If someone dies - blame Tony Brancatelli

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To:Anthony Brancatelli

Apr 24 at 8:54 AM 

What is the date?  I asked you for a date at the March Southwest Citizen's meeting.  Your response was "shortly."  There are witnesses to confirm that you did not give a date.  
The YMCA property transferred to the Cuyahoga County Land Bank in 2015.  Since then, we have endured heroin addicts and transients living in the building, constant graffiti, a FIRE in 2017, and now, we are going into a third summer. Teens are going in and out of this building.  It is not secured. 
Asbestos has been removed. What is holding up this demolition and on what exact date will it come down?  
On Sunday, April 22, 2018, 11:50:05 PM EDT, Anthony Brancatelli <abrancatelli [at] clevelandcitycouncil [dot] org> wrote:
Ms. McShane
Thank you for your concern regarding the YMCA building.  As you know, this demolition in on schedule as outlined in our public meetings.  I appreciate your concern for our community and your support of the work I am accomplishing and our neighborhood.
Thanks again
Tony Brancatelli

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Dear Ms. Conwell,
Under a separate communication, I raised concern about FrontLine services listed on the Emerald Alliance application for the proposed PSH housing at 3873-3881 W.25/Pearl Rd.
Today, I am writing you to ask that the Cuyahoga County Land Bank must immediately demolish the property as a public nuisance hazard. Recently, the City of Cleveland used general revenue funds to demolish the Swift and Co. building on W. 65th St.  The project was billed as a "safe routes to school" demolition.  
The YMCA building presents a clear and present danger to school children in the Brooklyn Centre neighborhood.  Furthermore, I would like to know who holds the insurance on this building?  Does the Cuyahoga County Land Bank assume responsibility for any crimes and injuries that occur on their property?  
As you know, I work with families with children in the Brooklyn Centre neighborhood.  I hear frequent concerns about activity in and around the YMCA building.  

With summer approaching, it is imperative to remove this blighted property, immediately.
Thank you for your prompt response to this matter.
Laura McShane
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When the Land Bank is the slum landlord...


Mayor Jackson,
Residents in the Brooklyn Centre neighborhood are dealing with a vacant property that has been in the possession of the Cuyahoga County Land Bank since 8/2105, and the "owner" refuses to address hazardous conditions posed by daily trespassers to the site and the buildings. Arson took place on the property in 2017 and the buildings need to be demolished for the health and safety and welfare of our community.
I am asking the City of Cleveland to immediately take back the properties from the Cuyahoga County Land Bank for transfer to the City of Cleveland Land Bank for immediate demolition.  Residents can not have one more summer with this hazard in our community.
Thank you,
Laura McShane

Who is getting the demo contract?? #mob


From: Joan Mazzolini [mailto:jmazzolini [at] clevelandcitycouncil [dot] org] 

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Subject: Long Vacant YMCA to be Razed



Long Vacant YMCA to be Razed


Cleveland (June 6, 2018) – Council members Anthony Brancatelli and Kevin Kelley, joined by MetroWest Development Corp., will hold a watch party from 9 am to 10 am Thursday, June 7th for the demolition of the long vacant Brooklyn YMCA building.


Opened in the 1950s, the YMCA closed the facility in September 2006. Since its closing, a use or reuse of the property has been a source of discussion in the city's Brooklyn Centre neighborhood.


Since 2010, the property has passed in and out various company ownerships. In 2014, the city condemned the building and a year later it was taken over by the Cuyahoga County Land Reutilization Corp.


The demolition is being done by the County Land Bank. The adjacent warehouse will be demolished soon after.


CHN Housing Partners. EDEN, Inc. is planning to build permanent supportive apartments under the Housing First Initiative. The nearly $13 million new apartment building, to be completed by 2020, and will have 71 units.


WHO: Council members Tony Brancatelli, Kevin Kelley, MetroWest and County Land Bank officials  


WHAT: Brooklyn YMCA demolition watch party, with refreshments


WHEN: 9 am to 10 am Thursday, June 7, 2018


WHERE:  Pearl Ave (West 25th ) and Selzer Ave in the Brooklyn Center neighborhood, just east of the Y.


Contact: Ricardo Leon, MetroWest, 216-961-9073 x272




Joan Mazzolini

Chief of Communication

Cleveland City Council


216.857.7037 c

jmazzolini [at] clevelandcitycouncil [dot] org


Long watch party

8 weeks to demo

Baumann is a crook and CHN-Eden and Brancatelli are crooks


CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The former chief of the city of Cleveland's demolition bureau was charged Friday with soliciting and taking thousands of dollars in bribes from contractors in exchange for a leg up in obtaining city jobs, federal prosecutors say.

Rufus Taylor, 60, is charged with bribery in a federally funded program, and extortion. The charges against him were filed via a criminal information, which usually means a plea agreement is forthcoming.




Mike Dodig operates the track excavator for Baumann Enterprises, Inc., from Garfield Heights, who is doing the demolition of the old Brooklyn YMCA structure on West 25th Street and Selzer Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio, on June 7, 2018. Demolition of the building, vacant since 2006, was the first step in construction of permanent supportive housing under the Housing First Initiative, with a completion date in 2020. (Chuck Crow/The Plain Dealer).  SEE:



“Who has been in the demolition business who hasn’t been indicted and gone to jail?” Mr. Schwab asked.

My comments to PD article:

I have been petitioning to have this building torn down since April this year- after three years of the Cuyahoga County Land Bank sitting on the property to benefit a scheme that was hatched in collusion with council reps going back to time that Rokakis served as County Treasurer. The Plain Dealer has consistently overlooked Rokakis' dirty dealings and never once questioned why, for years, he never filed a foreclosure case against the straw buyer Robert McCall who purchased the building from YMCA for a ridiculous $125K. No one at PD bothers to examine the operations of the Cuyahoga County Land Bank, ostensibly led by Gus Frangos, Rokakis' buddy from Tremont days, and chaired by the slimy Anthony Brancatelli (featured in your photo spread). Your reporters should be investigating EDEN. EDEN fraudulently uses a tax exempt status on their properties and in partnership with Cleveland Housing Network, now rebranded Cleveland Housing Partnership- all of their current PSH schemes are falsely listed as tax exempt to maximize their profit on the HUD monies they collect from their tenants. You might also look into the history of Baumann as a demolition contractor. All of this is public record - and you should be able to find the information to show how immoral this project is to the Brooklyn Centre neighborhood. 
BTW - Claude Foster, who was an entrepreneur born and raised in the Village of Brooklyn later incorporated into the City of Cleveland- donated the money to YMCA to start what was a true effort to combat homelessness through Single Room Occupancy and restoring mental and physical capacity through exercise. The YMCA housed men- it stands for Young Men's Christian Association. "It was founded on 6 June 1844 by George Williams in London and aims to put Christian principles into practice by developing a healthy "body, mind, and spirit". These three angles are reflected by the different sides of the (red) triangle—part of all YMCA logos."

Keisha Gonzalez bails front CDC for Detroit Shoreway


"Honestly, it was one of those things," she says. "You learn about CDCs in college and you think that sounds horrible, I never want to work there. But then I started with community organizing here. I knew the streets. I knew the people. It took serving my people to realize it's something I really wanted to do. I realized I was the happiest when my skills and talents were serving the people around me, the people that raised me."



Hello Dane,

I encourage you to invite Council representative Jasmin Santana to your June meeting.  As we discussed at the last meeting, Southwest Citizens is not limited to Ward 13 and- the association extends to everyone in Brookyn Centre. 
I have asked the Council Representative Santana to transfer funding services for the Brooklyn Centre portion of her ward to Old Brooklyn CDC.  I know you have concerns about Metro West, too.  So, I am letting you know that pretty much everyone at MW has jumped ship.  Keisha Gonzalez has lined up something with the Cleveland Fd, Hilda Abreu has joined HUMADOP - there is no one really left to support services. And, Kris Harsh was ejected from the last SWC meeting.  Some one named Ricardo Leon will be the new director - if both the council people insist on funding this dysfunctional organization. Metro West Community Development Organization | New website coming soon  Then, Mr. Leon needs to present to SWC, too.  In any case, residents deserve to see how BOTH council reps intend to allocate CDBG funds and NDA funds in their wards.  I have asked Council Rep Santana for transparency in her budget reporting and I hope that Council Rep Brancatelli will also be forthcoming with his budget.

Metro West Community Development Organization | New website coming soon


The mission of Metro West Community Development Organization is to revitalize our neighborhoods, celebrate our h...