out with your domestic registry certification.  Also, due to the overwhelming response we are anticipating, there will be a dedicated security line at the front door of City Hall just for domestic registry participants.  Volunteers will provide wristbands to participants to access this line, located to the right of the main security checkpoint.

·         Parking will be in great demand around City Hall on Thursday, so I strongly recommend using the Muni Lot on Marginal Road.  Or, take advantage of the free RTA B-Line downtown trolley

Not only will May 7th be the first day for you and your partner to register your relationship, we also have events planned all day to celebrate you and all of the hard work that went into the Domestic Partnership Registry:

·         From 12 noon until 2:00 pm, a cross section of Northeast Ohio’s public and interfaith leaders will gather with couples, families and supporters on the front steps of City Hall to commemorate the spirit of the day, enjoy live music, and learn about exciting plans for future efforts.  Open to all, whether you are registering or not.

·         At 7 pm, join us at Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ in Tremont (2592 W 14 St) for a celebratory service and worship.

·         A festive gathering at Bounce/Union Station (2814 Detroit Ave) following the service to cap off the day’s events.

If you and your partner intend on registering next Thursday, and I sure hope you do, I would only ask one thing of you in advance­: Please visit the website of our partner in this effort, the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland, to RSVP.  Simply visit [] to sign-up. And even if you’re not planning on registering, it would be great if you could forward this email to anyone you think might be interested in taking part!

I hope you are as excited as I am for next Thursday.  Your support and participation will make this a day of love, commitment, and companionship unseen before in Cleveland!


Joe Cimperman

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ward13 [at] clevelandcitycouncil [dot] org


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What are benefits of being in a partners registry?

What are the benefits of being in a partners registry?   Legal, IRS, health, City, County, inheritance - how is the registry helpful?

Why is Cimperman actively supporting this registry?  

My problem with a registry is that it is a distraction from just plain same sex marraige.   

What are the political dynamics at work in Cleveland?


the benefits aren't big, but they aRe large...

 I think the registry is a step in the right direction. Granted, its not legal marriage, but it does have advantages. 

One - many employers offer domestic partner benefits. The registry provides an easier way to comply with the requirements and helps to prevent abuse of the offer.

Two - it will facillitate the process for same sex couples who want to foster or adopt children.

Three - it provides an alternative for opposite sex couples who may not want to  enter into a contract with the state as Lord.  Some people find legal marriage unethical, but are in a life commitment with their partners. The registry may ease problems they encounter when dealing with a society that has a hard time accepting independent thinkers living in a dedicated and committed relationship.

But I think overall the most important benefit is couples who either choose to reject legal marriage under the eyes of the state (and the state's accompanying DicKtates) or couples who are denied legal marriage because one of them isn't the "appropriate" gender now have a alternative. Perhaps they will also now have greater "legitmacy" in the eyes of society as well?

I don't think it can hurt and it is a step in the right direction, given the polemic tone the neocons have infused into our politics.

One down, two to go

Jeff B,

I think in an ideal world we'd have 3 options available to all people: 1) Domestic partner registry for committed couples who for a variety of reasons don't want to be married. 2) Civil unions for all couples who don't want to be married in a faith-based organization. 3) Faith based marriages of all people recognized by the city, state and federal governments. 

I see the domestic partner registry not as a distraction, but as an essential part of the options I'd like to see available to Clevelanders. 


Partner registry

  How does this help the folks who go down and register?  Can any one spell it out?  Other than symbolism, what does it achieve other than generating some license fee income for the City of Cleveland?  Sorry to be such a cynic, but I am tired of symbolism.

$ 55.00 a couple fee -should be free

$ 55.00 a couple fee - should be free -

anyone what to get married - i haven't charged a penny in any of my marraiges-

yogi guy

State Issue 1

  Stripped domestic partner rights from Ohio residents working for state agencies.

State Issue 1  (Passed November 2, 2004)

Be it Resolved by the People of the State of Ohio:

That the Constitution of the State of Ohio be amended by adopting a section to be designated as Section 11 of Article XV thereof, to read as follows:

Article XV Section 11. Only a union between one man and one woman may be a marriage valid in or recognized by this state and its political subdivisions. This state and its political subdivisions shall not create or recognize a legal status for relationships of unmarried individuals that intends to approximate the design, qualities, significance, or effect of marriage.

Reported around the world, this legislation shows Ohio as a state that refuses civil rights to our citizens. 


I agree with Jeff's questions:

What are the benefits of being in a partners registry?   Legal, IRS, health, City, County, inheritance - how is the registry helpful?

Why is Cimperman actively supporting this registry?  

My problem with a registry is that it is a distraction from just plain same sex marraige.   

What are the political dynamics at work in Cleveland?

We have no civil rights in Ohio until the state legislation is amended. 

(And in my opinion, the registry is a political stunt...)


some remain, despite issue 1

actually some of them have retained their domestic partner benefits, despite Issue 1.

Most of them are state, some are larger private. The determining factor (as I am told) is whether they are willing (and able) to fight a challenge should it come up. But, many have kept them on their books.

Personally, I prefer the registry over full "legal" marriage.

A controversial topic, but new ground is breaking



 Don't you think that it sad for folks to have to "camouflage" themselves to conform to state rule?  And "registration" just scares the hell out of about just acknowledging our shared humanity? 

Afterall, as it currently stands in Ohio, you have more rights as a human being recognized in a state of marriage.  You have the right to confer medical benefits to your partner.  We deny these rights to domestic partner relationships, whether homosexual or heterosexual.  It is not right to deny this right to everyone.

which is one of the reasons

some opposite sex couples choose not to legally marry.

You can acquire many of the legal benefits, but you have to file proper legal documents.

Yes, it sucks, but that doesn't make the registry bad. In fact, for those not married the registry can be very helpful. Thats just my opinion. If my opinion were Lord, anyone could marry, polygamy and polyandry would be allowed, if desired, and you would also be allowed to marry a corporation - just as a sarcastic fuck you to the crazed and greedy capitalists who have made corporations the legal equivalent of humans in many ways. that idea is borrowed from my daughter, btw, my first indication that i had raised her right.



yogi guy


 I'll spell out advantage 1:

say you work for xsu university. they offer domestic partner benefits. in order to prevent abuse of the provision, they require a certain level of proof to avail yourself of the benefits. the registry provides that.

there's others - like hospitals, etc... but i don't think it takes too much to figure it out. instead of just being some couple saying you are domestic partners, you have notarized certification of such - and say in two years from now, it will legally document that the relationship has been in place for two years.. it simply makes it easier for the couples and for the institutions. it helps to make it legitimate.


Thanks Dbra.  You have more experience in this arena than I do and I trust that your take on the registry is a good one.  I looked over Cleveland Heights registry form.  Cleveland passed the legislation in December 2008--several council opposed--and worth noting these council names  (Funny, I thought Santiago introduced the legislation--article cites Cimperman).

Cleveland council votes to enact domestic partner registry for gay, straight couples

Tuesday, December 09, 2008
Henry J. Gomez
Plain Dealer Reporter

Still, I am curious to know how local hospitals currently address domestic partner relationships and local universities like CSU, Case and Kent State?  I would like to see a copy of how the provision looks and some assurance that it will have some valid application at these institutions.  This is a good discussion to have here at REALNEO.  If the registry convinces good folk to relocate and do business in Cleveland, then I am in favor of the effort.  I hope it really amounts to change, but I remain cynical about Cimperman's involvement.

NYT ran a good piece recently--