ODOT Determination to Noise Barrier Number #3 Tremont - Westside of Innerbelt Highway South of New Bridge

Submitted by Henry Senyak on Fri, 10/23/2009 - 00:54.

Please review the following PDF documents made available to me from ODOT District 12.

ODOT has informed Public Officials that no noise walls will be constructed in the first innerbelt bridge phase 1.

This is specific to the west side of the highway in Tremont from University Ave. to the north and Branch Ave. to the south.

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My advice to everyone is

My advice to everyone is never buy a home that is adjacent to a freeway, the noise is constant and very unsettling.  I have learned this from experience as I live adjacent to IR 71 between W. 25th and Fulton.  I hope anyone reading this will heed this advice and spare yourself unneeded stress from constant noise.  I wouldn't rent a home in those areas either, the noise really is unhealthy.

Transforming NEO

Ward14--we are all going to have to change our quality of life in the City of Cleveland, if we are going to survive past 2012-- and that includes abandoning personal automobiles.  Alternative transportation, quality of life and restoring natural hydrology and ecology to Northeast Ohio and a semblance of community has not been the priority.

Instead,  local leadership, if you can call it that, would have select "urban" neighborhoods, designated SII communities survive, while the rest of us fight to feed ourselves.  Suburban/exurban communities will assume our water, utility and transporation infrastructure and wall off the abandoned outcasts in the forgotten realms of the city, allowing those streets and homes to return to the nature they tout as Sustainable Cleveland in some perverted "survival of the fittest" scenario.

This is insane.  Residents pay taxes for basic city services--these services should not be denied to some, while supplementing others--but that is exactly what our leadership in NEO has proposed.

You are one of many residents, who have been written off.  We need to stop fighting over the crumbs.  We need to fight for our rights.



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