A More Perfect Union-Woodland Cemetery June 2012

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Thank you today for a beautiful ceremony and a great family event. For all history buffs--Woodland Cemetery is a must visit destination. The Woodland Cemetery Foundation and today's volunteers put together a very special and touching family event.

1:00 Registration
2:00 Welcome and Introductions of Community Educators and Sponsors
2:10 Overview of Woodland Cemetery : Michelle A. Day, President, Woodland Cemetery Foundation
2:15 Invocation: Rev. Dr. Taylor Thompson, Pastor, St. John African American Methodist Episcopal Church and Contemporary Chorus
2:30 Unveiling of the United States Colored Troops Civil War Monument by Johns-Carabelli Co.
2:45 History Challenge Scavenger Hunt: Dr. Dorothy Salem
2:45-4:30 Bookmark check-off
4:30 Raffle


Retired Tri-C History Professor Dr. Dorothy Salem puts context to memorial

Discovering that Roots Run Deep

Reenactors Elisa Hanna and Patricia Bader Davey portray the life of Sara Lucy Bagby Johnson

Featured grave sites and tributes:

John Brown (Sec 10)
Robbie Brown (Sec C-3)
Eliza Bryant (Sec 40)
Carrie & William Clifford (Sec 43)
James Gayle (Sec 7)
Grand United Order of Odd Fellows (Sec 14)
John P. Green (Sec 49)
Samuel C. Green (Sec 64)
Sara Lucy Bagby Johnson (Sec D-3)
Robert Lipscomb (Sec B-2)
United States Colored Troops (BCW Monument)
Rev. Hiram Wilson (Sec 21)

 Community Activist Bob Render explains the origin of Labor Day

Woodland Cemetery Foundation provided a great family scavenger hunt challenge--to collect bookmarks on the significant African-Americans featured today.



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