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 Father Lucian is again being gracious enough to permit the OSS the privilege of meeting in the St. John Cantius meeting room.

As the flyer indicates, we will be addressing the issues/concerns of blocking public right-of-ways in our community.  The lack of handicap parking/signage.

This matter is open for discussion to everyone since it affects the safe passage not only to those with disabilities but to anyone pushing strollers, carts, on crutches or may have difficulty with their gait, especially the elderly.

Dolores Wilkerson from the U.S. Dept. of Justice will be attending to provide information and/or answer question.  She will also be providing instructions on how to file a discrimination complaint with the ADA.

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Everyone out in REALNEO LAND

You are cordially invited to attend the Old South Side Community Coalition meeting this Monday night as per the attachment.

There are many community issues that need to be addressed and we're hoping to fill the room.


Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


thanks for the post jerleen

 thanks for this update

bj, hope you will consider

bj, hope you will consider joining us.

one or the other of the tribe ought to be there

 best of luck in all your endeavlors

Thanks Jerleen for stepping up for those with Disabililties


a laptop with decent sound

 needs to be at this meeting, Jerleen. A lot of people don't use computers, and I am spent too much time today trying to explain the Sammy meltdown, and I just can't do it justice. People need to know what happened and the video  is only ten minutes. It is better to shows them the video so that that part is over, and everyone will know what everyone else knows. Helps to reduce rumors, and speculation. Any laptops around? Can the church pick up wi-fi?

Is it safe to come? The atmosphere is a little hot in the hood.

I have all that if you need

Laptop, digital projector, speakers, whatever - if you don't have wifi you can record the video or get a copy from Guy. Let me know what is needed.

Disrupt IT

Norm and Jeff Both of you

Norm and Jeff

Both of you are more than welcome to attend the meeting.  We would love to have you.   It's a perfect time for us all to get to know each other.


I don't have a laptop but I

I don't have a laptop but I do know that several individuals have ask to see the video.  I do know that a couple of people are planning on bringing their laptop.


wifi at the church

Jerleen, the old churches are so solidly built that wifi can be tricky. Hopefully, someone has copied the video and can play it, though I hope that the good Father is not present at the time that it is played. 

I'm not too savy when it

I'm not too savy when it comes to the mechanics of wireless and all that stuff but my sister tells me that as long as you have a DSL stick, it will play anywhere. 

As far as I'm concerned the

As far as I'm concerned the atmosphere is fine.  We are meeting on church property and we have the right to a peaceful assemply.  There's nothing that says we cannot enjoy each other's company along with some coffee, coke or a little refreshments while discussing community issues and concerns. 

As long as nobody is telling any lies (excluding fishermen) or slandering anybody, the truth is an affirmative defense.  LET FREEDOM RING!!!

So, ye'all come. 

thanks jerleen

 >>As far as I'm concerned the atmosphere is fine. <<

you are not alone in that belief.  

I 2nd that

Your reporting is first class.  The reason for Realneo.  Thanks Jerleen

Angel, would you like to

Angel, would you like to join us on Monday night.  I believe that this Civil Rights Representative will provide some clarity when it comes to discrimination of those with disabilities in our community. 


Guy, can you get

a copy of the you-tube recording to Jerleen? 


I hope EVERYONE can make this meeting.... I shall do my best to be there! God Bless All! 

feel free to copy my transcripts

if you can stand all the profanity......... or you can abbreviate it out.



I have a laptop

I have two 18" HP laptops with the highest possible resolution, forget what it is because I've reduced it so I can read the screen. I hate to unplug the one from all its wires, but I will be happy to bring the other one for you to use to play a DVD. It is rather heavy, so if someone would pop by a bit early to remind me to come, wait while I wake up, and comb my hair and would then carry it out to my car, ride with me, and carry it into the church I would appreciate it. Lengthy sentence there, but I'm sure you'll "get it."


If you want to attend Jerleen's meeting, call me before 4:30 today and I will stop by and pick you up after work.  If Jerleen does not find a computer, we will bring your computer.  Although I do not know if your computer will work since I do not know if the video is on DVD. 

I can be at your place around 5:00 and help get you and the computer ready for the meeting.  An extra 'trouble maker' at the meeting would be a good thing, especially a disabled 'troublemaker.'  Make sure you call me since I will not have access to e-mails.

I have room in my car for two more 'trouble makers', so if anyone else needs a ride to Jerleen's meeting, call me at 386-6546.

I think we need your computer expertise, Norm or Jeff, to make sure that Jerleen can play Guy's video.  It is important to show how the disabled are treated in Tremont.

According to Guy, "when sammy reached out to strike me he went for my eyes - he hit my glasses as i moved out of the way - i'm limited vision - sammy knows this - he went for my eyes -"

Oldroser, thank you for such

Oldroser, thank you for such a generous offer.  My jeep is on the fritz so I'm sort of walking unless I can borrow a vehicle. 

I'll check around and figure out something.  Will be in touch tomorrow.  OK.

We would love to have you.

Well, if you aren't too far

Well, if you aren't too far away, you can just call me a bit early and I'll come get you and bring you to my place to pick up the laptop. Add a few minutes to greet the dogs and crate them. Unfortunately the rose garden looks terrible now. Probably no time but I do have some rose hip tea.

ADA and legislation

Perhaps the talk with the representative about ADA and sidewalk clearances can be a starting point for bringing common sense to the permits for sidewalk cafes in the city. Tremont is hardly the only neighborhood that has the sidewalks being used as patios. W. 25th St. now has a lot, and most neighborhoods where there has been a "revival" of businesses that serve food and drink will have some of these. 

One of the problems is the sidewalks are torn up, rebuilt to make them better and with the intent of the sidewalk cafes.  Light poles or other permanently affixed things are plopped down in such a way that once the gate around the sidewalk cafes go into place, there isn't not room for a wheelchair, a walker with gait problem or crutches, and baby strollers. 

On the City of Cleveland website is the application for the sidewalk permits. We want people out and visible, enjoying themselves. The Tremont problem is unique in these enterprises being so heavily concentrated in a residential district so that late night parties may as well be in the bedrooms of the neighbors. There is sense of town and gown among the businesses toward the residents, a sense of entitlement and an arrogance that precludes accommodating request from neighbors to tone things down and be reasonable.

In Tremont, the City has failed in its duties to enforce the provisions of the codes that say this lot was to be used to park xx amount of cars but you made a patio instead, how nice. Then the patrons of that business must use residential parking spaces, being unfair to homeowners around them.

The bar restaurant enterprises in Tremont really need to be zoned out of the residential areas and consolidated into a single area just for these businesses. THey can figure out the logistics of parking, and not intrude upon the residential areas. If TWDC would work on such a plan, and convince businesses to move to a new entertainment section, they would become the heros.

Now, back to reality: City Council must legislate that no sidewalk permit be issued until a city worker has gone out and measured for the gate, and look at clearance for the handicapped. If there is not enough room, the permit should not be issued, This would prompt the business to redesign a sidewalk cafe, maybe scale it down, or not have a gate at all, and still be able to get their sidewalk patio.

There are many ways to address this, and the OSS meeting may bring some clarity with the ADA rep speaks.

Hopefully, Deb, this is

Hopefully, Deb, this is exactly what we want to accomplish.  Although he states that the list may be incomplete, City Planning Director Robert Brown recently provided a list of permitted sidewalk encroachments in Tremont.

1.  Fahrenheit, 2247 Professor, 2.  BAC, West 14th Street,  3.  Istanbul, Professor (not yet open for business) and 4.  Parallax on West 11th & Fairfield (permit expired). 

While these are noted permitted cafes, the gist of the matter is that they did not follow the ADA guidelines.  Where does that responsibility lie? 


26) "Public Right-of-Way" means the surface of, and the space within, through, on, across, above or below, the paved or unpaved portion of any Public Street, public road, public highway, public freeway, public lane, public path, public alley, public court, public sidewalk, public boulevard, public parkway, public drive, Public Easement and any other land dedicated or otherwise designated for a compatible public use, which is controlled by the City but excludes Public Property and private easements



513.09 Removal of Tables, Chairs and Other Associated Equipment


Any tables, chairs and other associated equipment placed in a public sidewalk, court, alley, street or other public right-of-way without a permit issued pursuant to this section may be seized and removed. Prior to such seizure and removal, the property owner or operator of the business establishment fronting on the public right-of-way from which the tables, chairs and other associated equipment are to be removed shall be notified and given two (2) days in which to remedy the violation. If the property owner or operator of the business establishment fails to remedy the violation, the City may seize and remove the tables and chairs and other associated equipment.

Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Chapter, the City may seize any tables and chairs and other associated equipment, whether placed with or without a permit, without prior notice if the tables and chairs and other associated equipment are placed in the public right-of-way in such a place or manner as to pose an immediate and serious danger to persons or property or if the condition of the tables, chairs, and associated equipment renders them unsafe, unsound or hazardous so as to pose an immediate and serious danger to persons or property. After seizure, the City shall promptly notify the owner or operator of the business establishment and such individual shall have the right to request an informal hearing before the Director within ten (10) days after such notification to determine whether the seizure was proper.

As a condition of recovering any tables and chairs and other associated equipment properly seized pursuant to this section, the owner of such tables and chairs and other associated equipment shall pay an impound fee covering the actual cost to the City of transporting and storing such tables and chairs and other associated

well, Jerleen, in all honesty

are not some of the people who are supposed to be reviewing and enforcing this stuff the same people sitting in those patio chairs eating and drinking? 

We need to think of a way to put them all on notice and get city council some backbone and spur them to get to work.

Well, another thought -

Well, another thought - these permits for sidewalk cafe seating are considered "Temporary Occupancy Permits" and they are to be closed by 11:00 P.M.  Such places like Bier Market and ABC in Ohio City (West 25th Street) and Tremont just ignore the law.

An outdoor restaurant located in any district other than the Central Business District shall not operate earlier than 6:00 a.m. nor later than 11:00 p.m.

(d) At any location where the clear, continuous, unobstructed sidewalk for the passageway of pedestrians is reduced to less than six (6) feet with the exception of the following areas which shall have clear, continuous unobstructed sidewalk at width of no less than ten (10) feet:


thank you, Jerleen

 The OSS is refreshing and makes me believe that people still care about the world around them. You have done a very good thing in  organizing the OSS. 

Outstanding Meeting OSS!

Dear OSS Members,

It was an honor to join everyone for this meeting. United we stand to uphold democracy in Northeast Ohio. May God Bless the tenacious spirit and profound leadership and teamwork that was exhibited by this remarkable Block Club organization. I salute your dedication to eachother and to the community at large. Keep up the excellent work and remain steadfast in all of our efforts! 

I want to thank everyone who

I want to thank everyone who attended the OSS meeting and helped to "fill the room."  This kind of turn out speaks for itself.   We the people will stand united.  We will fight to proted the basic human rights  we are entitled to as citizens and members of our community.   To see so many of the long-time residents come out and take part in this resident coalition says we're on the right track. 

It was amazing to hear from this dymanic group made up of all ages.  I believe that our youngest (excluding the kids) was 20 years and the oldest was 78 years of age.  It was great to see such support for Guy.

I saw genuine compassion and caring as individuals assisted those in wheelchairs and walking impaired.  It was brought to my attention last evening that we did have a couple of hearing impaired residents so before our next meeting I will be buying a microphone. 

There were a lot of strong voices at the meeting and Dan was so right - there is strength in numbers. 

If anyone has an issue or concern/problem they need assistane with, please do not hesitate to call me.  If we can't help you find the answer, we try to help you find someone who can.  If anyone has a topic or concern they wish to have put on the agenda, just let me know. 

I was certainly a pleasure to see so many new faces, especially oldroser. 

dwebb, I think our tea party just grew. 



Please put air pollution on the agenda

Please put air pollution on the agenda - I am still investigating but it appears Tremont is exposed to dangerous levels of pollution and residents should take legal action against the Cleveland Department of Air Quality, the State of Ohio EPA and Mittal et al.

We will know more after we determine how corrupt are the local government officials. How corrupt should we expect to find local government officials? How corrupt have you found Building and Hosuing to be regarding Tremont?

Expect the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When is your next meeting?

Disrupt IT

Norm, We're taking a break


We're taking a break for the month of August, however, we will be meeting again Sept. 20, 2010, and will be glad to put air pollution on the agenda.  Will you be addressing the group?  While a lot of people are concenred and have issues with the polluntants in our air, most including myself do not know how or what to do about it.


I'll see if an expert may attend from the Sierra Club

I'll see if an expert may attend from the Sierra Club - I've asked them to educate the broader and University Circle community about pollution here as we are so CLUELESS and dying as a result.

I'll pass on the date to the Sierra Club and see what they may arrange.

Disrupt IT


From what I can piece

From what I can piece together, the powers that be are taking the position that Sammy was not on company time and this is strictly a matter between Sammy and Guy.

Up to this point, I have refrained from saying too much about this incident on the basis that I have racked up a number of hatemonger, muckraker titles for speaking my peace.  However, that being said, I have personally witnessed Sammy's anger being unleased on several occasions - while on the job.  Also, let's not forget the South of Jefferson/Thurman incident wherein he verbally accousted resident/TWDC member Larry Cornett.  Councilman Cimperman and I have had conversations about Sammy's outburst which apparently seems to be getting worse.   As the aggression continues, who's to say that he won't strike out at some old, helpless person when he's on the job.  Is that a risk they want to take.  Just from our meeting last night, Sammy has lost any credibility he had left and I seriously doubt that any of the residents will trust him after this.

This violent attack went beyond a verbal beating.    Even if upset, Sammy had the opportunity to take a deep breath and cool down on his way to the park.  Once he took a swing at Guy the incident became a whole different set of circumstances.  It now became an assault which could do harm to an elderly man who did not have the power and strength to protect himself.

The fact that Sammy is employed by our Community Organization and had done community work for Guy, puts the situation in a different light.  Other elderly, disabled members of the neighborhood viewing this attack and demeanor, by someone they could be put into a position of having to deal with, could easily be intimidated and in fear of wanting anything to do with him.

The salary paid staff of Tremont West Development are supposed to be trained educated professionals and as such have a higher degree of responsibility in dealing with not only TWDC members but other members of the community as well. 

Most of the time if you end up in court for hitting someone, the Judge will not accept the excuse that "well, he made me mad," unless one is defending their life, which was so not the case in this instance.  I'm not quite sure why no one (Sammy) was not arrested.  

He endangered Guy's life on more than one level.  A scare and threat like that on someone Guy's age  could cause a heart attack, stroke, create mental stress, put him in fear of utilizing the programs at TWDC, etc.  Guy took the implied threats to his dog very deeply.  He even broke down crying last night at the meeting and kneeling by Yogi referring to him as his lifelong friend.

Sammy should graciously resign and move on - clearly, he's not cut out for this position.




Hope everyone is having a great summer.  After reading the comments about to Mr. Sammy Catania. With regards to the people who write these letters, shoot these videos,  I think your value to the neighborhood has reached it's lowest point in the ten plus years that I have worked and lived in Tremont.  Yes live, believe it or not, other people do exist in this neighborhood besides the three  of you.  You run around town with cameras, tape recorders, and the knowledge of how to upload them on youtube or real neo for what reason?Do you think that your little videos are going to make Sammy resign, or Fahrenheit and other restaurants to close and move?  Do you think that you sitting in your beat-to-shit purple tracker with a camera is going to stop 1000 people from coming into my restaurant?  The parking issues, the safety issues, all the little things that you dream up in your demented brains, makes me wonder what happened in your lives to make you all so bitter.  Were all of you not loved as youngsters, were you abused, or are you just crazy?

People are entitled to their opinion, When you say lack luster personal buisness career with regards to Sammy Catania, I take offense.  I wonder for the last 30 years, have you been busy being a felon, visiting your brothers in prision, or your sister  on the means streets of Cleveland late at night? Did you miss Sammy's in the Flats, the Swamp Club, Lori Properties, West 6th Street Market and Deli.  For you to call that career lack luster, maybe he can't skin a squirrel as fast as you but I  would consider those buisnesses highly successful compared to what you have accomplished.  Now you'll probably respond with a laundry list of all the things that you have done in this world, catering, cooking, law degrees, but NO ONE CARES!!!!!!
You are on borrowed time, I may make the house that you live in presently another restaurant after you are removed from it soon. I am done being on the offensive with you.  You get the point, you are running out of time.....
Sammy, you have always been a great friend to me, you were the person who introduced me to Tremont years ago, walked me through my space.  You have been a catalyst to this neighborhood, the Artwalks, the Home Tours, Voices against Violence, Arts & Cultural Festivals, Taste of Tremonts.  I deem you one of the many things that makes Tremont so special.  Keep the Faith, and continue to make Tremont the best neighborhood in Cleveland.  I want Sammy to continue leading our community, and I will continue to assist him in every way possible.  I hope he continues to invest in the city as he always has.
For any and all of you who have a camera, a phone, a tape recorder, bring it down this Sunday for the Taste of Tremont, when the TWDC, restaurants, bars, Sammy, Rocco, and all the good in Tremont shines for our closest 20,000 friends.  Good always beats evil everyone.
Rocco Whalen


I may make the house that you live in ...another restaurant

"I may make the house that you live in presently another restaurant after you are removed from it soon."

wow, Rocco, its no wonder you and Sammy are such close friends.

Your email is angry and hurtful, but it really says nothing of substance. There is no way to justify Samuel's behavior.

Well, now we know how our

Well, now we know how our neighborhood ended up with so many ass holes.  I sent a copy of this rant to the FBI about 10 seconds ago.

I guess he's not thinking,  the conduct Sammy protrayed is what ended my brothers and a lot of others in jail in the first place.  Is that a hint that he's on his way.

As far as my beat up old purple tracker, at least I don't feel it necessary to try and make up for my short comings.

Any dogs and cats missing around FAFAFAFhrenheit?

The Dan Gilbert of Restauranteurs... 

Any dogs and cats missing around FAFAFAFAhrenheit? The chef loves elder abuse so I'm sure he loves animal abuse. Any exotic game on the menu today... Yogi under glass?

Always wondered where all the bad energy came from in Tremont... I have indigestion just thinking about these chefs cooking up evil and all the money my family has wasted supporting Sammy and all his enterprises over the decades - what a maggott

Tell Mr. Hot In Cleveland we'll be around FAFAFAFAhrenheit with our cameras now for sure!  Tell him to watch out for disabled spies in wheelchairs stuck on his patio because they cannot pass by

Disrupt IT

ok folks.  are you ready

ok folks.  are you ready for the protest? 

Yes - and we can cover TWDC and FAHRight as one

Rocco suggested a protest during his little food festival and that sounds like a great idea - 20,000 people to learn about elderabuse and veteran abuse in Tremont, and the pollution harm there that causes people like Sammy and Rocco and Dan Gilbert to just plain fucking SNAP, like dry angels hair pasta.

You chefs know what that is, right

When and where is the protest and how do we arrange for transportation for lots of elderly, abused people... I've got a whole city of them over in EC.

Will Rocco and Sammy be feeding the protesters?

Disrupt IT



justiceforalltremont sends out mysterious messages

I received this e-mail in June, which was cc'd to most all business owners in Tremont.  There was another one sent out this morning from the same person - and apparently Mr. Hot Rock thinks I am the author.  This individual has posted on REALNEO in the past. 


-- On Sat, 6/12/10, J. Smith <justiceforalltremont [at] gmail [dot] com> wrote:

From: J. Smith <justiceforalltremont [at] gmail [dot] com>
Subject: stay positive tremont and consider the source...............
To: jerleenjustus [at] yahoo [dot] com,

to the many hard working business owners and proud residents,

i am also a very proud resident of tremont and support and love all of your establishments but, as a very concerned resident of tremont, i would like us all to consider the source of all these lies being spread over the internet and email. these handful of renegade haters headed by Ms. Justus own nothing, some are convicted criminals and most are unemployed in tremont continue to waste our tax dollars by using their time when all of us are working hard to pay for their government support while they spread lies and hate.

tremont is a very vibrant and fruitful neighborhood. something that is rare in north east ohio. i plead with all of you not to get mixed up in all the negativity that a few unemployed renters are trying to instill on all of us. i employ these renegade hate spreaders to embrace the majority of positives tremont has; the galleries, shops, restaurants, small businesses, churches, shelters, great parks and a strong residential market. it is far from doom and gloom. infact it is quite the opposite. hundreds of people mostly residents depend on tremonts success to feed their families and pay their bills. who are these small handful of renegade haters to try too attempt to put your businesses out of business? to what end? to have tremont riddled with arsons and violent crimes as it did 20 years ago?  maybe for a small group of unemployed criminals this might be a positive solution but, this is not tremont anymore. infact it is not cleveland anymore.
as we begin another beautiful art walk in tremont, i cant help myself but think that if this small group of trouble making  rabble rousers actually dedicated their free time to helping the children, or the poor , or the sick, or shelterless animals, or lets maybe take it a step further and they tried to further educate themselves and, tried to gain positive employment how much more further along would tremont be?
we should never try to judge a person or a group but, we should all know all the facts about one when they are spreading lies and trying to create problems for honest hard working people.
positive will always win over negative.


have a great and prosperous summer


Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.  ~Winston Churchill


Which tax abatement did J. Smith get?

Which tax abatement did J. Smith get?

And now he is brain damaged for life... shame.

Disrupt IT



RSVP to that Tremont Citizen's Letter to Business Owners

Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful reflections of the alleged leadership and alleged philanthropic business owners of Tremont with all the world!!! 

Wow...Another reflection of the pure ignorance of Tremont's Best is copied above....

 Dear Tremonters,

When you recognize the true socio-economic demographics of your neighborhood in a more realistic manner and stop attempting to point the fingers at your low income residents for all of your neighborhood problems...(their demographics gave you all MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO BE FRUITFUL BUSINESS OWNERS  with Tax Abatements & REAL ESTATE DEVELOPERS)... while you sit high atop your horse and fail to see anything beneath you... while you close your doors and play philanthropist by doing small deeds of good irregularly to make yourself feel better than all the rest, while you preach the glories of having the ability to work and do well for yourself while others do struggle with age, disability, and demographic issues...  Well, then of course you won't have anything realistic to speak about when it comes to the majority of the citizens in your very own community-perhaps that is why the majority of your customers come for micro visits instead of actually living amidst your underhanded, corrupt, congregation in Tremont.

It's so nice to hear the voices of the almighty of Tremont vocalize their wisdom... Their haughty, incomprehensible , and jovial sales pitch about their own efforts fails to recognize the majority of the citizens around them...and believe me you...the all fearing ones who have been stepped on all too much while these entitities under the corruption ran amuck.

I am very pleased with uncountable investments into Tremont... It's just too bad that the high faluting over educated folks are so blind, deaf, and ignorant to the truth of life for those amidst them. While the patrons of your businesses walk around snubbing their noses at the less fortunate, mocking them, and laughing about things like this as though it's insignificant and peeing in their front yards... the world turns for those folks who have lost the inspiration to do things right....because in Northeast Ohio-you must be "connected to the corrupt" to get advanced beyond your places. 

Hence...the vast majority of citizens who have chosen to STOP partaking in the dog & pony show with all the phonies are treated so recklessly by you all. Moreover, for you to play God and judge any one or group of those people without knowing their individual experiences and being realistic about the government corruption in Northeast Ohio is again a reflection of your contempt and disrespect for laws within our democratic society.

These folks (citizen activists) have to get up and fight you unethical, greedy, and selfish jerks for basic rights to get basic "ACCESS" into your establishments because many of you didn't make viable access when you remodeled your businesses without permits and robbed the city of all those income streams... So, please accept my total appreciation for this opportunity to help you understand things in a more global perspective. Congratulations on being a successful entreprenuer. Thanks for undermining the folks who try their best to survive amidst the setbacks. Once again I have found Inspiration in your completely narrow minded perspective...and in your failure to recognize reality at the grass roots level of humanity. 

De oppresso liber



I just wish he/she had the

I just wish he/she had the guts to come out in the open.  Shit, I want credit for the stinks I stir up - hiding behind a made up name is not my style. 

From the letter you see it is not intelligent

From the letter you see it is not intelligent and it likes ee cummings

i thank You God for most this amazing
day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes

Disrupt IT

ALERT-Call to Action- United We Stand at Taste of Tremont-always

For Rocco- the owner of Fahrenheit Restaraunt in Tremont/Cleveland, Ohio

This is yet another reflection of the elitists stepping all over the average folks who have lived in a community their entire lives to get ahead.  With all due respect, I have had the privilidge of working with people from all walks of life from the homeless to multi-million dollar business investors. I am honored to know some world class people. However, the words above are an absolute reflection of the stairclimbing, selfish, corrupt, and valueless mongers that have stepped all over the citizens of Northeast Ohio to get where they are going without any consideration for the devastation they have left in their tracks....so long as they could all encircle themselves with eachother and not have to partake in viewing the misery they have inevitably created....

Those words of support for the actions, attitudes, and atrocities to the demographics of our populace are disgraceful, inconsiderate, and above all, dehumanizing the American Spirit. This is NOT about childhoods....and if it is...What kind of childhood made you so mindless of the people you step all over? The abusive practices behind the scenes of violating civil rights, local laws, ethics, State laws, and Federal Laws and then also coming back with straight out INTIMINDATION to drive home your threats of taking away the most precious gifts of the American people's Freedoms of Democracy is downright criminal.

76.19% of the registered voters in Cuyahoga County didn't even vote at the last election...Their words ring truer every day.... "The politicians will just step all over us, do whatever they want, and abuse us anyway-so why should we care????" The attitude reflected above is a downright mirror reflection of why folks are so scared to do anything in this community. It's a collective disgrace.  The fact that those 20,000 folks coming to your TASTE OF TREMONT are often not informed about the average tactics used to abuse the elderly, disabled, and low income in your own backyard is apparent. Perhaps history will be made when those folks gain enough courage, unite collectively, and inform your public about your endless list of self centered, greedy, and decimating practices.

No public servant should be allowed to get away with these behaviors. No private business should be allowed to insult the residents of their community with such threats. Yet, you ALL collectively believe you are above the law again and again because the local leadership is all so amazingly intertangled and collusively engaged in unethical business practices for one grand scheme of "GREED".   Yes, for years it has been DEADLY to speak up and say the truth....People have disappeared, died, and had their homes recklessly demo'd to prove who's boss in Northeast Ohio... Don't speak up or they'll get you....This is REALNEO, not TREMONT... Perhaps one day they will find my body dead because I am telling the truth about your actions against the people who often times cannot protect themselves against your mafia tactics.

I can admire, respect, appreciate, and support your valiant efforts to conduct a respectable business. However, your lack of humanity, lack of honor, and your lack of consideration for the majority of the folks outside of your measely 20,000 folks who could care less is nothing more than a joke. You all collectively are the ones who have abused philanthropic organizations to gain your positioning...but you forgot that the demographics of the poor, disabled, and low income are the reasons those funds were predominantly allotted. Now, those same folks are discouraged from patronizing your venues, prevented access from your venues, and insulted with your high and mighty yuppy attitudes.  Moreover, your lawlessness, your corruption, and your beastly behaviors are representative of your associations.

Perhaps those who enter your business (and those who surround you) should begin to reevaluate your identities. Perhaps the word "Crazy" in your circles should be a compliment to the courage, tenacity, selfless service, and vital roles of all of those citizen activists who stand up for what is right, just, and for human rights. This is the United States of America... United we stand against your crimes against our citizens... of all walks of life. Someday, you might just have to humble yourself to recognize, respect, and appreciate the reasons we fight for our democracy to be sustained.

You all are not GODs, you are human beings....(Those who think what Sammy Catania has done is acceptable or that letters like the above by Fahrenheit owner and chef-Rocco are acceptable... when they are ugly reflections of threats, intimidation, and corruption...) Your ignorance, inexperience, and your indignance are absolutely enchanting and inspiring for all of us citizen activists.... You motivate us to stand up collectively and fight your regime with our rights of democracy. Someday, all of those who act like you and Sammy will grow to understand how reckless your actions have been to our community at large...but you all just kept thinking that the gravy train was neverending and that your good times at the expense of the ordinary folks would continue on forever.

Thanks for all that you have done to make your business and community at large a better place. Perhaps a direct boycott and protest of business owners like you-who find it so easy to insult, threaten, and intimidate us would increase your awareness and give you insight as to the injustices we have experienced collectively? Thanks for reminding us that the Taste of Tremont is this weekend....Perhaps we can find uncountable disabled folks to bring their chairs (wheelchairs) and protest your business...maybe even make a BILLBOARD sign copy of your email to Jerleen....and bring a film projector to show the video of Sammy's rant... Maybe when the truth comes out about your subjective, valueless, and lacking actions-maybe then you shall learn humility and integrity for your choices.

This is yet another reflection of inexcusable intimidation.... BOYCOTT and PROTEST the restaurant: "Fahrenheit" during the TASTE OF TREMONT.... Come out whereever you are seniors, disabled, low income.... walk the streets of Tremont proudly with your signs, speak the truth about the atrocities in Tremont, and let the public know about the SAMMY CANTANIA Speach...Bring a movie screen and show it as a mini-film.... all 8 minutes and 41 seconds of his rant on a disabled senior citizen where he smacks him... show them the rotten behind the scenes footage of these issues..... INSPIRE CHANGE THROUGH DEMOCRACY...EDUCATE THOSE 20,000 citizens who are by far coming from everywhere in the County...Let them hear you loud and clear about the TRUTH....

May God Bless You for the gift of Inspiration...for the gift of Motivating our disenfranchised citizens to UNITE...and for the gift of Encouragement and Commitment to our fellow citizens as community advocates and activists. It's Exciting to feel the empowerment and Courage under fire to overcome generations of corruption in our community...Thank you for all the gifts of your words, actions, and choices as you have quenched my thirst for knowledge and fed my hunger for liberty for all!!! 

De oppresso liber ------ "Out of the overthrown man, (comes/is made) the free man."

Great Job OSS!!! 

I hope more Sammy Catania enthusiasts will speak the truth of thier attitudes.... It's so exhilirating!!!

Stay motivated residents of Northeast Ohio....but also stay alert and stay alive.... These guys really do think they are all powerful, all connected, and they don't fear anyone-particularly the police... So, as we all know, be careful and do the right thing as always when confronted with their predictably lacking restraint actions.

May God Bless...


Let's have a Talk Like Sammy Night in Tremont

I haven't been out to Tremont in a while, besides recording pollution to shut down Mittal for unappreciative maggots like the chef at FAHINHEIGHT.

Let's have a Talk Like Sammy Night in Tremont - who ever says fucking motherfucking lunatic to the most old people wins - cursing out rich old people and councilmen count double! Telling rich old people eating Farinblight food and CDC directors and staff that you'll eat their nuts off scores triple.


"Sammy...  I deem you one of the many things that makes Tremont so special." - Rocco the cook

Disrupt IT



I bet I can out Sammy Sammy

I bet I can out Sammy Sammy - but I hold out for old fucks from Harvard.

Disrupt IT

LMAO....OMG! Thank you for the Laughs...Yes...Excellent Idea...

Who says that we are not ingenuitive people? We shall do unto others as they do unto us..... That's a great idea... No, no, no.... Although it's comical...I believe that the members of REALNEO can actively do what needs done without bringing ourselves down to the level of the Almighty Folks of TREMONT! 


PERHAPS SOME OF TREMONT CITIZENS WILL ALLOW US TO DROP A FEW SCREENS FROM WINDOWS WITH LOUDSPEAKERS THAT BROADCAST BEAUTIFUL MR. SAMMY CATANIA AT HIS BEST...He wanted publicity, right? Well, how better to promote tremont than to make a copy of the video and send it to Cleveland Foundation, Gund Foundation, and the Mayor of the City of Cleveland, HUD, etc.... Perhaps that will help them promote their agenda some more.... Perhaps the PROUD PATRONS and PROUD PHILANTHROPISTS  of these entities will come out to see what all the fuss is about....



REALNEO COOP MEMBERS MAY BE BRUTALLY HONEST....But I believe we definitely have more humanity and class than any of those folks trying to set the standards for the good of all kind who project themselves like Sammy, Rocco, and JusticeforallTremont....





Yea, but boy, the

Yea, but boy, the possibilities for a "knight out in Tremont." 

Jerleen...Please call me asap.