Is neighborhood graffiti the same as neighborhood broken windows? JAMES Q WILSON passes at 80

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 Is Wilson's "broken window" theory actually a productive policing tactic?

Is the  "broken window" theory the same as "zero tolerance"?

Is graffiti the same as a broken window?

What defines our community?  Do youths or adults do it?  Definition that is...

Avi Friedman postulates that sense of place is defined by idiosyncratic creative efforts.

In Tujuana, Mexico, Mr. Friedman comments that painted tires created and defined a healthy neighbor hood.

When you don't have money - how is your neighborhood distinquished?

Graffiti? Broken Windows? 

Painted tires for sure.

I've been there.   I liked it.

Here's a  quote from the zero tolerance wikipedia page:

According to scholars, zero tolerance is the concept of giving carte blanche to the police for the inflexible repression of minor offenses, homeless people and the disorders associated with them.[9][10][11] A well known criticism to this approach is that it redefines social problems in terms of security,[12] it considers the poor as criminals, and it reduces crimes to only "street crimes", those committed by lower social classes, excluding white-collar crimes.[13]

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Tagging COSH

Jeff--I know that you and Norm got into graffiti--so you are probably excited to find out that someone is spraying my neighborhood with the tag COSH...

I just wish these boys would do their male thing in Bentleyville or Aurora..

From TWDC email: "Clark Adkins and Russell Sanderson gave a public apology in front of a room filled with over 30 people on May 7th. Their apology was sincere and well received. On the morning of May 8th, the Adkins and Sanderson again went before Judge Moore and pled guilty to Vandalism and Spray Painting misdemeanor charges. They were each sentenced to probation and 250 hours community service for their crimes. This is a very satisfying sentence. Big thanks to all those in our community who vigilantly worked to make this happen."

 These "boys" can do their community service in my neighborhood....I can't imagine that they have repaid the 250 hours of service, yet...