Scrapper's Life in Cleveland, Ohio

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 10/02/2013 - 14:17.


With the Federal Government shut down, these two fellows were not able to visit Washingon, DC - so instead they are cruising the streets of Cleveland picking up anything metal - an old stove, the lawmower you left out, aluminum street signs, etc.   

Not having enough money for a rope or tie down straps, the top half of their load went onto the pavement in the intersection.  

I recommend Home Depot where for about 15 dollars you can get (4) 16 foot long nylon rachet strap binders to keep that load on!

Hard work if you can get it...very typical for Cleveland, Ohio.

If you think I am mocking these fellows, you are incorrect.

I am mocking the inequality in our "society".

very typical for Cleveland, Ohio.

Schools sadly ineffective in teaching centrifugal force or inertial energy...

Their student graduates lose their loads....

Cleveland. Ohio.   Detroit. Michigan, Stockton. California. Buffalo. New York.

Who will break the cycle?



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More scrap metal men's Cleveland story

 A friend sent me this link - reporter is a bit high in his prices.   10 cents a pound is were we are right now.   And you can't move more than a few hundred pounds in a shopping cart.  You need a vehicle.   Which you can't park outside the building you are stripping.   So, $500 a day?   Not unless it's copper.