The Once and Future Mayor

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East Cleveland was the home of the richest man in the world - John D. Rockefeller.  Only in Cleveland would the mob take this real estate and make it the rock bottom by design.

"everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die, first" 

Eric J. Brewer doesn't spare a punch : 

Y'all probably wondering why I published Forest City's Sam Miller's picture. Keep reading. Hey Sam. It's been a few years since I was in your office with Lou Reyes. You couldn't invest a dime in East Cleveland. Thanks for fucking us on the Huron Hospital closing.

The days of affordable health care are a reality of Ohio law pursuant to R.C. 749.01 if Cleveland residents decide they want it. $50 a year on a $50,000 house. It's been on the books as a gift to Ohio citizens since October 1, 1953 as the work of two of the city's more thoughtful mayors: Harold Burton and Frank Lausche.

Under a "municipal" hospital employee wages are controlled by council's salary ordinances. Medical procedures are done at cost and not for profit. You won't get $350,000 a year vice presidents; $1 million a year heads of security like Gordon Snow; and no $3 million a year hospital presidents. The highest paid employee won't make any more than the mayor ... by ordinance.

Cleveland Clinic is the mafia. Medial Mutual, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio ... mob controlled. One of the Clinic's board members is a former mafia shooter. One of its legal board members works for a mob-connected law firm. That shit didn't die. They reinvented. Medical care is the new racket.

Jackie Presser took $2 billion in Teamster pension funds and invested it in Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio. It's detailed to some extent in the late Ken Seminatore's civil claim against his law partner, John Climaco. They were getting $1 million in monthly retainers. Ken didn't get his real cut.

Presser also took another $2 billion and invested it in Bank One when they had about 4 branches. They took over the bank. Climaco's firm got another $1 million in monthly retainers from that deal, too. I used to work with his former bodyguard, Tony Hughes. Tony owned "The Forge" party center. Black folk flooded the place. I got a chance to meet singer Freda Payne at the spot. Tony and I got along well when we later worked together. I also know the man who got Presser's papers.

The current profit-driven medical environment in Cleveland is a mob creation. They got control of the HMO's. Their people got on the boards. Forest City's Sam Miller serves and has served on both Cleveland Clinic and Medical Mutual's board.

Sam is honest about his youth. His nickname was "Skinny" or "Game Boy" when he was in the Jewish mob with Morris Kleinman, Louis Rothkopf and that pimp, Shondor Birns.

The one board paid Sam served on paid and the other set prices. Actually, both set prices. It's a helluva conflict but you'll never learn about it in the PD because its publisher, Terrence Egger, is on the Cleveland Clinic board covering up for the other mob characters. So there'll be no U.S. Department of Justice "anti-trust" investigation when the Jewish lawyers leading the U.S. Attorneys office here in northern Ohio work for law firms that get paid off the hospitals. Everybody's "taken care of" so everybody's quiet.

Think of all the closed hospitals and think about how the mob operates. Kill the competition. Why would Cleveland Clinic and UH buy hospitals to close? They're all Hill-Burton Act hospitals that were supposed to be free forever thanks to a former Cleveland mayor who thought about us from the U.S. Senate. The mob doesn't do the same type of "hits" they did before shooting up mutha fuckas and putting bombs in cars. It's all very respectable. Corporate control.

Free hospitals were intentionally eradicated by the corporate mob boards that now control health care in Cleveland. MetroHealth''s no different. This shit is business and "the people" of Cleveland need to understand it.

I'm saying let's organize our own "mob" of informed, hard core, ruthless Cleveland citizens; put our "hit" together and take these mutha fuckas out with a free municipal hospital that's controlled by "the people's gang" through our mayor and 33-member part-time city council. Fuck "regionalism" and shrinking council. That's mob talk.

We need "more" and not "fewer" hard core Cleveland minds on deck. That shit's another mob tactic. Control the local government players and punk them out with the mob-controlleld newspaper whose publisher served and serves on the Cleveland Clinic board; and voted to close Huron Hospital. They kept that shit quiet, too.

Sam. The late Robert "Bob" Thompson, Sr. told me how y'all fucked him on the Forest City / Dillon deal. You muscled in through Dillon out of Akron. He said Albert Ratner and Ruth, when she worked for Carl Stokes, told him to close "TomRob Developers" and come work for y'all on Brookpark. He didn't want to buy building materials from y'all so he built his own supply company on Harvard next to the old Juva De when Dale Carter and his dad owned the place. Supreme Materials. TomRob Developers. That brother was a bad mutha fucka. He said y'all sicced the HUD folk on him. Prevailing wages. A black man couldn't hire black construction workers to build high-rises. Y'all fucked up a lot of "our" shit.

Pick your mouths up off the floor. This shit is real. I wouldn't print it if it wasn't. It's all still the rackets. You just don't see it.

Have a good day, Sam. Cleveland. Do you want your free fucking hospital back? R.C. 749.01 needs to be protected like the Holy Grail. $50 a year on a $50,000 home.

Bumpy Johnson. Remember him? My kinda brother.



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