EDEN Property Tax EXEMPT private "hospital" of the week 2901 ARCHWOOD

E.D.E.N. tax EXEMPT "hospital" that SENDS people to hospital

Selected from the over 100 property tax EXEMPT "hospitals" owned and operated by E.D.E.N, with a total assessed value of OVER 30 MILLION DOLLARS, with ZERO on site professional staff, the one at 2901 Archwood Avenue in Cleveland has officially been chosen as The Property Tax EXEMPT Hospital of the 21st Century! Eighteen units filled with SSI recipients with mental problems, (all subsidized by Uncle Sam to the tune of $775 per unit ALL TAX FREE TO E.D.E.N.), it has drawn a particularly loathsome class of residents. A gang of bored tenants led by 19 year old Sean Tolbert, who lives in unit #304, (wanted by the police for felonious assault and kidnapping), fill their days by terrorizing other residents. The problems at the "hospital" are well known not ONLY to the neighborhood, but ALSO to Irene Collins, the highly compensated executive director of the Emerald Development and Economic Network, who promised a few Brooklyn Centre residents at a community meeting last summer, that she was going to "do something" about the problems at the private PROPERTY TAX EXEMPT "hospital". And voila! One year later just LOOK at what she has accomplished by finally taking responsibility and firmly getting the situation under control at 2901 Archwood. Four residents, two males and two FEMALES, threatened, tortured and beat a fellow resident and RECORDED IT for public "entertainment". Short of murder, it couldn't possibly be more shocking and horrific, thereby earning 2901 Archwood the much sought after private PROPERTY TAX EXEMPT "hospital" of the new millennium