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Don’t go to Chicago…if you are from Cleveland, and you go to Chicago, you may be discouraged about Cleveland’s prospects. 

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While both cities are mature adults located on the shores of a Great Lake, downtown Chicago is bustling with open top tour busses, while Cleveland’s downtown has (inexpensive) open parking lots.   Downtown Chicago’s streets are clean with active small shops and global business mixed.   In Cleveland there are almost no small shops left, and most of the global businesses have moved out leaving a couple of banks.


  In Chitown it is evident everywhere that the local government is on top of their job.  Every business has its business license prominently displayed.  If construction is underway, permits are displayed.  Panhandlers on the Loop are arrested. 

In the new Millennium Park, Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate, which is shaped like a giant lima bean, causes a reflexive grin as  one approaches.  Of all the architecture and public sculpture in Millennium Park, including Gehry’s amphitheater, the Cloud Gate is the crowd pleaser.  Seamless polished stainless steel reflects the adjacent skyscrapers and teases the viewer with its “hall of mirrors” distortions.  But everyone breaks out in a grin…you can’t resist.  A smile is irresistible.

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