There are over 97 VERY private hospitals in Cleveland...these are a few of them

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These fabulous very secret

These fabulous very secret "private hospitals" might be located on a street where you live and you don't even know it! The best part is that if you don't pay YOUR property taxes Cuyahoga County will quickly sell a tax lien on your house to loan sharks like Wood Cove. But these 97 "private hospitals" which are REALLY Section 8 housing are PROPERTY TAX EXEMPT. Yes THAT'S CORRECT! There's an Emerald Network of them so to speak. Don't try to get an appointment for a face lift or a heart transplant though. They are PRIVATE. They range from 600 square foot condos in Rocky River built in the 1960's to brand new "private hospitals" at 11529 Buckeye and 3215 East 55th that each house over 60 "patients" who are in fact ACTIVE DRUG USERS with NO restrictions on their drug use. Free lance pharmeceutical salesman deliver right to the door with no questions asked by the security staff at these new "hospitals. The city "representative" over Brooklyn Centre is salivating over the "opportunity" to dump another $14 millon dollar LIHTC "hospital" on the site of the former YMCA. Desperate to stifle ENORMOUS neighborhood oppostion to this Heroin Hotel, he actually tried to intimidate a LEGITIMATE business owner from raising objections at the recent rezoning meeting. A REAL taxpayer. WOW right! But our "representatives" say fuck any taxpayers trying to get in the way of  their CDC's TAX FREE goobermint $$$$$$$. Who cares if the federal debt is 20 trillion. The executive director of this network of property tax exempt "hospitals" whose salary of $200,000 as well as the salaries of 155 other employees AND budget of $25 million is completely funded by YOUR tax dollars. H.U.D. of COURSE with their dozens of scam infested overlapping "programs for the poor" is the biggest funneler of federal funds to this Emerald Network of "hospitals'. Cleveland Housing Network tired of chasing tenants who never pay the rent at their 3500 East side slum properites has climbed aboard this lucrative "hospital" property tax EXEMPT bandwagon. The shameless HUD giveaways are drawing to a close though. The party is nearly over. DOCTOR Ben Carson, the incoming Secretary of H.U.D., will use a very sharp scapel to cut out this bloated tumor. Dr. Carson KNOWS hospitals.

Stop CHN-Eden fraud in collusion w/council reps

 Respectfully - the Cleveland Foundation needs to step in and prevent the Land Bank from destroying the economic potential of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo with the construction of a tax-exempt "private hositall" run by Cleveland Housing Network and Eden.  For several years, in COLLUSION, the succession of council reps (Cummins, Cimperman, Brancatelli) allowed straw buyer Robert McCall to default on taxes on the former YMCA building. He was then allowed to deed the property to the Lank Bank, which "erased" 118K in unpaid taxes.  The Land Bank plans to transfer the YMCA building (and fraudulently transferred adjacent industrial building)  to the Cleveland Housing Network so they can construct housing for 60+ homeless individuals - subsidized by OHFA low-income tax credits.


The YMCA  building sits on the bluff of the Big Creek Valley - it is visible to everyone who crosses the Pearl Rd. bridge to visit the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and from the vantage, the location offers views of downtown Cleveland and is easily accessible to downtown via RTA 24/7 route #51 and w/in jogging/cycling distance to  the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, as well as to other nearby amenities for families, runners and cyclists. 


The Cleveland Metroparks celebrates 100 years in 2017.  The best gift the Cleveland Foundation can offer residents of Cuyahoga County is to underwrite the transfer of the YMCA property to a developer who will actually build a hotel or market rate housing that would attract the lifestyle folks from LA and NYC (and empty nesters w/grandchildren) want when they relocate to Cleveland.