Should REALNEO CAN Tim Russo?

Submitted by lmcshane on Mon, 07/20/2009 - 11:40.
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can we

vote more than once?

can people who have had to endure his ugliness get extra weight on their vote?

on the other hand

read the comments on their "blazing" blackheart page...

Bozo isn't fooling anyone.

We need Bylaws!

To remain a great online community/social network Realneo needs to establish some bylaws that define who can be part of this community. Free and open is great in concept if the content remains focused on constructive criticism and positive change rather than slanderous personal attacks. I think this is what the majority of Realneo members want and do provide for each other.

I don't want to belong to any communities in the physical world that accept racists, sexists, animal abusers, pediphiles/sex offenders and sociopaths and I certainly don't want to be part of any virtual communities that accept such anti-social behavior either.

All members of Realneo should try to protect themselves and each other from those who would use this site in unethical and illegal ways to hurt others.

I think Evelyn makes an important point about stalkers

Tim Russo was convicted of what would be categorized as cyberstalking. My family and I feel cyberstalked by him and a group of his friends now, so I consider that he is still a cyberstalker, and wonder if he should be allowed open access to the Internet at all, much less be allowed in social networks where he may not be known to some as a stalker.

I recall Tim saying he loved to friend people on Facebook and watch as they unfriend him, as they learn more about him. He is using his status as a sexual predator to harass and intimidate others... and sue social networks when people are revolted.

These are certainly all issues for the real coop members to address.

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 No sane reasonable person wants to interact with "racists, sexists, animal abusers, pediphiles/sex offenders and sociopaths" but that is the risk we take on-line. We won't know who they are until they show themselves.

Bylaws, rules, etc can be problematic. Who will judge and pass the sentence to exile from realneo? Do we need bylaws or can we trust that some of these people who make out hair stand on end will run their course and find other playgrounds?

I get really annoyed by some posters but try my best to not reward with interaction.

I did vote to "can" Tim Russo but I see that poll as just a poll, not the law.  The site has changed a lot this year and taken a turn for the worse in content. It is still one of the best around.



BBC censors...

the program--World Have Your's unfortunate, but as much as we want to encourage civil discourse, it's going to happen.  I made the serious mistake of being the first person to reply to Russo's flaming outburst (which he now disowns--the author is posted as "Blackheart.")   It's best to leave anything he posts here alone, which is my plan from here on out.

so you don't have to read through the filth...

I think Tim Russo was trying to get us to a point of outrage, enough to bring us to the decision to censor. He wrote:

"you can choose not to moderate that hate, and instead choose to ban criticism of your site, if you like.  at which point i will rest my case."

so tHAt's your agenda???

to spew enough hatred on this site that the members are forced to initiate a policy of censorship - at which point :

"at which point i (you) will rest my case."

ooopsy daisy - you let the cat out of the bag, Timmy....


 That said, I will nOt stand by and watch Norm get shit slung at him. Norm is a really nice person, who if he is guilty of anything, is guilty of being tOO compassionate towards the misdeeds of others.

Its a point of solidarity, sisters. Running for cover is NOt solidarity.

Not totally Evil...

  Thanks Blackheart Cleveland for this wonderful local coverage.


Do not feed the trolls

I'm disturbed he was given media access, and I will not attend any events he is covering or attending. As a "journalist" or whatever is his claim, he is only out to shock and get on youtube, and anyone may be his next victim.

I know he went after REALNEO members in Tremont personally because he gloated in showing me his video at Edisons - the annoyed bartender probably still remembers what a dick he was, trying to create as insulting a portrayal as possible of people in public doing what they feel is their public duty - dbra and guy in particular. His target against Dbra was her weight - comletely offensive and attacking in a harassing way. That is not news reporting or journalism it is cyberstalking or worse.

Laura, please do not expose REALNEO readers to links to Tim Russo, ever again. If he wants to link to his own work, at least it is not with your validation.

Ralph posts both places and that is fine.

But I really feel Blackheart Cleveland his bad intent to harm real coop members, including you, and that is personal, criminal, and will be investigated by authorities.

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