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Tumblr Summer Art Of The Week






Tumblr Summer Art Of The Week In August 2012

Cleveland, OH - Ray Tapajna s " A Healing in Blue Living Waters ", his first artwork in his Healing in Blue series was selected as the Summer Art of the Week at Tumblr.
It has the story behind the artwork and Ray s hopes in continuing his art of inspiration he calls "Living Art." He also has thought provoking "Art that Talks" which he mixes with his Tapart News advocacy for workers dignity, local value added economies and the real free enterprise system.

Tumlbr story at or see short url address at

With his " Living Art " Ray hopes viewers can be inspired and let their "friendly" imagination take them to a place where they can have
a feeling of being all together in a place where time stands still. See  View Ray's art live at  Show it to loved ones to refresh their spirit and their day.

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Color Therapy

Ray Tapajna mixes published articles with his art that talks about global economic issues and workers dignity. To change the pace, we created his living healing art based on color therapy principles. The art can also be viewed at his bio pages live and in motion. Whenever you feel you need to take a break come by and let the healing waters come your way to refresh your spirit and your day. Click on any of the art images to view each by itself. You can show it to loved ones in hospitals, nursing homes, treatment, rehab and chemo centers to help wash their troubles away.

Different colors do different things for people. 


De Colores!

 "De Colores is a Spanish expression which means in colours. If there are sad moments in life, there are also others when we see everything in colour. This is the case of a person who discovers that he or she is loved by the very person that he or she loves. For lovers, everyday life loses its sadness, the sun shines, life is beautiful, and we see it through rose-coloured spectacles. In the same way, the realization that we are being loved by God in a way that is unparalleled and unconditional, creates in our inner self, a feeling which is like an incredible rainbow." from the Divine Order of Things- Ref.: Cursillo


The Colors of the Rainbow - Color Therapy - Chromotherapy and Ray Tapajna's new Living Healing Art, Flowers for You that Last Forever where Everyday is Valentine Day and Art that Talks

In our new Living Healing Art and Flowers for You that Last Forever where Everyday is Valentine Day, we use color therapy ( Chromotherapy ) practices based on some of the studies we have read.  We also hope to add in our art our the distinction between individuality and personality.  As philosophy and religion tells us , we are made up of both matter and form.  Our individuality is very needy as matter being in a body that carries our form on earth.  Our spirit, soul, intellect and will are more free to pursue perfect love and the Divine order of things. However, the natural order of things has to be in sync with the Divine order or things get out of balance. 

In our art we use colors to affect change.  Perhaps healings come by  exploring the distinction of our individuality and personality letting colors help us along the way.

Color therapy affects each in a different way but offers many things in common. Color is described as light . It is a visible way to take in radiant energy.  The eye can take in this power to help our individuality and personality help us heal our mind, body and soul.

Scientists tell us when the color energy enters into our bodies, it stimulates the pituitary adn pineal glands which affects the production of certain hormones resulting into a variety of physiological processes where the individuality and personality can then affect a positive change for the good.  The will is set to seek good in all things with the intellect governing the selection.  This explains why color influences our thoughts, moods and behavior.  Even blind people , who are taught to sense color are influence by linking the body and mind together in color.

Scripture and the bible have many references relating to color and light. See

Blue :  Blue has a relaxing calming effect. It can lower your blood pressure, the heart rate, and respiration.  In some studies, children subject to agressive behavior  became more calmer in a blue classroom.  Blue has also been found to be a agent to cool people in hot humid surroundings.  People flock to the beach or the country side where the blue of the sky and the water can impart a feeling of being all together as one with time standing still.


is the color of peace and infinity. Mary, mother of Jesus is usually adorned in blue where the words Let it Be resound.  Blue is the color of the pituitary gland and the endocrine system. All diseases involving heat require treatment with blue light. Blue is also indicated for complaints involving suppuration, pain, plethora and congestion. Warts disappear under the effect of radiation with blue light. Hyperactive children should do their homework under blue light. This color promotes quietness and reserve. Note the use of blue in our Healing in Blue Waters art series at http://ray-tapajna.artistwebsites  or on the first page on this site in actual motion or at

Violet - Violet also creates a peaceful environment. It surpresses the appetite and is reportedly good for scalp and kidney problems and for migrane headaches. Violet is a color for transformation and renewal. It prompts spiritual insights. Leonardo da Vinci believed it increases the power of meditation and contemplation tenfold with purple stained glass windows in churches being a good example. It counters depressive states and instills spirituality. 

We combine the use of blue, water, sky, pink, violet and gold in our Dont Go Away artwork. See or on first page at this site in actual motion

Pink has a soothing effect on the body and relaxes muscles. It has a tranquilizing effect and it is often used in prisons,  hospitals, and juvenile and drug centers. Those suffering from withdrawal symptoms or anxiety can benefit from pink surroundings. Pink is also considered to be a romantic color. It also a way to let go of anger and negative feelings. It is the color to view during times of emotional stress.

Yellow - Gold -  helps the memory. Whenever, you want to remmember something, jot it down on  yellow paper. Old school tablets  and legal pads are usually yellow with blue lines. You can quickly tell the difference when you use blue paper instead. As the color of sunshine , yellow has an energizing effect. It increases blood pressure and the pulse rate. It too help relieve depression. A chromotherapist mays use yellow to treat muscle cramps, hypoglycemia, overactive thyroid and gallstones. Research on chromotherapy in medical laboratories indicate that yellow colored light
radiations help the motor mechanisms of the body. Yellow fortifies muscles and helps digestion.
However, when yellow is used for prolonged periods of time, it has negative effects. It also is a color to enhance mental functions.

Orange stimulates appetite and reduces fatigue. Encourage finicky eaters to eat more with orange place mats or tablecloths. It should be avoided by those who want to lose weight.  Wearing an orange garment will lift your energy level. General weakness, alllergies and constipationg may also improve. It soothes the emotions and induces enthusiasm.  For some reason, I am drawn to this color in my Art that Talks series     including The Cross 9 11 Tangle of Terror, Locked out Workers Bearing Their Cross and The Sacrilege- Walmart Built in Grave Yard of the Steel Industry at 

( Note what just happen to you when I switched to red here. How did you change?) Red stimulates, excites, and warms the body. It increases heart rate, brain waves and respiration. It is the color of passion and energy.  Red, as the color of blood, is also the color of sacrifice. You see it on flags and in pictures and statues of Jesus. It is also used alot on sports uniforms or emblems. It is the color of life itself and all the things we desire. And we all know what a red light or red stop sign mean.  If you notice, the stop signs were changed from yellow to red. We also know when we see a red light on an ambulence or police car flashing, we need to take heed quickly of all the possibilities that red implies.  

Green helps nervous disorders. People who are depressed or anxious can benefit from green surroundings. However, I have trouble transmitting this color in my art. Chromotherapists suggest sitting on a hillside or by a green pasture and focus on the body part or mental part you want to heal. Green is said to help nervous disorders, exhaustion, heart problems and cancer. Many artists have great art with green being the major color. I have some success with the color green and vintage colors in my Flowers for You That Last Forever Where Everyday is Valentine Day at
In the computer world, "EZ-Green" tab cards were used for years. Many tab cards were eyed by operators and the use of green eased the eye.
Note my use of green in  Healing in Green Light below:  (A News, Issues and Art that Talks main site is at http:/ )