Saints and Sinners -Tony Viola and the PD

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Mortgage Fraud--two of the largest players were indicted yesterday and the story was relegated to a back page and players get a slap on the wrist:

"The magnitude of this crime is hard to fathom," Mason said. "A total of 453 homes, 358 of which fell into disclosure, were part of a master scheme to bilk the banking and real estate industries out of funds."

Gofman's verdict comes eight months after a federal jury found him and his partner, Tony Viola, 46, of Cleveland Heights, guilty of conspiracy and wire-fraud charges. They are to be sentenced next week on the federal charges. They face more than five years in prison.

See the tie-ins here:


If you happen to see the fake Justin Hughes,aka Jason Beudert

If you happen to see the fake Justin Hughes, aka Jason Beudert, at any more meetings, ask him what his intentions are for Frank Giglio's property that was purchased at the sheriff's sale on June 21, 2011 with the decree of confirmation issued on July 15, 2011.

Three months have now passed since the decree was confirmed and the fake Justin Hughes still has not filed the deed for the Giglio property.

Tell Beudert to quit playing Tremont Monopoly.

Straw Buyers--Tremont, Brooklyn Centre


Photo by Lily Miller

Jason Beudert is a straw buyer--the media made a big deal of it on the east side, when the players were black:
(See Tony Viola connection)

but skipped over the story on the west side when the players revealed were white:
(see Tony Viola connection and how foundations figure into this story...)

I try to get some one to cover this story to no avail.  Because, if you help the rich get richer in America...that's capitalism.  And, it is why we have folks protesting today. 

Straw buyers are paid to quickly pick up the property and then it is quickly transferred to an LLC.  In some cases, especially on the east side, straw buyers were paid to take out an inflated subprime mortgage on the home and then to intentionally foreclose. 

On the west side, Jack Peterson bought home after home on Archwood Ave.  Then, defaulted on the mortgage and walked with some properties picked up by Aurora LLC then transferred to Brian Bobula* to Angel Bobula.  Somehow, Jack Peterson ended up "purchasing" a home on Holmden in the "Model Block" Tremont neighborhood...from HUD.

The "nice" Irish Shaker Heights grad and Chicago school guy who bought a house on my street had his shady cousin buy the property at sheriff sale, which the cousin ran into the ground and then transferred to BC Real Estate LLC, died in lieu of foreclosure.  And on and on. 

Look, especially at how the taxes are NOT paid on these flipped properties:  Also on my street--Beachwood landlord Lucky Ogor rented Section 8 properties for years and continued to collect rent, while never paying taxes on his properties. 

Believe me, our county treasurer knew of these loopholes for years and this special favor was conveniently overlooked at tax collection time.  I am hoping CMHA's George Phillips will sing on the HUD machine:  Lucky Ogor recently transferred his property to IKAN Associates, Inc. 

Consider these two major LOOPHOLES: Our former county treasurer Jim Rokakis and his buddy Gus Frangos had enough time to legislate the exclusive sale of tax liens to Plymouth Park and the creation of the unregulated quasi-government agency the "Land Bank,"  but OVERLOOKED 1.) the fact that properties in Ohio can transfer title without paying off existing tax liens and 2.) that landlords can continue to collect federal HUD Section 8 Voucher monies, while in tax foreclosure???


And for those of you who missed Jim Rokakis' performance on CBS, don't worry there's a movie in the works...REALLY, too bad this expensive demo job didn't come in for the goombas...

Is there another switcheroo in the works??


Naymik and Allard hack away but still no investigation

of the crony politics at City of Cleveland (Naymik article ) and at Cuyahoga County (Allard article) that continues to drag down the potential for real economic development in CLE.

Both journalists/publications continue to ignore the abuse of power by "white" politicians - why is that???


From: Laura McShane 
To: Mark Naymik <mnaymik [at] cleveland [dot] com>
Cc: Jasmin Santana <jsantana [at] clevelandcitycouncil [dot] org>; Charles E. Hoven <plainpress [at] gmail [dot] com>; Mark Griffin <mdgriffin [at] cuyahogacounty [dot] us>
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I should have said 3905 W 20 - DSCDO made $7K in one day on transfer. The recent "strategic alliance" of DSCDO and Cudell also raises concern as noted by the Plain Press:
For over three years now - residents have also fought the battle against the shady land deal that DSCDO brokered with CCLB to transfer the vacant YMCA to CHN-Eden.  CHN-Eden brokered the deal with knowledge that they are fraudulently using tax code 6800 on their PSH housing properties as well as several other properties. Mark Griffin at Cuyahoga County is aware of this issue and has acknowledged 
  1. Misappraisal of Property Within Cuyahoga County.  The County should correctly and accurately appraise all parcels within the County.  You are correct.  This is absolutely a County responsibility.  Accordingly, we will review these issues and ask the Board of Revision to determine whether parcels have been correctly or incorrectly valued.  Although the AIG will look for waste, fraud, abuse or other violations of the County Ethics Code, the AIG does not determine the value of a particular parcel.  That process – and appropriate objections and/or appeals – is channeled through the Board of Revision. 
Separately, another resident has filed paperwork to challenge EDEN's misuse of the 6800 tax code.  Her research is here: How Do You Spell TAX FRAUD? Emerald Development and Economic Network #TIMESUPNOW | REALNEO for all
 NOTE: significant information from Eric J Brewer: "Cleveland councilmen are notorious for colluding between developers, the Community Development Corporations (CDC's), the housing court judge and the landbanks to use building, housing, fire and police to take properties they want from owners. Housing Court Judge Ronald O'Leary last year told me he was cooperating with federal agents who were investigating the late Judge Ray Pianka. Agents visited him a week before he died. Mayor Frank Jackson's community development department under ex-director, Michael Cosgrove, suddenly resigned about a month before federal agents raided the department and took records. Federal agents are investigating another department and city employee with property connections."