YouTube video shows Cuyahoga taxpayer's confrontation with Frank Russo outside Grumpy’s rest. in tremont -"you ruined familys")

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“Hey, why is Jimmy sitting up in prison and you’re out eating at Grumpy’s? How does that go?” asked a man off-camera as Russo walked out of the restaurant.

“Huh?” replied Russo.

“What do you mean ‘huh’? Why are you here enjoying this beautiful day and Jimmy whole pie is locked up? asked the man.

“You know, we’re different people,” said Russo.

“When are you going away?” asked the man.

“Are you a reporter?” asked Russo.

“No. We’re just citizens of Cuyahoga County,” responded a woman who was also off-camera and apparently recording the run-in.

“I think it’s fair for us to ask questions. We’re citizens of Cuyahoga County,” she continued.

Russo’s group then walked away while some back-and-forth shouting continued.


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Guy's RUSSO post pre-dates PD's cover story

NEO should demand justice...theft in office obviously pays...

and pays and pays


Frank Russo is OUT of jail, while Jimmy is IN jail, because Russo and his partner's sister Cindy Bialowas played a significant part in the REAL shell game--REAL ESTATE--and folks continue to makeout like bandits on properties demo'd, cleared and title cleansed by the "saintly" former treasurer, Jim Rokakis, now camoflaged in his new position at "Thriving Communities"  and his buddy, Gus Frangos, formerly of the Board of Revision, along with Gary Paulenske (former Tremont councilperson ) and a host of other pals.

 jar65, I'm the reporter analyzing the county data/records for the stories on the boards of revision and auditor's office. Your comment is very interesting. I'd like to hear more. My desk line is 216-999-5833, but my cell is a better way to reach me. I hate to post a cell number online. My e-mail is gbaird [at] plaind [dot] com. (Jar65's account was later deleted)



I am reproducing these comments before they get deleted from the PD site:
Even though they don't like to see it in print.... The true crooks in Cuyahoga County are the following three: 1. MR. JAMES DOWNING...2. MR. JOE NANNI...AND 3. MR. EDGARDO MORALES... These three racist, bigots are the true, true crooks of your County... These three together have stolen more money from you then Frank and Jimmy combined...with their salaries.....they continue to be employed by your County..... these three total racist, bigots are your Personnel Department and your Chief of Staff....think about that Cuyahoga County when you elect Mr. Executive again.....
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Oh Jimmy... You had an opportunity to tell your story; but, that Italian pride of yours prevented you from taking the correct course of action. You have let down your Family, your county, your city, your ethnic background, and yourself... All due to your greed... You could have brought down half of the City of Cleveland if you named names... now, those same people have left you alone in a cell in Youngstown...of all places in the world... You need to man up and start looking at trying to save some of your Family.
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I do agree with the Judge on this issue. Jimmy has lost everything that he held dear to him. His steaks and his Crown Royale whiskey...those are the only things that he held dear to him. If he cared about his Family he would have chosen a different path. I know he will run if they let him out of jail now. He has nothing to loose by heading to Canada then to Argentina... So he will have 25 years to think...
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This is no different that what it was like at Cuyahoga County some 23 years ago; and, in some respects still continues to this day at the County. It is not only the City...
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Jimmy did two things really bad... 1. He let his Family down. and 2. He let his Family down... period. Now he has to sit and think about the damage he has done forever to his wife and children. I am removing him from the Italian heritage...
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Oh Jimmy, Jimmy... Why did you do it? You should have taken the easy way out and dropped about a thousand dimes on the people in Cuyahoga County and the City of Cleveland... You can still bring down the rest of Cuyahoga County will all the stuff you know... Keeping quiet now is being completely foolish... Let the mob know that you need some money to pay off your debts and I bet they tell you no way Jose... Why keep quiet Jimmy... the only people you are hurting now is your Family... with all the talk from you about Family and only Family... think about that Jimmy... Make a deal now...before it is too late...
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Hay LivesinLakewood... You need to look into a mirror to see what you have posted... Yes you are one of Mr. FitzGeralds friends... period...
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Oh My God! You need to contact Mr. Tim Hagan on this deal... This crooked piece of mean was the cornerstone for buying this facility... However, Mr. FitzGerald will do nothing against him because he is of the Irish heritage... Anyone who worked for Cuyahoga County at the time knew that Tim Hagan was the most corrupt of these Commissioners... and he simply walked away from his mess didn't he... Your County Executive needs to look at the real crook in this AmeriTrust deal... Mr. Tim Hagan
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Oh my poor Jimmy... He let his greed and total arrogance bring him to shame and prison. You deserve what you got Jimmy. Now maybe if you drop some dimes on those other Judges you might get off with a little less time... You can bring down the entire County and City if you wished...
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Hay folks: What is the jury laughing at? Bet it is that Jimmy: "would do anything for food"! I laughed at that myself... However; this is serious business and Jimmy is a cooked duck... His total arrogance has determined his fate long before this trial ended... Knowing him for many years I could not believe some of the statements that people were making concerning his behavior. I find the one where he called a man to pay for a meal he and friends were having and that person was not even at the meal!!! Oh my God I thought... is this the same man I knew for all those years... I will say this: Even if all the witnesses against him were telling only 50% truth I found it unbelievable... He needs to go to prison for a long time. Maybe he can reflect on his behavior and the fact that he let his Family down... They will probably loose their home. However, he chose that for them...
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Alright Jimmy. You were once the King of Cuyahoga County in your own mind. Now you have lost every supporter you once had. Listening to the testimony; especially about you calling a person to pay for your meal when that person wasn't even at the meal....what arrogance... now a prison cell awaits you. You let down your Family Jimmy...all because of greed and arrogance...
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A coward to the end... If he is so innocent, why not testify! Again, a coward to the end... Go to jail Jimmy where you belong... I respected you once but you turned out to be a thug...
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Has anyone really taken a close look at this defense team? My God... what total incompetents; or, as smart as a Fox for appeal...however, this would destroy any further clients.... They look like Moe and Curly from the three stooges.... Desperation.... Jimmy is toast due to all the other witnesses... Go to jail Jimmy... you ate like a man, now take your punishment like a man...
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Having known Deb Shaw for many years I can say that she is a very respectful, honest, decent, truth telling person... She would not lie for anyone...
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Having known both of these men for many years I can say without any reservations that they sure did bring down a government and respect for anyone who would hold the offices they once held. If you look at the present government with eyes open: "what has really changed?" You still have your Executive appointing people to high paying jobs without posting them for the general public to apply. I will say it again and again... The true crooks lie in the Personnel Departments of Cuyahoga County... until you rid yourselves of all the present Personnel people you will continue to have the corruption that brought down Mr. Dimora and Mr. Russo... Listening to the court testimony over the past six weeks made me really take a long hard look at Jimmy Dimora... He is truly a thug. Without question a thug who used a elected office to eat $70.00 steaks paid for my other people. If you truly look at what he did you can say the following: "put him in jail for 20 plus years"! I remember a soft spoken, respectful man... he sure is a Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hyde... To prison you go Jimmy...
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The sad part of this is that these folks actually think they have done nothing wrong. Sociopaths. That is the only word that describes them.
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Having known both Frank and Jimmy for a period of years I can say without question that Frank held the true power; but, Jimmy was the most corrupt. I do truly believe that if Jimmy was not elected Commissioner there would still be the old power in Cuyahoga County. Jimmy was greedy, greedy, and more greedy throughout the years. His corruption led Frank to become as greedy. Frank will spend 24 months in prison where Jimmy faces 24 years. Jimmy has turned out to be a true thug. Even if the people are telling only 50% truth what he did stoops to low life. The arrogance of Jimmy finally got him. He showed this side of himself to certain people.
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Frank got 2 drop the dimes on the other 8 judges who are corrupt... and Jimmy and all the rest...
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As a former Cuyahoga County employee for twenty plus years I can say a few things here. I had at one time respect for Jimmy Dimora. He was a friend of one of my parents when he was Mayor of Bedford Heights. I have come 180 on Mr. Dimora over the past several weeks. This man, if everyone is telling the truth, is a THUG. Even if they are telling only 50% truth; that still makes him a thug. Listening to these folks testify has put a light bulb over the head of some folks, including me. Jimmy was never arrogant with me. He spoke softly and always spoke of family and friends. He will say that you need to grab onto the day and go from there. I now see a total narcissist in Jimmy Dimora. A man who could care less about his family and friends. If he cared about his family he would simply stop this trial right now and plead guilty. I can say that to hear a man testify that Jimmy called him to a restaurant to pay the bill, and the man was not at the dinner. Now that is total arrogance. Jimmy needs to go to prison for about 12 years if he is convicted. And, I truly hope that the folks here in Summit County find him guilty on all counts.
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Poor Steve. Anyone who went around Jimmy went down hill fast. He could still be on top of the world if it had not been for Jimmy Dimora. Yes, he wanted things fast and lost his way. His drinking is a problem. He will need to go into detox before he goes into the big house. I wish him well.
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Hay Dean:
You talk about someone seeing through someone. How many people have seen through you and your being "the legend in your own mind". You talk about being this great union person and try to convince people how great you are trained. What you are in a little worm of a man who did not even have the guts to pay off your gambling debts. You filed for bankruptcy and you let the rest of society pay off your gambling debt. Wow what a man you are aren't you. You would not be able to do a job 100% if you were spotted 99% of the amount. You need to look into a mirrow little man and see the true you as the rest of the people see you.
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Hay Jimmy: I hope you read these things. Now you see what is happening to you and your family. Man, put that Italian pride aside and start to drop those dimes that you and you alone hold in your pockets. Both your pockets are full. People like J.Kevin are spilling what they know to avoid prison time. You can literally bring down the entire Cuyahoga County machine with just two words: "I'll talk". Period. Think man about your family. You were always speaking about how much family means to you; now show it. Stand like a man and say enough is enough. I DID THESE THINGS AND SO DID A THOUSAND OTHER PEOPLE... here are the names, dates, and places where they took place. The more I read the more sad I am for you. You were once a very decent honorable man. What happened to you? Start dropping those dimes. Half of Cuyahoga County and half of the City of Cleveland will jump out of their windows if you do.
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Anyone who knew Mr. Gabor; or, knew of Mr. Gabor in the office of Frank Russo can tell you one thing without question... Mr. Gabor is the biggest liar on the face of this earth. This man would say anything about anything or anyone to get one copper penny in his pocket...this say: "Oh, what is all the problem...who caused it?" When you really look at the players in the former Cuyahoga County one is to wonder... Was there one honest man or woman running County Government in the past 50 plus years. I firmly now believe that Jimmy will be found Guilty on all counts; and, the more I hear about this man the more I can wonder how did it all go so bad so fast. He was once a very honorable, decent, respectful, he is being proven beyond a doubt a thief and crook...
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A Doctor had to authorize this disability folks! Who was the Doctor? That is the question that needs to be asked by the people of Cuyahoga County. It isn't him as much as it is the system. The next BIG question is: "what is his disability"?
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Mr. Diamond is a victim of Jimmy Dimora, Frank Russo, and the rest of the cheap politicians. I am totally surprised that the FEDS can't see through what really happened to this man. His place is Top Notch. All this man wanted was to be paid for the services he provided to; what is turning out to be, a real PIG of a man named Dimora. This man has no respect for anything or anyone. Put the sob in prison strips for twenty years. As this trial continues what else is going to come out. WHEN IS MR. MASON going to be indicted??????
yiv633689981action-stream-comment ">
Mr. J. Kevin Kelly has done these types of behavior throughout his County career. Any time that this devil didn't get his way he would go home sick. This man is so evil that the Devil could take lessons from him. He will do and say anything to obtain anything, not only money. He speaks about how much he has lost. Now you know what it feels like don't you J. Kevin. You spoke of your being a proud father of six. What did you do to protect those six. You did criminal behavior didn't you; and, that is all you have known throughout your life. Happy prison time man.
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Hay folks: Anyone who knew Mr. J. Kevin Kelly at the County could have predicted this exact reaction from him. He is now saying that he is SO sick that he can't testify...Oh my Good Lord... This man is so evil that the Devil could take lessons from him. This total narcissist will do anything to get his way in life. He stated that he has lost a lot...this man would have never gained anything unless he did it dishonest. His work record is a total scam. The taxpayers of Cuyahoga County should DEMAND that he spend at least 12 years in prison; and, not six. He states that he is the proud father of six children. What was he doing to protect those children...doing criminal things that is what he was doing. Man up J. Kevin and take your due.
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Hay folks: Anyone who knew this narcissist, foul mouthed, self love, I am the best in the world rat when he worked for Cuyahoga County will tell you that he will say anything to get his way. He moved to the state of Florida because that state will not permit the attachment of property and pension. Period. This piece of human scat; and his family also, knew what he was doing all along. How could his wife not have known about the million dollar house he was building on the islands. I just hope that the people of Summit County and Cuyahoga County do not believe that this man has any physical illness. He is a total liar and thief; and, he will do anything to get his way.
Jimmy. What were you thinking. You have totally destroyed your Family and now you will destroy all those around you. Do the honorable Italian thing man. !
ourcounty-2 May 29, 2012 at 7:40AM
Folks don't forget that although BM's BFF Pat Coyne has been taken away, he too is still collecting his very hefty pension.

Dimora, Russo, Rokakis...the Tremont Connection OPA!


Greek Festival this week at Annunciation--will Russo make another appearance??

OPA!!! And, the lights go off --POOF! Everything is magically the same old game!

(Footage by "It's on Bitches'" Blackheart CLE Tim Russo--who also tried to tank REALNEO several times...)

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