Two months ago, 77% of Clevelanders who voted reelected a Mayor who keeps blowing my mind, like here...

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 01/16/2010 - 16:59.

There was an astounding report on Channel 19 news, January 12, 2010 - a Carl Monday exclusive - about a Cleveland City Hall DIRECTOR - Director of Consumer Affairs - somebody named Feliciano - who has been found to have lied on her job application, and who Mayor Jackson acknowledges lied and defends regardless. Are these people so lead poisoned they do not at all understand right and wrong - that is called being psychotic, in my book. If you lied on an official government job application, your sorry ass is fired. Mayor Jackson, be real. Pathetic.

I can't get the video to show here so follow the link - a Carl Monday exclusive - to see the great reporting by Carl Monday. Gotta say, thank you Carl Monday.

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name names

Norm, who exactly is this person who lied? Is there a link to any news content?

City Hall Con Job

Tim - I had written this posting Thursday but couldn't get the video to play so I didn't post it to the home page - saw you had commented so I added the links and posted it for today - your questions will be Carl Monday at the link above.

I haven't been following the local news - did this get any other coverage and has this developed further since Carl exposed it?

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Omayra Feliciano resigns..

atleast sOMeone at city hall has a modicom of decency... (no, not you, Frank).

I wonder who else at City Hall has lied...

... in office... er, I mean on the  job.

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Frank Giglio

Frank can provide a list. 

Did Omayra Feliciano resign?

  Here is what was reported today:  "Omayra Feliciano will become administrative manager in the Department of Aging, a position that pays $46,000, Jackson spokeswoman Andrea Taylor said."

Thanks, Frank, just what our senior citizens need: a liar.

Political payback

So why is Frank Jackson covering Feliciano's sorry ass??

well thats what I get for not crediting

 my source... now I can't remember where I saw it.

Omayra Feliciano

Director of Consumer Affairs

and she lied about having a college degree

 which is nOt a trivial lie.

so not only do we have a liar in this position, we have an uneducated liar. 

and to smear some icing on that cake - her office's (which she purportedly directs) mission statement is:

"To provide relief from fraudulent, unfair, deceptive, and unconscionable business practices,"

and her behavior is:

fraudulent - yes

unfair - yes

deceptive - yes

unconscionable - yes

and yet Action Jackson sees no reason to fire her - Good Job Frank!

Taking Action

I, for one, am sending a letter to the Mayor's office regarding Feliciano and Rose Rodriguez Bardwell and suggest you all do the same. 

Taking Action

to Jackson?

Just imagine

Yes I am writing to Mayor Jackson re Feliciano and Bardwell-rodriguez.  Just imagine, if he got hundreds of letters/emails.   I can't believe this wouldn't have an impact.   I've gotten quite a few of my friends to agree to contact his office regarding this issue.   Less typing, more action.

Less typing, more action... no stamps

I'm sure Mayor Jackson has already received your message here. I suggest you get hundreds of friends to log on here and support your position on REALNEO - Less typing, more action... no stamps

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At the risk of offending some of you

I don't wish to be impolite or offend anyone but I don't know many people who take this site seriously.  Dropping my letter in mail box today. 


 exactly why do you say that, Kate?

Its my understanding the hits say otherwise, but I'm curious to hear your feelings.

guess I don't get an answer, Kate...


You need to get out and meet new people...

... like all our loyal readers and contributors at Cleveland City Council...

I'll deal with your rude treatment of my intellectual property and that of all REAL COOP members more fully shortly - I am preparing an annual report, with stats like above - I have facts to address your misinformation.

To give you a clue, did your stamp take your message to the Mayor at all... and throughout city hall, and to City Council, and to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and to the Statehouse, as goes my free open source message to you right now.

Serious enough for you?

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City Halls suspends

Omayra Feliciano has been suspended. 

On a related note regarding the PD, links and whole copying of content. I hope that there is a meeting of minds somewhere in REALNEO's future. 

As for funding...if we don't have a board, we can't apply for grants.  I wish it didn't have to be that way.  Since we can't talk with certain people, I am going to assume all issues with supporting the server, archiving, bandwidth and maintenance costs will be somehow resolved. 

Thank you for providing this valuable CMS site. But, please also recognize that it is not one person and many people contribute to the site with ORIGINAL content. 

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