Join Us For Buy Nothing Day

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Join Us For Buy Nothing Day - Friday, November 28.

Join Us For Buy Nothing Day - Friday, November 28
We Can Do It

coming. Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year.
Last year, the weekend after Thanksgiving alone, Americans spent nearly
28 BILLION DOLLARS shopping. Stop the madness before it starts by
celebrating Buy Nothing Day on Friday, November 28th with New American Dream.

You're free
Next Friday, resist the pressure to consume and assert your freedom to do anything other than shop. Send us a picture or story about your alternative activities for Buy Nothing Day, or any day throughout the holiday season.

Our booklet is free, too
If you're in a holiday mood, start off your season on the right foot with a free download: our revised Simplify the Holidays booklet.

Do we need to consume to jump start the economy?

if she didn’t cause the problem, can the heroic consumer can still save
the day, as she has in recent recessions? Not this time around.

-- Dr. Juliet Schor, economist, on Forget commercialism! The new realities of consumption and the economy.

usual holiday ads telling us to consume are tinged with a civic message
this year: spending our scarce dollars is the only thing that will
patch up our economy. Or is it?

Dr. Juliet Schor, an economist, author, professor at Boston College, and Co-Chair of the New Dream Board, discusses why spending isn't the answer to our economic problems as a guest blogger.

Read why the green movement should take "reduce" as the most important call from the "reduce, reuse, recycle" trio of priorities.

Volunteer: Buy Nothing, Give Something, Get Something
We Can Do It

budgets tight all around, charitable donations are expected to go down
this year. That's why it's all the more important to skip the mall with
its false promises of holiday cheer and head out to volunteer instead.
We have some ideas for fun, free, and educational service opportunities in your community.

people get the blues every holiday season, and with the gloomy economic
climate many may be veering into a deeper shade of blue this year. When
you volunteer, you focus on what you can do--which is good for you and the economy. Read in our blog about shopping malls, volunteerism, and connectedness and take our volunteer poll.

Giving Thanks with a Slow Meal
We Can Do It

some other holiday celebrations, Thanksgiving is unapologetically all
about food, and plenty of it. It's possible to enjoy a bountiful meal
with family and friends without it being at the expense of the earth's

1. Start by slowing down your own celebration. Read about the Slow Foods movement and how a slower Thanksgiving meal can be the start of a closer relationship with your guests and the earth.

2. Cut your carbon impact. Buy at least one locally grown item for your Thanksgiving feast.

Taking It One Step Further
Simplify the Holidays

If you really want to take a public stand for slow food, organize your own Eat-In.
Gather to share a meal you have prepared with others; celebrate the
people who grow, produce, sell and cook our food; and demonstrate that
good, clean and fair food is our common language and a universal right.

There are so many worthwhile ways to celebrate what really matters. Share photos and anecdotes from your activities with New Dream.


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