First they ignore you

Submitted by theNewScapeGoat on Thu, 05/05/2011 - 03:14.

It goes back to the 'first they ignore you...' line of thinking.
knowing TPTB, numbers must be in the millions rather than the hundreds of thousands in order to generate this sort of response. I consider this to be a panic response. 
Notice how they automatically classify anyone who thinks along those lines as the 'enemy'. Notice the point of view that it is being written from. It is not journalism. It is not merely being reported on. It is being targeted and denigrated by the media.
You are not being given facts with which to make up your own mind, you are being sold a new enemy and being taught how to think about that enemy.
As more and more people extract themselves from the system, the system becomes weaker and must act. It acts by chastising and demonizing those who fight it. It must also squeeze those who remain a little tighter in order to extract an extra drop of blood to make up for what is being lost by the newly awakened.
Many ask, 'How do you break the matrix?... Do you do it from within or can it be fought from the outside?'.
The answer is simple. You can't break it from inside or outside. What you can do is capitalize on every flaw in the system. Stress and extend it into areas it was not designed to go. All the while, stop funding it as much as possible. 
When more is coming out of the system than is going in, it will collapse upon itself and all those dependent on it will then turn against it.
And that's when you duck.
I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...


This is in response to the mainstream media's attacks on non-violent freedom loving people.