If only I could paint....!

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 11/09/2013 - 21:59.


Now there are not too many things other people have that I am jealous of or covet...

I can wield a camera around pretty handily, but, I certainly wish I could paint like Jane.

This is a painting of her veterinarian - with a small Norman Rockwell imitation scene thrown in at the lower RH corner right in front of the pointing hand .


Those dots of colored pigment on her pallet? Turned into an image better than any photograph.

How does she do it?

in the DNA

I'm convinced.

As an adult, have you ever made a painting?

please tell us about your experience

Mr. Rockwell had an accurate eye for animals (and the red haired boy's feelings) , here's another of his veterinarian paintings:


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TY JeffB - beautiful images

I wish I could paint, too - there is so much more to a painting - that keeps the person alive.  Princess Diana's brother mentioned that he lives with all of his relatives as they watch him in their grand old estate in England.  The ancestors :)