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family life inside cuyahoga county cleveland ohio house

When I walked by the house with the blue roof tarp, I had the thought that if there was a family inside, they were tight knit.  Sort of like living on a farm where everybody pitched in to keep out the rain.
When I walked by the white house, I thought that if there were a family inside the feelings between family members would be more remote. No need to work together, just hire it done.  
The white house is pretty slick, but I was attracted to the blue tarp house.  Weird, huh?



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    Dog that lives in



Dog that lives in first home:



Dog from second home:

I do not find myself overly affectionate for either dog, kind of feel sorry for both of them.



  The first home make me


The first home make me think of a poor mountaineer that could barely keep his family feed. Then one day as he was shooting at some food up from the ground came a bubbling crude. Then having that crude he bought the home on the right. But he never really fit in to the neighborhood did he?