Realneo Header Gallery - news isn't always on bottom half of the front page

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 11/26/2009 - 20:51.

The mast head on the New York Times and the Cleveland Dirty Dealer is the same every day, year in and year out.


The most valuable visual real estate on the planet (or in your town) should not just be blank....static or repeditive.

In Realneo the header is never blank, static, or repeditive.  

Rather, the Realneo header strives to create another new thought even before you read the news below.

Load your 1000 pixel  WIDE : 200 pixels TALL  image (5w:1t ratio images less than 150 kb) to the "header images" gallery (click on this text tab under the header image)  (an admin will move it to the home page on a 24 hour cycle asap). 

Norm, dynamic series on CG Station.    Your first sky exposed rafters of the wasting station is my favorite.

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