Cleveland's Two-Tier Reality

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I was struck by Sam Miller's comment in today's Plain Dealer editorial Come Together:

"If you people out in Gates Mills and Pepper Pike and Beachwood and Westlake and Bay Village want to turn your back on this problem, then figure out how you are going to maintain good school systems and get a good price for your house. You are not. You will get caught in the same decline that is overtaking Cleveland now."

- Sam Miller

Yet the two-tier agenda continues with the Euclid Corridor planned for the hoi polloi and the "Opportunity Corridor" planned for the exalted ones and their magnificent vehicles.    In Sam Miller's defense, I will say I saw him WALKING downtown on a regular basis.  Imagine that!

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Sam Miller...yeah

Didn't he help create this?  I don't recall him hurrying to pay property tax on his developments in the 90's.  I can't take anything he says seriously until he takes credit for his role in Cleveland's malaise.

Derek Arnold -

Is he seeking profit or redemption, or a prophet?

Sam Miller is a powerful person seeking to grow his corporate interests. He is also certainly thinking about the legacy he leaves behind, and eternity. I don't have a clue what is in the hereinafter, or where Sam Miller stands with that, but I know that the legacy of the people of today will be defined very differently than legacies have been in the past. When there were few words left for future generations - some blurbs or sentences on a tomb stone or an autobiography of some sort - it was easy to craft your legacy. Now, when your past will be explored and documented forever, in digital archives, a tombstone is meaningless. I'm giving Sam Miller a chance, as it would be awesome if his intentions are honorable and he can help make this a better place. Could he help make us a Forest City again?

Disrupt IT

NEO rises

Miller makes another zinger comment at
Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die.  Tom Beres comments that Columbus' regional ultimatum "join us or die" was predicated on water service, but that train has left the station.  Why?  I think it still should apply here.  Join us or die (no water, okay). And then work on regionalizing the other basic services--seriously.

North Carolina has one

North Carolina has one school district per county.  We should START there.  But, here, that's where the conversation ends.  Until the closet bigots and classists that oppose the merging of all of our disparate school districts wise up, regionalism is a dead conversation.

Young leadership has been choked by Miller's ilk, ironically...with help from elected officials. 

Derek Arnold -

You are right

And I wish someone would listen to you.  But at least Miller is finally saying it.  Even if it may be too late.

Best REAL estate in Town - Riverside and Lakeview Cemetery

We are all going to die....let's stop with the real estate games and enjoy the beauty while it lasts.  


Afterall, who really gets to see the "promised" land ?? - reflections on the legacy of great Clevelanders.

Riverside Cemetery - Annual Jazz Concert