London Bridge is falling down

Submitted by lmcshane on Sat, 08/23/2008 - 09:56.

Does Cleveland and northeast Ohio have a policy of deferred maintenance?  It would seem that the strategy is to let everything fall apart until we qualify for state and federal funding.

Columbus Road Bridge closed
The City of Cleveland closed the
Columbus Road Lift Bridge in the Flats for at least two months for repairs. In the long term, rebuilding or replacing the bridge could cost more than $31 million. The Cuyahoga County Engineer's office will hold an open house Wednesday at St. Malachi Church in Cleveland to hear opinions from the public.

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America is broke(n)... NEO bridges falling down...

This is a national crisis - failing post infrastructure, now nearing or past useful and safe life, too expensive to maintain and replace... not to mention the need for new infrastructure and major upgrades, like passenger rail, alternative power and effective sewers... America is in deep shit, and Cleveland is in as deep as it gets. Lots of bridges - poor waste and water controls - too many roads and sewers too sprawled for the population and regional economic future - and 2nd most impovershed city in America. NEO bridges falling down...

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