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Is AHL a good enough sub for NHL?

Submitted by Amin Varghai on Sat, 02/26/2005 - 22:10.

Couple of days ago I went to a Cleveland Barons game in Gund Arena. I am not what you would call a die hard hockey fan, but I had a season pass to OSU hockey games when I was a student there. I was surprised to see attendance as low as it was at the Barons game. Considering the NHL has no games this season I would have guessed there would be more Canadians in the crowd. The arena being so empty gave us the chance after a few minutes into the first period to sit by the ice behind the goal.

I know the farm team for the Sharks is not the best team in its division, but have we actually become a city obsessed with major league teams that minor leagues do not even count. When I mentioned the game to my friends, most of them asked me who the Barons were? It's amazing that we can go to a professional hockey game for the price of a movie, yet the citizens don't even know this team exists.

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