? of the Day: How much do you ride a bicycle around downtown Cleveland?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 05/06/2006 - 00:39.
AJ Rocco's is a popular coffee stop for bicycle messagers and I spotted this great frame today and thought how much fun it is to ride a bike around downtown Cleveland and the Flats. Who agrees?

Have you gotten out your bike and made it downtown yet this year?

How often do you ride around downtown?

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Well, we've never biked

Well, we've never biked around downtown, but we do bike some in Cleveland Heights in the spring, summer, and fall. Mostly in summer, when my daughter is out of school and the pool is open -- we bike over to Cumberland pool early in the afternoon sometimes, cool off with a swim, and then my husband joins us when he's done with work.

Could we set up a loaner bike program just for downtown, the same way that CityCars is experimenting with the hybrid car ownership shares?

You can take your bikes on the RTA, but here's a route

I love the idea of a bike loaner program downtown for people who drive and take RTA and doen't want to lug them that far.

The heights are a nice ride distance from downtown and there are lots of cool routes - my favorite would be down Mayfield through Little Italy and then go hard core down Euclid right through the construction and brownfields into CSU-land - not much traffic and few people out this way on weekends. Once at Public Square may as well take the Loraine/Carnegie to West Side Market and cruise Ohio City - across Abby Bridge to Tremont and Civilization for coffee etc. and then down into the Flats - take the drop down by the Cold Storage Building on the Central Viaduct and spend an hour bumping around (BTW - lots of glass, tracks, brick roads, gravel, pot holes etc - tough ride for a road bike, but) - ending up on Canal road going south along the river past Sherwin Williams and the Ampitheater - back up top the Central Viaduct and you're at Jacobs Field. From there, I'd bop around the E4th St., Mall, Public Square and lakefront neighborhoods and then cruise the marginal road all the way along the lake to Rockefeller Park at MLK - you can now ride up MLK through the park to University Circle and all paths Heights (note - can't ride through Lake View Cemetary). Now, for a really cool extension, keep going along the lake through Bratenah - you can cut back to the Heights at Eddy or around 140th - but the cut back through East Cleveland can be very confusing - may want to explore here on another ride first.