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On April 3, 2007 there was a discussion about the proposal for a new Cuyahoga County Administration building here on Realneo.   Around that time I had read a letter written by Tim Ferris which suggested that the present County Administration building was originally built to be expanded upward.   Today I add the photo above to confirm that the building was intended to be continued upward – you can see the columns projecting right up through the roof on both the main Administration Building and the Annex building.  I’ll bet if you removed the copper flashing from the top of the columns, there would be a plate with bolt holes already in it, ready to accept the steel columns for floors 5, 6, 7, etc.  


Where are the plans for the anticipated expansion of the building?  Jimmy, Timmy, Peter, anybody, do you know?  Or are we all just wastefull idiots here in Cuyahoga County?



Following is the pertinent section of the earlier post:


Submitted by Jeff Buster on April 3, 2007 - 4:34pm.

Following is a copy of a letter Tim Ferris sent to the Commissioners. 

Here's the kicker: "The current county administration building was designed--and constructed, at additional taxpayer expense back then-- to have additional floors put on top, and it has foundations designed to bear that load, and I believe there is also space for an additional bank of elevators. We knew one of the architects (E. Furman Korb) who worked at the firm that designed it in the late '50s, and he has made this fairly well known throughout our circles."

So the County taxpayers 50 years ago put money in the bank by building high capacity footings under the present county building - anticipated growth.  And the Commissioners ignore that option - and buy from Mr. Jacobs instead.  How pathetic... READ TIM'S LETTER:  Write one of your own.  Print out the Realneo discussion and Mail  the print out to the Commissioners  Return Receipt Requested to be included in the official record.  Like Guthry's Allison's Restaurant - make it a MOVEMENT!



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E. Furman Korb

I don't know whether I mentioned it at the time, but our source of information on the building was Earl (E. Furman) Korb, who as a younger man, in the 1950s, had worked for the architectural firm that designed the building and supervised its construction. Earl died a little while ago, around January 6th, at the age of 78. He'd been one of our Archwood-Denison architecture and design proponents for years, a resident and rental property owner with an architectural background. He served on our Design Review Committee perpetually.


Earl also talked about how there is an additional bank of elevators reserved for future use. We'll have to check out the first-floor layout next time we're there.

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I guess it doesn't hurt to have repeated this one, about Korb.