Surety Title

Submitted by lmcshane on Tue, 10/18/2016 - 20:31.
Surety Title

 Transfer of commercial property 3873 West 25th to Land Bank - someone got a bribe and the owners got paid off.  Taxpayers are slated to demo.

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YMCA property primed for transfer after Land Bank Demo

How shady can you get ? After Brian Cummins' flipper buddy Robert McCall - depreciates property - land bank erases 118K in back taxes and now- mysteriously - commercial property valued at $279K is just quit claimed to the Land bank?  Cleveland Housing Network is under federal investigation for bribes and contract steering under their former construction manager.  No worries.  This is Cuyahoga County - dem machine controlled and no accountabilty - ever.

Cummins is also staging demo of 3025 West 25th St.

City of Cleveland will demo 3025 West 25th St. - at taxpayer expense for SamKhaleq -

Tax Liens>Land Bank> Cleveland Bricks

Reporter Rachel Dissell at Cleveland dot com has received information from a resident showing that the properties acquired by Cleveland Bricks involve fraudulent use of HUD monies, violation of EPA lead standards and get a pass on city inspections for multiple violations and on building permit requirements.