Cuyahoga Corruption-same as it ever was...

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Nothing changes in Cuyahoga County.  Corruption continues unabated.

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Cuyahoga County CORRUPTION same as it ever was

Karen Farkas....Pivot...Pivot...Pivot... they're STILL fucking crooks.


What happened to the unspent $60.1 million bond funds?

In 2015, the county transferred $10 million from the emergency operations center fund and $14 million from the data center project to a demolition fund.

.."a demolition fund" mention of the sick outfit known as the Cuyahoga County Land Bank...

Editor's note: A new version of this story with clarifications was published on Thursday, Jan. 4.  County officials clarified remarks that had left the erroneous impression that they first became aware in 2017 that money from a 2014 bond sale had not been spent.