Save John Marshall High School!

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Please watch this video and witness the stupidity of our Landmark Commission and Council representatives:

How long do we have to put up with criminally insane/incompetent/corrupt administrators at City of Cleveland and Cleveland Metropolitan School District...Cuyahoga County...NEORSD...etc.  When will there be a citizen dashboard and accountability to taxpayers??  Never?!

Thank you dear Sir Satinder Puri--support the cause--Save John Marshall High School. 

We can not let this senseless destruction continue.

Please take a moment to sign the e-petiition and also view the two YouTube clips and share with family and friends.

Best Regards.



Save Historic John Marshall High School from Demolition - The Petition Site

Save John Marshall High School, Cleveland, Ohio

Save John Marshall High School Pt. 2: Demonstration

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Sweeney and John Marshall


On Tuesday, February 7, 2012 – the SAVE JOHN MARSHALL CAMPAIGN demonstrated for 3-hours in the neighborhood,

The demonstration in front of JMHS was very well received. The students got a real-life lesson in civics and were quick to understand that Councilman Sweeney rigged the 5 to 4 vote to demolish John Marshall High School at the January 12, 2012 Cleveland Landmarks Commission meeting,

And they also understood that only in a rigged vote would the Manager of Architecture at City Hall vote for demolition of an architectural gem.

Later, the SAVE JOHN MARSHALL campaign demonstrated along 130th Street past the I-71 overpass to Bellaire and then along Bellaire to the offices of Bellaire-Puritas Development Corporation – a Corporation that has been undermining the efforts of the petitioners and working with Councilman Sweeney to promote a new school and destroy our heritage.

Demonstrations will continue on a regular basis until City Hall is investigated for denying due process to petitioners and determine how:
Mayor Jackson, Councilman Sweeney, Cleveland Landmarks Commission, Board of Education, and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District not only contravened the democratic process but also worked together to thwart the efforts of over 2,400 petitioners in their 9-month old campaign to SAVE 80-year old historic JOHN MARSHALL HIGH SCHOOL!

And if despite our best efforts our architectural gem is destroyed – then the act of its wanton destruction will forever live in infamy and so will the names of those responsible for its destruction.


CMSD and continued woes--International Water DAY


Two op-ed pieces in PD today--one blatantly intended to sell a levy to the black community....


Have to save this comment in case it gets erased by the PD :

Nina Turner is simply amazing. She rallied against Issue 2 because it was a straight partisan issue and she attacked the right wing for the bill saying " never let the truth get in the way of a good story " and lines like " we can't go back and we won't go back " and it was an attack on the " middle class ". She had a nice group of one liners as she spoke throughout Ohio. That was then when the opposition was John Kasich. Now that we have Frankie Jackson as a DUMBOCRAT as her opposition, she quickly says we have to fight for compromise for the betterment of the children of Cleveland. She is a drama queen if I ever saw one and a true partisan political hack. She doesn't dare criticize a member of her political party along with Sandra Williams or Armond Budish because that is way more important to their careers then doing the right thing which is proposing a real plan for the city of cleveland and it's students.

Does anyone with an ounce of intelligence realize you cannot fix schools by this corporate reform movement by privatizing public schools, turning them into for profit charters and then all of a sudden say that you achieved a miracle. The status quo Mrs. Turner is the current so called transformation plan. It's nothing more than blaming so called lazy teachers and their unions and shaping the debate that if we just gut the union, all will be right with Cleveland Schools. This plan doesn't account for students living in poverty, student home life, student preparedness for school, lack of economic development in the community, malnutrition, single parent families and all the main factors which contribute to why students fail. Take the same teachers in CMSD and place them in Hudson and they amazingly become brilliant teachers. Take a School Counselor in CMSD where has the recent graduation rate was 50-60% over the years and place them in Solon and I am sure they would hit 99%. Wow, their guidance techniques may have all of a sudden gotten better. Amazing. Lets get to the root of the problem which is POVERTY. You can talk about fake band aids all you want but this plan is a illusion of a band aid. Another example of closing failing schools, more charters, fire teachers, get rid of tenure and seniority, more high stakes testing and that will fix american public schools. How about we support and invest in schools that have the highest needs of students with disabilities and ELL learners as well with students of behavioral issues? Why is this a teacher centered plan? TFA isn't coming into Cleveland and saving the district nor is any other Wall Street Corporate Reform Movement that is being tried all over this nation in various urban districts.

Public Education is a 500 billion dollar public sector that can't wait to be tapped into by big business, corporations, politicians and their sponsors. The charter movement is the status quo to continue to privatize our schools. It doesn't work and all the major research and data shows this. Frank Jackson and whoever crafted this plan for him know this but they still stubbornly claim that " something has to be done ". Yea something has to be done as long as it's again gutting the teachers union and privatizing schools. This plan is a joke and so is Mayoral control of CMSD. It doesn't work and hasn't worked for years. The business model does not work in public education. It is being done as the so called " change " in order to fit the needs of private managers who are making a killing off of our public schools. The testing companies are also racking in millions of dollars with initiatives like RTTT and NCLB.

This all goes back to Turner. Why don't you stand for something instead of protecting this buffoon Jackson? To actually think this a good plan or 70% of it is good is doing a real disservice to the students and families who live in CMSD. You know this and you still don't have the moral compass to stand up and do whats right for your political career. This is a shame and CMSD is going to get worse if this plan goes through as the teacher turnover will spike and no one in their right mind will expect CMSD to be able to attract the highest quality educators. Good job. Way to sabotage your own district.



And, the other presenting the more rational examination of the situation...


Meanwhile, the real fight in NEO will be over Water--





On a warm and sunny Thursday March 22, 2012 – the SAVE JOHN MARSHALL campaign participated in the WORLD WATER DAY 2012.

A short ceremony was held in City Hall – where Mayor Jackson addressed 200 students from five Cleveland Schools -- about the importance of water in our daily lives and also handed out a proclamation.

But the Mayor made no mention that his appointed Board of Education/School District was demolishing the Swimming Pool in the John Marshall Recreation Center – a pool that is loved by both the students and community.

In honor of WORLD WATER DAY 2012, each student carried a day’s worth of water in bottles to honor fellow students in third world countries who are not as fortunate as students in Cleveland to have a Great Lake as a source of water supply.

The SAVE JOHN MARSHALL campaign – marched carrying the sign saying:
SAVE JOHN MARSHALL! SWIMMING POOL BEING DEMOLISHED – in one hand and the traveling cart with other signs – in the other hand.

The objective was to inform Mayor Jackson – what is going to happen to the fully-functional swimming pool at John Marshall – which will be destroyed when a new John Marshall High School is built – an option advocated by Councilman Sweeney.

As I passed Mayor Jackson – I said hello to our Mayor and added that I was from the SAVE JOHN MARSHALL campaign – and wanted the Mayor to save our swimming pool. His honor smiled back without any verbal response about our campaign.

I hope Mayor Jackson will read this and not only SAVE our swimming pool – but also SAVE JOHN MARSHALL, our auditorium, and also our underground tracks.

Mayor Jackson who always reminds our children about the importance of personal responsibility – has not responded – to three requests for a meeting – pending for over 10 months -- sent via e-mail and certified mail -- to SAVE JOHN MARSHALL.

Mayor Jackson has not yet responded to the following request sent via e-mail on
January 8, 2012 and via certified mail on January 10, 2012:

“Please also direct the Cleveland Metropolitan School District to renovate the fully-
functional Recreation Center, with a swimming pool, so the John Marshall
neighborhood has the same amenities as the Collinwood neighborhood.”

Mayor Jackson built a Recreation Center in Collinwood, containing a swimming pool, for $11 million. The Center opened in November, 2011.

A response is also pending from Councilman Sweeney to a request made at the
December 6, 2011 NEC (Neighborhood Education Committee) meeting that the City of Cleveland should pay for the renovation of JMHS Recreation Center, with a
swimming pool, as the community was using it.

The photograph is a composite of three scenes – SAVE JOHN MARSHALL!
SWIMMING POOL BEING DEMOLISHED! sign, Mayor Jackson arriving at
Rock Hall, and 200 students following his honor.

FTR--yesterday 3/24/2012 I received a push poll selling the levy and mayor's plan from some outfit w/local number 216-200-7190 and 800 number 1-800-973-7470.  Can anyone trace this to the marketing company hired to make these calls.  I would like to know if, that as a taxpayer, I am paying for this too...


SAVE John Marshall Protest

    • Friday
    • 1:30pm until 3:00pm
    John Marshall High School, 3952 West 140th Street , Cleveland, Ohio
    Meet at the corner of West 140th Street and Viola.

The Cleveland Landmarks Commission has voted 5 to 4 to demolish existing historic 80-year old JMHS and build a new school. Petitioners believe the vote was rigged and want an Investigation. Petitioners want the School District to renovate John Marshall similar to the renovation of 83-year old John Hay and 80-year old Rhodes High Schools.

Please join the demonstration to chants of:




See linked newsletter -Save John Marshall--legal counsel needed

Today was a beautiful, sunny day--no school for the students at John Marshall.  Do they realize that they will be the victims of a crime, if CMSD and City of Cleveland allow the demolition of John Marshall High School?


Re: John Marshall High School: renovate! say no to demolition! save our heritage!

On Thursday, Jan. 12th the Cleveland Landmarks Commission voted 5-4 to allow the demolition of John Marshall High School. "The Landmarks Commission is an eleven-member board of preservation-minded individuals..." (Fourth paragraph, . It's mission is to encourage the preservation of Cleveland's architecturally significant buildings and districts.

One of it's members spoke prior to the vote, she said “I like new things. I am not a preservationist. I am not against it. I look at it as a case by case basis”. This falls somewhat short of my definition of "preservation-minded".

Our mistake was to underestimate the influence (and intentions) of Councilman Martin Sweeney. I believe he orchestrated the Landmarks Commission's decision to approve the demolition of John Marshal High School. When he spoke at the 12/6/11 Neighborhood Education Committee meeting, in a moment of candor he said he is not a historic preservation minded individual. When he spoke at the Jan. 12th Landmarks Commission meeting his bias for new projects became clear when he proudly presented large photos of 3 brand new K-8 schools in his Ward 20 fiefdom (all on W 140th St., north or south of John Marshall). He stated he did not think he had ever used visual aids in this manner; he presented them like a proud father with pictures of his children.

Of the 5 votes for demolition 4 were cast by city employees (two are councilpersons, two others are the chief city planner and the chief city architect. Do we seriously think a fellow councilman is going to vote against something the Council President wants in his ward? And really; a professional planner and a professional architect (keep in mind the phrase "preservation-minded") voting to demolish a perfectly sound high school (a designated Cleveland Landmark) to build a new school. Come on! The 5th yea vote was cast by a general contractor who works in Cleveland. Think his business requires city building permits? Think he will vote against what the Council President wants?

The four votes against the demolition of this landmark were all professional people: a lawyer, an architect, a real estate professional; none of whom work directly for the city.

We U.S. citizens are as a people remarkably wasteful and unconcerned with our heritage; victims of a pervasive "newer is better mentality". This is wrong, The Save John Marshall High School Group will remain positive; it ain't over till the bulldozers are at the site.

The Save John Marshall High School Group would like to challenge the 5 to 4 decision of the Cleveland landmarks commission. We are looking for a lawyer versed in Cleveland landmark law, if you know one who would work pro bono (possibly a JMHS alumni) please inform us.

Damn you all to Hell!

No one came to this building’s rescue.  Not even me. 

It’s kind of silly to say, but I feel a bit like Charlton Heston at the end of the film Planet of the Apes, when he cries out:  
“Oh my God. . . .We finally really did it. You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! . . . damn you all to Hell!”

I feel powerless. 
For they just keep tearing down my beautiful city, brick by brick, and building by building.  Until some day, not far in the future, there will be nothing of worth left. 
Demolition of important historical works of architecture is happening in this City at an alarming rate.  These treasures are disappearing from existence on an almost weekly basis. 
It’s hard to keep up:  The Columbia Building, The Alhambra Apartments. The 1874 Stanley Building—one of the last remaining late nineteenth century structures in downtown Cleveland—has been condemned by the Building Department and is threatened with demolition.  CSU has recently won approval from the Landmarks Commission to tear down Walker & Weeks’ Wolfe Music Building on Euclid Avenue.  Next on the chopping block:  John Marshall High School. 
And on it goes.

Save John Marshall

Satindur continues to wage a lonely battle against the machine that is destroying this town:


On Wednesday, April 11, 2012 – after demonstrating in front of Channel 3 TV Station – the SAVE JOHN MARSHALL visited the Rock Hall to obtain information about the Induction Program – for a possible demonstration.

While inside, I recognized Leon Bibb, News Anchor for Channel 5. I approached him, introduced myself – and gave him a copy of our latest Newsletter – and requested coverage of our campaign. Mr. Bibb was very gracious and said he would look into it.
Coincidentally – our schedule for DAY 3, tomorrow, is a 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm demonstration in front of Mr. Bibb’s Channel.

DAY 3: Friday, April 13, 2012, in front of Channel 5, located at 3001 Euclid Avenue. Tel. (216) 431-5555

Additional Demonstration on Day 3: Start of Veterans Memorial Bridge at Superior Avenue from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

From the Facebook group post.  Group still needs an attorney to fight this injustice.