Mayor Jackson visits Old Brooklyn Community Gardens

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 08/15/2009 - 17:53.

There may be several avenues available in pushing Cleveland ahead.  

One might be to run against Mayor Frank Jackson. 

Another might be to be hired by Mayor Frank Jackson - and rock the boat!

Wouldn't that be cool!

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Nice photo of Frank Jackson

  I still want to like Frank Jackson...nice photo.  I like the sun dappled effect and the mosaic of color. 

I spent the day at Art House and swimming at Meyer and Lincoln Pool.  More later.  Kudos to Amy Craft and her new board for their community outreach efforts and the substantial programming offered.  So REALNEO.

I like the photo of Mayor

I like the photo of Mayor Frank Jackson.  But I have one suggestion.  Remove the chain.  It gives the impression that he is chained to the status least that is the idea that came to my mind when I noticed the chain in the photo.  Could that chain be telling us all something?

What direction Cleveland - and how

What direction - and how fast, and with who helping you -  would you take Cleveland if Mayor Jackson, re-elected and off on the golf course for a year or two, made you his charge d'affaires?

Jeff was your question

Jeff was your question directed at me? 

I would like to see a few issues addressed to help make Cleveland a better place to live.  First I would hire a team of workers who would go out into the community, all areas not just select revitalization areas or whatever they are called, but all areas and clean up....mow the grass, pull the weeds, trim the bushes, edge the lawns, pick up the trash, plant some trees in the treeless areas, patch the sidewalks that are broken and cracked or replace them.  Second I would hire a team of educators to go into all the public schools in Cleveland and find out why the children are not learning, why are they not passing the achievement tests, why are so few attending college. Third I would find a way to teach the children that would be successful...perhaps using technology to enhance learning opportunities and perhaps offering some incentive for progress such as food vouchers or entertainment vouchers or clothing vouchers.  Something that would motivate them to learn.  Fourth, find a way to bring good paying jobs back to the area, jobs with benefits.  Fifth, I would try to find a way to stop dividing people by color, nationality, class, etc.  perhaps by the discontinuation of programs that focus only on one group of people, such as all rich people can live in this area, hispanics in that area, blacks in another area.  (I know this is not done openly but the end result sure seems to indicate that it is done in some situations) Sixth, start putting some money into preventing problems such as deteriorating housing instead of waiting until an area is a slum before anything is done. Seventh, police protection is mandatory as is adequate EMS service and firefighters (and they have to have respect for the community and the people who live in the community - no bad attitude against the residents).  Eighth, get rid of the illegal drugs that are killing our youth and our community; longer sentences for drug offenses, not necesarily in prison but in a rehab facility for a long enough time to kick the habit. Ninth, tighter enforcement of the current gun laws, to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and youths.  Tenth, build good, sturdy, affordable housing or rehab existing housing - and help new home owners, or for that matter all homeowners  learn how to maintain their homes and property or perhaps have a city maintenance crew that would help keep the housing in good repair (this would also be helpful to the elderly that can no longer do the work themselves) ; thus helping prevent blight and slum like conditions. (also would create jobs).

I know all this would take money, time, and commitment.  But just imagine a community like this one.

You think the chain in the Mayor's image was accidental?

 At least it isn't directly around Mr. Mayor's neck.  Photoshop could have done that but I didn't go there.

Truth be told, I tried to lower the camera angle to lose the plastic chain, but with the Old Brooklyn folks in the chairs in front of me I couldn't get the camera down low enought and still see the Mayor.  I probably took 40 shots from this angle of the Mayor.   I was about 30 feet away from him. 

So the chain wasn't absolutely intentional, but it isn't a feature of the image which is incongrous or out of character/place either. 

Who is the chain?

Ken Silliman? (scroll down, please)

Notice anything peculiar about the head shots on the site?  Fairly repressentative of the NEO/Cleveland area?  


You will know what I'm refering to here.   And this is possible a crux of our NEO problem.

LOL!  Chains. Not really

LOL!  Chains. Not really funny but I found it humorous.

So, if not Frank Jackson for mayor.  Who? 

What about Brown? 


Hey Jeff

 Hello Jeff:

I think you've taken a good photo of our esteemed mayor.  what exactly did you talk about when you approached him with your ideas?


Mayor and political chains


Hello John McG, and Ward14Res, and everyone,
When the Mayor was cooperating by holding nice and still (so the image didn’t blur) under the big Brooklyn Oak tree with dappled morning sunlight pouring through, I was thinking of the expression, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”.    
I haven’t approached the Mayor with any ideas – I don’t think the Mayor has   the political space -  “wiggle room” - to move in a citizen/environment/trickle-up  direction.   His endorsement of Mr. Santiago is an example of the very short leash the Mayor has to put up with.  
But I think Mr. Jackson will be re-installed as Mayor. 
So, practically, we will be working with him.  
And Ward14Res, I wasn't directing the question at anyone in particular, just trying to start a strategy/idea discussion. - like you provided with your well considered list of 10 civic improvements.
You never know who reads this stuff and whether or not they may be interested in, and in a position to, amplify the discussion here on Realneo. 


Thanks Jeff for your

Thanks Jeff for your thoughtful comments.

I completely agree that the politics in this town are heavy and ruinious to our future.  Can we begin to put an end to said politics through direct communication with our elected/appointed leaders?  I'm almost thinking along the lines of conflict resolution/mediation.

You said: "I haven’t approached the Mayor with any ideas – I don’t think the Mayor has   the political space -  “wiggle room” - to move in a citizen/environment/trickle-up  direction."

I may agree with you, but I strongly believe you should approach the mayor and gently engage him in a conversation about why he endorsed Councilman Santiago. I was not aware of this endorsement and do not agree with it.  However, Mayor Jackson is more approachable than ANY mayor I've ever seen and is a human being who seems to truly think about issues,  causes, effects, etc. in a logical way while still being able to see the human side.  Thus why not engage him on the topic of why he chose to endorse Santiago and how you/we believe such a move is not in the best interests of this city.

btw, hope you are well.