OPERA al fresco in the Italian GARDEN

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Pack a picnic! Make it a family event--ride your bikes and enjoy summer in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens with Opera per Tutti. 

Stay tuned for more concerts and  events all summer long in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens. 

Visit Cleveland's hidden gem--the always free--Rockefeller Park Greenhouse, too. 

For more images of the 2009 concert see:


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Where someone totaled my car

Where someone totaled my car... we just got it fixed a few weeks ago.... $4,000+

I don't even eat Italian anymore.

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While we're talking about Italy

While we're talking about Italy, I'll be interested to see how many "supporters" of Little Italy and preservation of the Italian community there turn out to challenge their genocide by University Hospitals and Case - they are nearest the MCCO stack and some of the most polluted people in Ohio.

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Not to say others will get hit at this event

Not to say others will get hit at this event - I'm special.

This is a great event and I strongly recommend everyone attend

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Ride your BIKE this Sunday

Ride a bike

Ride a bike and wear a helmet

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AND quit smoking!

AND wear a helmet!  I am considering full body armor at all times :)  And a gas mask!

Where do we get a fashionable gasmask

Where do we get a fashionable gasmask these days.

Life was so much easier in times of warfare.

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Gas Chambers...

Hey, Norm...When I was in the Army, they sent us through the NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) "GAS" Chambers....

It was quite the experience to be in a room of "gases" and be told to "take off your mask"...

But, after living here...it was actually like a breath of fresh air as I had grown immunities to those gases! 

You might have some drooling, nose and eye excretions, and a little irritation...but after a few minutes, it wears off! 

You could check the military surplus locations for stock on those items though! 

Photos taken today 7.25.2010

Photos taken in and around Rockefeller Park--the Cultural Gardens and at the lovely evening of opera at the Italian Cultural Garden (they even offered free Italian wine!). 

I took the train to East 120th Rapid Station and road my bike from there after picking up some food at Presti's.  On the way back--I caught the Heathline to downtown and road the bike home from there.  The sunset over the Cuyahoga River was spectacular and not a boat on the water.


Very nice day and photos

Very nice day and photos - they belong in realNEO: The Book

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Opera per Tutti