Songs of the Day, starting with: China My China - Brian Eno

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 07/30/2010 - 22:01.

Genius - genius - genius. We all need to experience that from time to time. Perhaps today? From 1974!

One of the greatest songs from one of the greatest albums by many of the greatest musicians ever. Just astounding! And this is actually an Eno video.

What do you think is the most unusual instrument played in this song?

Without question, if I was to be stranded on a deserted island with the catalog of music written, performed or produced by just one artist, it would be Brian Eno.

Given the chance
I'll die like a baby
On some faraway beach
When the season's over

Unlikely I'll be remembered
As the tide brushes sand in my eyes
I'll drift away

Cast up on a plateau
With only one memory
A silver sail on a boat
Oh lie low lie low, li-li-li-li li-li-lo

On Some Faraway Beach... followed on Here Come The Warm Jets by Blank Frank, which rocks

Best for last... ?... Brian Eno - more prophecy from the 1970s - Dead Finks Don't Talk, From Here Come The Warm Jets

Oh cheeky cheeky
Oh naughty sneaky
You're so perceptive
And I wonder how you knew.

Embedded and linked is a YouTube video produced around the Eno song, not an Eno video but a private production, adding an interesting current reality... 

Enjoy this video, and check out anything by Brian Eno - pure genius!


This song was my Song of the Day March 22, 2009...

The Lion Sleeps Tonight...

Blank Frank

Blank frank is the messenger of your doom and your destruction
Yes, he is the one who will set you up as nothing
And he is one who will look at you sideways
His particular skill is leaving bombs in people`s driveways.

Blank frank has a memory that`s as cold as an iceberg
The only time he speaks is in incomprehensible proverbs
Blank frank is the siren, he`s the air-raid, he`s the crater
He`s on the menu, on the table, he`s the knife and he`s the waiter

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Dead Finks Don't Talk so well

To be a zombie all the time requires such dedication.

(Brian Eno - 1974)

Oh cheeky cheeky
Oh naughty sneaky
You're so perceptive
And I wonder how you knew.

But dead finks don't walk too well (oh no)
A bad sense of direction (oh no)
And so they stumble round in threes (oh no)
Such a strange collection.

Oh, you headless chicken
Can those poor teeth take so much kicking?
You're always so charming
As you make your way up here.

And dead finks don't dress too well
No discrimination
To be a zombie all the time
Requires such dedication.

"Oh please sir, will you let it go by,
'Cos I failed both tests with my legs both tied
In my place the stuff is all there
I've been ever so sad for a very long time.

My my, they wanted the works:
Can you this? and that? I never got a letter back
Poor fool me, bless my soul
Poor fool me, bless my soul."

Oh perfect masters
They thrive on disasters
They all look so harmless
Till they find their way up here.

But dead finks don't talk too well
They've got a shaky sense of diction
It's not so much a living hell
It's just a dying fiction.

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China my China

China my China - I just realized 30 years ago this month I was in China.

Slides to follow - there are some gems in there... I was already shooting a Nikon F2S and its all Kodachrome... mostly 25... grain like cream

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