support me in clevelands block party.

Submitted by mrjamesfelder on Fri, 02/27/2009 - 00:35.

Brief decription:Open block party for family's & friends to come together  an encourage our city to overcome our lackness in society.We'll have many interested speakers & rolemodels an also united states recruters their also to share their experience an also many opputunity's for our upcoming children.Hopefully have the mayor frank jackson their himself an also other important people as well.

location at mlk west of aldi's grocery store on may 26 2009 on memorial day. If stimulis check grant this event.Hopefully,it would. If not with support from cleveland an sponsors we'll still be ever to have this event.Cross your fingers it's taking me overtime to work on this project. Always room for help i need it.

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Welcome to Realneo Mr. Felder

You are right that there is too much apathy in our neighborhoods - and I applaud your effort to get the neighbor's on your block to engage.

I have been tossing around the idea of requesting an interview from each of the Ward Councilors in Cleveland - and posting the interviews here on Realneo.  Or another idea would be to personally invite each City Councilor (Brian Cummins already does)  to post their thoughts here on Realneo.   Maybe your Ward Councilor would be interested.

All the best,