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John Conyers cheering Obama

There is no hiding the pride felt by Michigan Representative to Congress John Conyers, Jr., as he speaks of Barack Obama. A 21 term US Senator, Chair of the House Committee on the Judiciary, and leading Obama supporter, Conyers traveled to East Cleveland, Saturday, February 23, 2008, to share his pride with over 100 volunteer organizers assembled at The Inner Circle to canvas area neighborhoods for “our next President of the United States”.

Change may be the theme of this campaign, but pride is the operative word.

Barack's wife Michelle recently said, at a rally in Milwaukee, that "For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country. Not just because Barack is doing well, but I think people are hungry for change." I feel the same way.

Charles Bibb and Senator Shirley Smith

"Obama Obama Obama", East Cleveland's Charles E. Bibb, Sr. proudly answered his phone, as he rallied volunteers and organizers to assemble with Conyers to help elect our first African American President. Charles is proud to be coordinator of Ohioans for Obama 2008 and have helped recruit Barack to run for President in the first place, and he is exuberantly proud of his community's support for change.

I'm proud Michelle, and her husband and his supporters have raised the consciousness of all people of the world that Americans want change.

Conyers speaking at Obama rally in Cleveland

Conyers proudly presented a clear message that this is the most important moment in all our lives, with the civil rights movement in America reaching a turning point, and America and the world in very real crisis. As Conyers talked about real issues that must be addressed by our next President, like pollution, war, electronic surveillance, public health, economic depression, the foreclosure and credit crisis, and the global lawlessness of the current White House administration, it became clear Conyers is especially proud this first African American President will be responsible for not only redefining our civilization but for saving the world.

Obama Inner Circle Pan Logo

Ohio State Senator Shirley Smith, East Cleveland Councilwoman Barbara Thomas and Councilman Nathanial Martin, and Cleveland School Board Chair Robert M. Heard, Sr., also joined the over 100 champions for change who proudly came together for Obama, last Saturday at The Inner Circle... and that was just the first day of organizing, leading up to the March 4th primary. These ranks will grow considerably, leading to that historic day.

The Inner Circle is one of the Obama 2008 ward campaign headquarters for Cleveland, and for East Cleveland, and it is open to all. Organizers will be there every day, from 9 AM until evening, through the March 04 primary election. Please feel free to stop by for additional information on Obama 2008, to volunteer, to pick up campaign literature and signs, and to be proud of your community and the promise of change in America.

The Inner Circle is located in the heart of the historic Hough Bakeries complex, at 1519 Lakeview Road, Cleveland, Ohio, 44112. That is one block north of Euclid Avenue, around the corner from University Circle. I hope to see you there soon.


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Great to see Charlie Bibb, too

It's great to see that Charlie Bibb is still out stumping around, too. He's an institution. Say Hi for Gloria and for me, if you get the chance. I've lost track of him for a few years now.

who says Obama don't got no latin groove?

Bridget Callahan delivers here.